Goat Medications You Should Have At Home

what's up guys this is Daniel from the arms family homestead and that's promised I'm trying to continue my series on goat care and maintenance and as you can see today we're going to be talking about my top list of medications that I think you need to keep on hand and kind of a generic list but this will give you an idea of some of the things that if you're gonna raise goats you probably need to have some of these things on hand so before I get started I want to cover a few things first off I am NOT a veterinarian okay I am NOT a vet I'm not a doctor but this is just some of the medications I keep on hand because if you're gonna be out here doing this stuff on a small farm that trips are expensive and if you have to call a vet after hours it's even more expensive and there's a lot of things you can do at home on your farm to keep from having to go to the vet or in an emergency situation some things that I've got here that can keep my goats healthy enough keep them alive until I can get to a vet or until I can get a fecal sample to the vet so as I said I am NOT a doctor I'm not a vet okay so this is just what I've learned from my experience so before we get started in some of these medications remember as I covered in a previous video a lot of these are injections so you need to be sure you read the label you'd read label on all of these before you use them but on the injectables make sure you know if it's going to be a sub-q which is right under the skin remember you pull up a little flap give that shot right under the skin or inter muscular where it actually goes into the muscle so I'm not gonna cover that in this video if you're going to be giving your goats any medications that are injectable make sure you know what type of injection to give okay so let's get started the first thing I want to talk about is goat wormer I keep Keiko's I raise Keiko's they're a very parasite resistant goat but that doesn't mean they have no parasites and some of my goats are borer Kiko crosses and boars are much more that much more of an issue with parasites than Keiko's when it comes to internal parasites we're talking about you know worms that they pick up on pasture like right now my goats are locked up on pasture and they're on hay and when the grass gets short and there's more fecal matter you know that's where your internal parasites come from is there grazing along that where there poop is so you always want to rotate wormers so I hear I've got right now macton and safeguard you don't know just the main thing with warmers don't just get one and stick with it use a variety rotate through several different learners so those parasites don't build up a resistance when you're go to get loaded with parasites they'll start getting sick easy on knowing goats they'll get they'll get out like a real fat jaw you'll notice it I mean when a goat has a real bad worm load they're almost like they have a big double chin kind of like me you know this thing that sticks down but you'll notice that in your goats and they're really warming and they can get anemic so a goat with warm issues can go downhill fast on you and you'll think it's a lot of other things but it may just be an internal parasite problem well the first thing always keep on hand is a variety of internal parasite wormers the second is a good antibiotic what I like to keep on hand is la 200 it's a good kind of broad-spectrum antibiotic it's good for things like pinkeye navel infections on your baby kid goats urinary tract infections so I don't know if you can see but bear wants to play he always wants to play good for those urinary tract infections and things like pneumonia and just an overall antibiotic you don't want to have a good antibiotic on hand for when you have sick goats but you need to get down so a good wormer and antibiotics is a second one the third is electrolytes I'm going to talk a lot about scours today in this video scours is basically just diarrhea in your ruminants so baby goats get scours really bad but adults adult goats can get scours too so when your goats have scours there's obviously something going on in their digestive tract in their rumen or it could be several different things or a lot of different things that cause scours so I'm gonna give you some tips on how to handle that but the first one is electrolytes and I use this is a manipro it's a pound of powder and you can see on there it was like six bucks it's not bad you just mix it with warm water and I take a big syringe and not really drench I'm not tubing them just kind of forcing them to drink it a little bit and then I'll mix it with our water you know in a small bowl I'm gonna go that's got scours I'm gonna try to isolate them put them by their self