God is Greater Than Heart Disease – Morning Session – Dr. Henry Wright

hello I'm pastor Adrian shales with hope of the generations church and being health thank you for joining us today to watch God is greater than heart disease with dr. Henry W right heart disease is one of the biggest killers in America in the world there's hardly a person that has not been touched by the effects of heart disease either in themselves or with a loved one despite this being such an epidemic in mankind we still don't really understand it yes science can see what is happening but why is heart disease happening that is another story the Bible has much to say about the heart yes your physical heart and we need to pay attention proverbs 4:23 verse 23 says my son attend to my words incline thine ear unto my sayings let them not depart from bind eyes keep them in the midst of thine heart for they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life even the scripture helps us understand that God knows that walking in obedience to his word can impact even our health doctor Wright won't just be giving you the facts and statistics but will bring God into the equation and that changes everything you know why because God is greater than your heart and he is greater than heart disease doctor Wright will be discussing the spiritual roots behind heart disease how you can prevent it and if you have already had a diagnosis how to recover so be prepared to have renewed hope that God is greater than heart disease we'll be taking some breaks throughout this conference and then we'll be coming right back we love the multitask but really think about investing in yourself today and your future and turn off all distractions and just enjoy focusing in on what God wants to do today in your life and lastly make sure you stay with us the entire day because we will have some very special offers exclusively for those watching today I would like to pray for you father thank you for preparing each person to hear truth today I ask that by your Holy Spirit you would reveal something to each person that will change their course so they can walk even more in your ways you are so good to us and you don't want our lives to be snuffed out by the enemy prematurely through disease I thank you that we have abundant life available through Jesus Christ and that your healing power still is active today in the name of Jesus amen all right let's welcome dr. Henry W right well good morning all of you out there in cyberspace good morning I understand we have over a thousand people out there somewhere hi it's going to be a good day and the subject about heart disease is so misunderstood and perhaps by the end of the day you'll have a clearer understanding of just not how only to be healed but also how to begin the journey of preventing the term heart disease is we we use the word heart disease we think of the muscle itself we think of the thing that pumps you know that you can put your hand on and feel beating and your doctor listens to and so on but the subject should be more comprehensive than the term heart disease it should be known as cardiovascular as part of a system that God has created in your construction there are different systems the endocrine system they digest the system and there's numbers of systems that serve you the cardiovascular system is the part of your construction that carries what the marrow manufactures which is the blood and you have white corpuscles you have red corpuscles and in fact the Bible says the life of the body is in the blood and because it is your bloodstream that carries the nutrients that are digested and and go in to your body and are transported for cell maintenance and repair you really are basically from the earth your earthy you need things of the earth to replenish what you're burning up through homeostasis all the trace elements in fact yesterday I had and I had some doubts and I said what is dulse well it's something that is a type of seaweed that is harvested off the rocks at low tide in the Bay of Fundy up off of New Brunswick and Canada Maine and they dry it in the Sun and they it turns purple it's very tasty if you like it and it's chewable and it's it'll guarantee you if you if you too much of it you won't need to buy a laxative because it's the natural laxative but in that one product are all the trace elements that a human needs in one product including chromium you didn't know you needed chromium did you and all these other weird names I can't spell or pronounce but our part of what you were made Adam was made from the dust of the earth and you are too and I read somewhere a few years ago that if we took all the metals that are in your body you're worth about a dollar and a half maybe two bucks today with inflation and so where it would dust and from dust we came from dust to return but God has created us to function in a physical world as a living being you are a spirit we'll get into that a little bit more today you have a soul and you live in a mobile home a body and you are a triune being as I move through this conversation today I'm at risk because many people that will watch this later are watching it now our medical professionals and I am a doctor but I'm not a doctor of medicine I'm a doctor of Christian therapeutic counseling so that means your doctors look at you from the outside they manage you I look at you from the inside and we'll talk a little bit about that here because it's important you understand where I'm going is is in this conversation over the years I have discovered and