GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health


  1. Finally another strong voice in staging the platform IN WAKING EVERYONE UP IN A BIG WAY … TRUTH… we must all stand and know that this is being heard in a big way. We are so behind you and your amazing voice Zach. You are certainly a man for this time and have been inspired by TRUTH. This is HIstory in the making people! You must watch this and shout this from the rooftops. Time is running out to clean up our farmers and stop the paybacks, and the sick money greed that is going on that is literally killing the populations of the earth. We cannot survive at the rate we are going. Bio minerals Technologies is turning this toxic farming practice around in as little as 1-2 years!!! Not 15-20. WE are cleaning up the soils and farmers are starting to be totally organic. Hope is on the horizon. Make everyone accountable. Buy Organic. Ban any GMO and non Organic foods. Grow a garden. No pesticides. Just DO IT. #glyphosate #killingfields #realfood #microbiome #organic. #breathe #getoutside #fermentations #seekferns

  2. Thank you, much love. Peace health and happiness May we all be glowy and flowy. Dissolve big pharma/food dissolve toxins. Organic and free. Sustainable and renewable.

  3. he's a great, knowledgeable doctor. It would just break my heart to find out that he was vegan. I really hope he isn't – he would lose so much credibility

  4. So phenomenal. Thank you Rich Roll and Zach Bush for bringing light, information and truth to what may be one of the most important and consequential topics of our time, and the history of mankind. Amazing to hear how everything is more connected than we even know, and therefore how important each person's decisions and choices are. Time for a revolution. You both rock. Thank you.

  5. Can we say HOLY ** on a comment? LOL! amazing! I found this post with Zack Bush based on mention by our beloved Dan Macdonald, but what Zack Bush did was just give huge amounts of scientific backing to what I hear on so many you tubes and podcasts. My daughter just recently at age 21 has been diagnosed with traits of Autisim without a fuill diganosis of the same, and Zack's talk makes total sense of this and guess what….she was born in 1998….. right around the times of change Zack refers to, Thank you so much for this post. Will be forwarding to my family. God Bless you

  6. The fact that he has something to sell doesn't invalidate the info. Don't buy his stuff if you feel that strongly about it. This kind of thing isn't going to change through government intervention or shaming Monsanto into not producing unsafe products. It starts with guys like Rich and entrepreneurs like the guy he's interviewing.

  7. I enjoyed this talk. I am sick of this sterile environment of our controlled and brainwashed culture. This is like breath of fresh air.

  8. 54:00 💯 % agree with this self identity crisis. Thank you. Love Zach Bush. Just started restore. Everything relies on conciousness

  9. I like and agree with many of the things Zach Bush says. But… there also seems to be some aspects of him that really cause me to pause. The product he sells — "Restore" — seems to have only been subjected to one 2015 study conducted by John J Gildea, David A Roberts, and Zachary Bush, and published in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences.

    To me it seems kind of suspect, and even unethical, to go about selling a product based on only 1 study.

    If someone could respond to this with some sound reasoning and good evidence, I would appreciate it.

  10. Did he just say israel has done the best job of building the best military in the world? I think you mean israel has done the best job at suckering the united states into fighting their wars. He completely lost me with that comment and he is at the red pill expo in 2019.
    Hopefully he gets more informed there if he hasnt already since this was published in 2018.
    Not to mention there are loads of videos of them shooting unarmed protestors. Then they shoot pregnant women oh wait what's their saying two birds one stone with a image of a pregnant Palestinian. They shot kids, its insane he just said that and now i question him and his credibility. Maybe stick to health care and leave the geopolitics to people who know what they are talking about. Israeli zionist are a part of the reason we have our debt and even though they have no debt we still give them about a billion dollars a year with money we have to loan and pay interest on…. dont forget the presidents and congress before that warned of the threat of zionism. You can even look up the armys report about israel when they wanted to use US troops as a buffer zone from them and palestinians. The report says very blatantly that Israel would most likely kill US troops and blame it on palestine. They called them ruthless and they can't be trusted. That was right before 9/11.
    Prove me wrong.