and make sure they're getting plenty of electrolytes just like you or I when we get sick you get get it you know you're throwing up and get the flu and things your electrolytes go down keep those electrolytes up and you'll have a healthier happier go okay I'll leave a link below to most of these products I'll try to find most of them on Amazon leave a link to where you can find them if they're not on Amazon I'll just leave a link to website scours so we're talking about scours and obviously like I said earlier if they have scours there's a there's something else going on some sort of parasite something that a something's causing it maybe they're there their rumens something's off in their room and but that so you need to find the root cause but there's a lot of times you know if it's a after-hours situation where you can't get a fecal sample to your vet real soon you want to be able to stop that scouring so you're not taking a goat that's you know just prolong in that slow you know that's slow death really basic get out and bare so you want to do everything can to prevent scours but when they get them you want to be able to have some sort of medication to fix that problem and what I use is these big tablets are called terramycin I get them at my local feed store you can buy them online in a big bottle but my local feed store you can just go in and pick out however many you want so you don't have to buy the whole bottle for 60 70 bucks sorry about that guys bear likes run off with my really expensive high dollar Maxwell House feed buckets and chew them up so scours a go with scours bad problem you want to get on top of it quickly make sure they're getting plenty of water plenty of electrolytes and like I said I use they're huge I mean look at the size of those terramycin now the next thing I want to talk about is a vaccine that I really only give my goats one vaccine and I'll probably do it another video later and cover the whole vaccination schedule and when I vaccinate and what I use and everything but the only vaccine I have well it's not on the table because I don't have any right now I got to buy another bottle it's called C D and T now I probably messed this up and I've got some notes over here just so I don't mess it up the CD is Clostridium for fringes and the T is tetanus so that's the only vaccination that I give my goats you don't want to get tetanus because they're always out here you know messing around they can get cuts and things cuts on metal or cuts on tree limbs or you know a bite from an animal you don't want them to get tetanus so you always want to use that C D and T the Clostridium for fringes side of that like I said I'll probably cover in another video that's just my vaccination schedule so but basically all you need to know see DN T once a year that's it okay the next medication I want to cover is a medication called cord and it treats coccidiosis coccidia is a parasite that lives in the gut of pretty much all goats but as they get to be adults like these grown dough's they pretty much build up a resistance to it so your kids your your young baby goats are gonna be the most susceptible to that coccidia and after starting out scours I'll go coccidia causes really bad scours in baby goats they'll just look weak and a baby goat will coccidiosis just kind of kind of they just kind of stand there humped up they got scours a real weak they don't move a lot so cord I don't have any right now is a it comes in a big bottle and I'll leave a link to it it's available pretty much everywhere at any farm store there just keeps running up to me and jumping on me quit it so you want to get a fecal sample to your vet and he can he can determine for sure if it's a coccidia but in that cord you'll give that to your goats I think it's five to seven days in a row to try to knock that out so always keep cord on hand for coccidia the next one is an issue that I struggled with a lot last year and that was you know I had a lot of lot of premature deliveries like my nannies we're kidding early and having stillborn babies and then I had several if you go back and watched my old videos or if you've been a subscriber to my channel for a while you know I had some I showed you guys some sick baby goats and that's it's just some issues and then I also had some issues with this in some adult dose and that is a vitamin B deficiency or thiamine more more directly a thiamine issue in adult goats you'll see it it's just the weirdest thing like they'll be fine one day and you'll come out in their head I'll just be turned sideways and they'll kind of walk in circles their head always wants to pull the one direction or it'll turn like this and they can't control it so from from what I researched it sounds like that vitamin b12 and