studied cause and effect now this is a very big term that I want you to retain is cause and effect I learned years ago in my journey of Education that for every action there's an equal opposite reaction and I was as interested in that because it said okay I understand that but in our life do we understand that cause and effect is biblical so I represent hopefully today not just what man says about what God created but hopefully we can tell you what God said about what he created the the defect of science and I say this carefully because I'm indebted to science if it were not for science that has studied what God created I myself could not look inside a human I don't have the ability to see there so in the last days the Bible says there will be many woody inventions and the woody inventions are here in the last days and God is allowing us through science and through research to look deeply into what God created now the conclusions of mankind into what God created are varied and that will bring us into a disclaimer today and also a positional place of conversation the problem with medical science is that science only believes what it can see it only believes what I can see yet as I move through this teaching this day I'm going to bring you research for medical science secular research for medical science that will tell you and I'm going to read the actual medical excerpts it's gonna be a laborious long day of listening it's gonna be one of those days and but this information may be something you need to hear because when you go to a doctor he does not discuss your try Eunice he does not discuss only but one part of you physiology he does not know a whole lot what to do with your heads yeah you're gonna find medical science includes in the very category of cardiovascular disease that there are there is evidence that such things as fear anxiety stress anger rage and hostility can cause death from heart disease so could it be then I'm going to ask you a hypothetical question could it be then that these are well practicing fear anxiety stress rage anger and hostility is is this righteousness or unrighteousness well the Bible says that all unrighteousness is sin now there are those even in Christianity that don't like me because I have the audacity to say that many diseases are the result of a human even a Christian participating with sin as part of their persona their personality their spirituality and how they think speak and act that is not righteousness and that has produced the disease I get quite an argument and what I hear oh there's no connection between sin and disease I'll tell you what Jesus said one time if you would believe him he had just healed an individual in your Bibles and Jesus is quoted as saying go your way and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you what are you going to do with that scripture I had to think about it do I understand it or dismiss it in my ignorance most people are sick because of ignorance in fact the Bible says to the Prophet God through the prophet Isaiah in chapter 5 of Isaiah verse 14 says my people God talking about his people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge then assisant hell hath enlarged yourself and opened her mouth without measure and all their great and famous God's people have fallen down into what it represents what are you going to do with that scripture by the Prophet well we either ask for understanding or we just continue in abject ignorance the Prophet Hosea in chapter 4 said my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and then it goes on to say and because you have rejected knowledge God said I reject you you should no longer be a priest to me and I will forget your children because why the knowledge we have we reject as part of our personalities and our lifestyles so if I have a doctorate in Christian therapeutic counseling which is what my doctorate is in then I think perhaps it's time to listen to me because I have studied all three parts of your existence thoroughly I understand you from the inside out in fact if you give me a disease or a syndrome or disorder that you have I take an instant three-dimensional x-ray picture of your existence from experience I know you you don't want to know what I know because you may not be ready to deal with it I know you from the inside out in fact I know the area of unrighteousness that you haven't defeated I know the area that you are bound in I know that that work in your life that you need to repent for because the disease or the syndrome is the fruit of it in fact I would say to you this you will become what you think not just in your lifestyle but also in your souls your minds and your bodies are an extension of thought personality feelings your body is a responder I'm going to teach us today thoroughly your bodies our responders to your thoughts even science knows and teaches in secular medicine something called the mind-body connection even science knows that sometimes an imbalance of homeostasis or a syndrome or disease can be the product of a certain type of thought and certain body parts are affected by different types of thinking I'm going to show that to you today too I do need to get a laser pointer up here which I don't have one because I want to take you to some overheads and I want to show you some things today so we haven't we know even in secular science the mind-body connection but no one including the Christian Church is even teaching its people the spirit soul body connection it's all become psychological you need inner healing