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Good morning everybody. It’s game time! Go Gamecocks! It’s the Gamecock Nation time. It’s football season, and yes, I am a Gamecock
fan. And guess what happens during football season? A lot of injuries. So one of the biggest injuries in football
is what’s called a burner or a stinger. And that’s basically a brachial plexus injury. And what happens is someone gets hit and that
brachial plexus gets overstretched and it can cause a lot of pain and numbness down
into the arm. And it can feel pretty scary, but there’s
some pretty simple stretches you can do, if you want to check out the link up here to
the brachial plexus injury video. Hopefully that will get you feeling better,
but what I wanted to do was I wanted to answer some comments about the Gamecocks. Cause I get a lot of those comments and questions. And so Joseph F said “Gamecock fan, huh?” Uh, yeah. They’re awesome. Hopefully that was a “Yay, I’m excited!” not
“Oh my gosh.” I mean, don’t hate. And Liz M said “I do like that throw on your
sofa.” Which would be my Gamecock throw. And yes, I like it too, it’s nice and warm. And it helps me cheer on the Gamecocks. They’re awesome. And then 97yanac says “You’re my kind of gal. Go Gamecocks. Whoo, getting dizzy from the excitement for
the new era.” Yes, our new head ball coach is awesome. Hopefully we’ll get it going and rock it out. Go Gamecocks! If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments section, and I might answer them next time on Morning Cup of Jo. I’ll see ya next time. They’re awesome!


  1. Dr. Jo. What do most gamecock fans take after a loss to the Citadel? Macocksafloppin, Delusionite,or dammitall tablets?

  2. My Son and his wife live in Columbia, lived there for 3 years. When they moved there, they went to a Gamecocks Football Game. That was the 1st time I've heard of them. We are from Ohio, and Ohio State is all we hear about! I hope your team does well this year! Thank You for your videos, I have a lot of Orthopedic Issues and the videos help out!

  3. Dr. Jo, I would like to have a meet and greet with the doctor that has been helping me with my pinch nerve for the last couple years now. Go Cocks!

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