thiamine deficiency comes from when you turn your goats out on auto pasture or put them on hay and they're not on feed they're the rumen usually makes enough vitamin B to keep everything where it needs to be but when you put them on straight hay or just out on pasture and they're not you're not supplementing them enough sometimes they'll get that deficiency and so I always try to every well now after last year and the issues I had I try to keep a really good a fortified vitamin B in a vial like this and then I also after lectures have this much problem the vitamin B that fortified you want to make sure your bottle says fortified vitamin B complex but also family last year that's just thiamine and that really helped with those adult goats that were struggling with it you know they'd get that head turned sideways and they would look fine for the first week or so and then they just start slowly getting worse and worse and I started hitting them with a lot of this time and which is basically just a vitamin B and a real strong dosage from what I understand and it really helped out a lot so try to keep that on hand and learn about these things guys I'm not an expert I'm not good at determining what's wrong with all these goats but I've learned several things over the years so do your research and try to look into some of these things and so you can see them coming when they on the first signs okay and then the last thing I'm going to talk about is something I use all the time and it's just a goat nutria trench and basically all it is is a nutrient-rich supplement that I give to my baby goats right after birth a lot of them especially when it's really cold they'll be moving kind of slow especially just a booster just a kind of a jumpstart those kids to get them going and then if I've got any one adult though that's kind of struggling and I'm having to medicate for something or they're just not I just don't have the energy that I feel like they should something's wrong I'll hit them with with some nutria drinks for a couple days can you guys see this look here's bears Paul see that a dog just standing here with his feet on my leg want some attention so goat nutria drench it's really good stuff I mean it's really not even anything other than just some just a nutrient-rich supplement so it's not anything strong so I'm hurting things so anyways guys that about covers it that's my list of medications wormers antibody bear quit vitamin b12 electrolytes and scour medication and a nutria dream so that's a basic basically what I keep on hand all the time plus my C D and T vaccinations I didn't say that but I don't have any right now I'll have to get some more of that because all of action ain't soon but anyways if you're gonna if you're gonna raise goats like I said earlier you're gonna want to get a good well-stocked list of medications and things for your ghosts just because you don't always want to make that trip to the vet when you if it's something you can do on your farm and just save you a lot of money to do it yourself I promise you you start loading up goats and take it under the vet all the time there that will eat up every penny of your profits plus some I guarantee a vet bill take a go to the vet you're going with at least 150 dollar bill so try to avoid those trips to the vet as much as you can by learning some of these tips and tricks to be able to take care of your your goat issues on your own so that's all I've got bears driving me crazy you want some attention so I'm gonna play a bear for a little while guys thanks for watching I do appreciate it like I said I'm not a vent I'm not an expert on all this stuff this is just some things I've learned over the years so if you have any suggestions or there's any other medications that you keep on hand leave them in the comment section down below everyone learns from the comments section I love interacting with my viewers and subscribers in the comments we all learn that way so I'm sure there's probably some things that I'm doing wrong there's probably some things that you do differently than I do and that's okay so just leave those comments in the comment section below and we'll talk it out on there if you're not subscribed to my channel I'd sure appreciate it if you hit that subscribe button love to have you stick around like I said we're trying to I'm trying to continue this series on goat care and maintenance because there's so many people that are subscribed to my channel that are new into this stuff and just learning so that's what this is all about there's a playlist for all these videos make sure you hit that playlist up there go care and maintenance thanks for watching guys I do appreciate it I hope you all have a great day and we'll see you in the next video