  11. Most "weeds" are medicine. Who gave medicinal plants the title of weeds and why? That is an interesting thought.

  12. Bayer to pay $2B in latest Roundup case

    A Northern California jury has ordered Bayer (OTCPK:BAYRY) to pay more than $2B to a

    couple who say they were diagnosed with cancer after using the company’s glyphosatebased

    weedkiller Roundup.

    Bayer said it was disappointed with the jury’s decision and planned to appeal, adding that it

    "conflicts directly" with the EPA's finding that there are "no risks to public health from the

    current registered uses of glyphosate."
    It's the third lawsuit the company has lost related to Roundup, an herbicide produced by
    Monsanto, which Bayer acquired last year for $63B.

    Bayer shares are down 5.8% in Frankfurt on the news.

  13. This is very fascinating and I agree with a lot of it but one glaring error I heard was that cow farts (actually belching) are the #1 source of green house gases in North America… This is definitely not true, Agriculture is the source for about 9% of the green house gases in the US according to the EPA. Still a great idea to reduce cow methane generation though 🙂

  14. I wonder what Zach thinks of this information regarding sulfur use in the body?

  15. GMOs is the sole reason of proliferation of benzodiazepines. GMOs= Xanax. GMO= leaky gut, poor gut flora, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and eventually the usage of benzos!

  16. Two years ago (Aug 2017) I was diagnosed with MS. I was told the oldest scars on my brain and spinal cord were about 20-25 years old. Do the math: 2017 – 21 = 1996 :-O

  17. BEST excerpt while talking about how it sounds like a lot of bad news, “…identifying the problem, is so much of the solution…”

  18. God I wish this guy would just occasionally reference a piece of literature, if he’s gonna rattle off statistics like that.
    Oh well. Learning a lot from googling as I listen.

  19. Before you disregard this, anyone, listen to MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff talk abouy what glyphosate does. Several interviews on YouTube.

  20. It just hit me……recently there have been bunch of Youtubers that quit being vegan and went back to eating meat because they had gut issues.
    They're blaming vegan diet for all their health problems….when it was the poison such as Glyphosate that these corporations intentionally put into our soils that ruined their guts.
    They should've healed their guts, and stayed eating plant based…..instead of looking for a quick fix and creating a bigger health issues years down the line.
    But what do you expect from these foolish generation that only wants instant results?

  21. Best podcast on Youtube!
    Share this on all your social media. People need to hear this truth before it's too late.
    BTW…..there seems to be a lot of industry paid trolls commenting here. Industry must be getting real nervous.

  22. I never ever tire of listening to Dr. Zach Bush. I’m disappointed he didn’t include the toxicity of aluminum that’s in the insane number of harmful and completely unnecessary vaccines given today. I’ve heard him mention it in other talks.

  23. This is great!!! And people don’t forget most vaccines are loaded with an aluminum adjuvant so stay away from them!! Highly toxic beware!!

  24. My insides are lit up listening to this man! Smart, soulful and articulate. Definitely paying attention to all things him from now on!

  25. Quack central. Takes a lot of nerve to pull this shit in 2018 after the GMO debate has been over for two years and no proof of any harm to humans was ever legitimately discovered and documented. Fake news is now a way of life. Oh wait… Facebook banned this garbage, Youtube is next.

  26. Glyphosate Ruined my gut health, and I have constant upper back pain.
    I'm an ex- farmer I used to spray Roundup
    Monsanto said it was non toxic and you could even drink it.
    I would fill the 6 gallon back pack sprayer it would leak out the cap and run down my back. I was 15 years old.

  27. Eye opening and elevating , thanks for showcasing this important message , these types of interviews are key to awakening the human race – so much gratitude for the RR podcasts!