  1. fresh green pine needles copped up and mixed with breed or christmas trees are a great dewormer and snack for are nubian kiko goats on are small farm and we have ran into hoof root with a few of are girls when trimming there hoofs. After we trim there hoofs we put hoof n heel med and cover it in a sock then put them in some dog boots for 3 days and it kills the root i have found

  2. Really learning a lot from watching your videos. Plan on raising goats eventually and your goat videos are really helping. I did work for this lady that crosses boar with Nubian to get a meat goat with milk and she has great success with it. She also has other livestock and when any of them are having a harder time with weight or wanting to give them a boost she adds calf manna to their feed and let me tell you. That adds on the weight fast. It's worked with my horses and dogs as well.

  3. I think you may have saved the lives of the six remaining pet bucklings that I bought a few days ago! Lost one to scours. I was not successful in getting a stool sample for the vet so he didn't want to try anything. There are many meds not allowed in California over the counter but I found FishMox which is cephalexin and Corid. I had to do something and quick. So far they seem better. Three are willing to take the bottle and three have to be force fed but all are standing and look alert. I have also given Bounce an electrolyte and have them under heat. I will keep trying for a stool sample but the vet is closed for the weekend now. Any other advice is welcome. I have had a couple of pet goats for years and have bottle fed a few and never had problems. Thank you

  4. Is it possible to do like Joel Salatin and run chickens behind your goats to sanitize the field to prevent the use of deworming

  5. Good info Daniel. If goats will eat turnips with or without roots, they’re loaded with thiamine. so get a couple of five for a dollar pack and sow them and give them the greens as a snack and extra thiamin. I use the roots in my stews and they’re so good.

  6. Just curious if a goat does get worms and i dont notice it or dont catch it in time can my kids or my chickens or anything else get the worms from the goats? And also if i butcher a goat that has worms would the worms be in the meat? And be possible transferable?

  7. I love the information you provide! I am a Nigerian Dwarf breeder and anytime someone asks me about videos to learn about information, I usually direct them to you! Thank you for the awesome goat content!

  8. Hi Daniel, I hear from Weed Em and Weep channel, that they also use pumpkin seeds to help with their worming, just thought I'd tell you in case you may be interested. Wish you and your family a very safe and blessed New Year and beyond! God Bless! Love all the great info!

  9. Where do you put the links for the medicines? I would like to see the medications since I have to translate them into Spanish.

  10. Thanks bud. …Edit, I just noticed I made the same comment twice. Well you deserve it. Thanks for you time in doing these videos! I'm a Canadian living in S.korea. I have no info or anyone to go to. So your videos are the best!

  11. Did you know there are a numerous amount of nature herbs for use on goats ? Been using plenty for years with help from local livestock vets 😎

  12. All of those are what everyone needs to have on hand. One u didnt mention and has been a life saver for me also is probiotics! I us the one called JumpStart. Any time they are stressed, scouring, or sick i give it to them. Sometimes as a treat. It helps put the good bugs back in their system. I also treat mine with chewable vitamin c tablets. 2 of my goats have horrible allergies. They get claritin and 4 vitamin c tablets daily in the fall and spring. If u dont have any scour meds on hand u can also give peptobismuth. Any meds u use for people use the directions for children to dose them. I am not a vet. Just things i have learned in my experience.

  13. It would be helpful if someone had video of goats showing these different symptoms. Has anyone already seen anything like that? Or have I just missed it?

  14. Thank you for wonderful info!! Farming in Egypt from South-Africa and not farmer ,was a nurse but enjoy!!
    Not always have all necessary medications but can bring from South-Africa!

  15. Great video. Just fyi it is good to use more than one dewormer, like you suggested but it is because there is not a dewormer that kills every worm and of course those little buggers are getting immune. It's always best to submit a fecal sample to your vet so they can determine the type of parasite if any your goat has. Keep up the good work 🙂

  16. Great information. I noticed this morning that two of my young does had swollen faces. I hadn't seen anything about it in my books. So, I will be deworming those girls sooner than usual. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  17. Many thnx for this video .. I wish had come across this video sooner.. I did loose a mum goat recently .. based on symptoms you mentioned it could have been Coccidiosis. there was no fecal test. The vet made blood test and gave 2 courses of antibiotics .. did not help. Her 2 kids died too after .. 🙁 ..

  18. Need help please
    I am from philippines

    Recently started goat farm with 40 heads
    We had peculiar prob last week
    2 goats back to back not able to stand and started eating less then became we weak we had no choice to get rid of them. Both were female

    We generally give farm grass for food and have general medicines for diarrhea cough etc.

    Pl help

  19. How much la 200 to give goats the bottle only shows cattle and swine she has a foot rot i’m treating with antibiotics spay

  20. We do b complex shot 4 weeks before every kidding and then when they go into labor and seem to have had positive out come haven't lost 1 yet

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