  28. If I were going to buy anything at all, I would buy it from this gentleman. Anyone who can identify a known issue like glyphosate and at the same time engineer a solution on this detailed biological level has my trust.

  29. A very wonderful thing it is to hear the wisdom of this hero of truth and efficacy–my life, my outlook will change, and has needed to change for how long?

  30. I am curious if Dr. Bush also believes that our food supply & health have also been affected by geoengineering?

  31. This interview is absolutely fascinating! Very insightful. I feel like this helps shine some more light on the recent phenomenon of the Carnivore Diet. It is undeniable that thousands of people are eliminating their auto immune symptoms by switching to a Carnivore Diet. I know, it sounds crazy! It seems that once the gut is badly compromised, what should be and was originally “healthy food” becomes poison to some. The results are chronic inflammation, horrible digestion issues, followed by an avalanche of other health problems as discussed in this video. I speak from experience. I began feeling “off” about 6 years ago and ignored it for about a year thinking it would go away. Nope! It progressively got worse and eventually unbearable, effecting my work, social life, etc. I began my healing journey by visiting conventional doctors and specialists for about 4 years, all recommended by my insurance. None of them could not find a solution. They did identity the fact that I had increased inflammation throughout my body but could not explain why. Their answer was to put me on several anti inflammatory and immunosuppressant medications. I refused and continued searching for answers. I finally went to a naturopath about 18 months ago that began to set me in the right direction. Lifestyle, relationships, diet, proper rest, exercise, and more. I began exploring meditation practices and strictly began assessing and logging my diet, moods, sleep, bowel movements, and more. I began cutting out meat, especially red meat and began eating a variety of more organic vegetables than ever in my life… and my health continued getting worse. Confused and frustrated, I still believed diet was the key. I continued searching for other people online, praying for an idea/solution. I never would have thought! I ran into groups of people online who claimed they were eliminating their years of debilitating symptoms by switching to a strict Carnivore diet. As ludicrous as it sounded, I agreed to try it for at least 4-6 weeks out of desperation for some relief. It worked! Today, I’m about 7 months in, eating no vegetables, fruits, carbs, sugars, but instead, high quality meat, primarily grass fed/finished beef, (including organ meats) pasture raised eggs, and lots of “good” fat from various sources. It’s a high fat, moderate protein, zero carbs diet that has turned my diet paradigm completely upside down! There was an interesting transition the first month but I held on and I’m so glad I did. It’s been life changing these last 6 months. My energy, sleeping, mental clarity, happiness, physical dexterity, and so much more is better than I can remember. I’m still perplexed and am still trying to figure it all out. I would eventually like to eat fruits and vegetables again. I’ve tried a couple times recently and felt my symptoms come rushing back.
    I continue to seek out videos or podcasts like this to continue helping me unravel more layers to arrive to a better overall understanding. I believe that we, everyday people must continue to communicate our experiences and progress in order to collectively work towards healing each other. Okay, I’ll stop now. If you actually read this far, I wish you love and good health. Stay strong and take good care!

    Oh yeah! Check out the Wim Hof Method! 👍👍

  32. Rich: Has Julie tried giving up coffee/caffeine?
    I used to suffer from migraines and since I gave up coffee & caffeine 6 months ago, I have NOT had a single migraine since! I'm not a Nutritionist but I'm going to keep riding this non-migraine wave as long as I can! LOL

  33. OK, we've heard about aluminum in deodorants and cosmetics. But what about aluminum in vaccines? Is it less harmful in vaccines than in deodorants?

  34. thank you RR for the eyeopener podcast! I usually watch when on the trainer bike but this had me rivited to a standstill by all the data and science.

  35. The information in this video should be common knowledge. The degree to which our seemingly innocuous grocery store markets are poisoning Americans is completely sinister.

  36. this discussion/info sharing confirmed so many things I know to be true, provided the detailed science,connected the links between commercial profiteering of agriculture and our health outcomes. I was reassured too by the recommended actions for the future.

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