you you have a psychological defect you have a negative emotion but what have I told you maybe you have been trained in the law of sin by an evil spirit by it's fallen nature that has given you thoughts that you embrace as if it were your own minds and follow it you are so easy to be controlled by the enemy and his kingdom because that's how ignorant we have become now I know that perhaps at this point I have irritated you then you figure it out if I'm so wrong I had a guy come here years ago that had a major disease he didn't like a word that I said have we said about two days into it he was ready to head out told his wife I'm out of here so he was staying nearby in a local hotel I guess they call it motels here in Thomason and God literally spoke to him now sometimes people don't know when God speaks to them because I don't understand that perhaps their thought maybe the Holy Spirit that night this individual had some thoughts you what the thought was there was a God thought if they're so long and you're so right why are you so sick the next morning he was back in class that evening he walked the soap I love Walmart totally healed of MCSE eye sometimes truth could set you free sometimes it may take a while to make you free because it's up to you when we talk about cause and effect there is a faith has a fruit fear has a fruit in fact many heart disorders are because of unresolved fear anxiety and stress fear is not good for your faith but faith is good for your fear so you have to decide are you just a human being or are you a spiritual human being there is a difference many people are just ruled by their thoughts and their feelings and their emotions they have a thought they follow it they embrace it they find lots of people just like them to think that way and they become stereotyped and science would agree with you and give you a diagnosis now you're stuck with a diagnosis what you're going to do with that that's like fatalism what you're going to do now you're stuck with a diagnosis a diagnosis is an enemy of God but it is not an enemy of research the very clear that were not to be ignorant of Satan's devices his methods his mythologies and how he accomplishes controlling and destroying and messing around producing at dis ease of function of humanity and all he needs to do is to control your minds when you are controlled by thoughts that other than what God's Word has said you are following what is called the law of sin but you are designed by God to follow the law of God what is the law of God the the personality of God the ways of God what God designed that mankind should look like when he created us until sin joined mankind the word is very clear by one man's disobedience Adam sin entered into the world mankind and death by sin and here we have it this should be to get rid of Synanon him we won't have death now I want you to think with me if we can get rid of the influence of sin and how it thinks then what is to prevent us from good health and good life there is a fruit to obedience there is a fruit to mixing your faith with God's Word and not just saying Amen but being a doer of what you said amen to cause and effect I could wear you out with facts about cardiovascular I could wear you out with all the anatomy all the physiology and all the other stuff that science would tell you and you'd become expert in physiology today in biology and wouldn't it be wonderful but how would that help you so we're not here to talk about just the cardiovascular system but we're here to talk about how the enemy causes disease in it and has been in your generations that I'm going to share in today my own journey through cardiovascular disease because I myself and now a thriver after walking through the valley of the shadow of death but I did not fear any evil for he was with me I'm seven years into very excellent lifestyle well-managed I have lost I was really full gospel back seven years ago really full gospel I tried to overlook it but it always spoke to me and today I weighed myself this morning I'm down about forty five pounds from seven years ago my doctors are amazed I see them every six months I saw my cardiologist last week he said I don't I can do for you you're doing well I have nothing to offer to you I like that I like that so what do I do with that say yeah but you teach about health and disease you should be never have a disease Oh give me a break I'm an overcomer just like you but I get up every morning grateful so I have a grateful heart you know that's going to do for my physical heart it's going to be a happy heart biologically I get up every morning and I quote Psalm 103 verse 3 he is the Lord that forgives me of all of my iniquities and heals me of all of my diseases because I came under the power of inherited iniquity in my family tree immune to it but I sure thought I was spiritual enough to avoid it wrong sometimes we need to do a little more inventory on our personalities I needed to change in many ways then I also quote this scripture every day he is the Lord he renews my youth like the Eagles my doctors are amazed my cardiologist is people with an injection fraction rate that you have usually come in here or sleeper on stretchers you're so vital you've still got so much energy I am vital my cardiologist know what wasn't my cardiologist it was one of my doctors this past week when I went through my little checkup I turned 73 this year thanks for for asking told me something you're the youngest 73 I've ever seen so I I just said he is the Lord that renews my youth like the Eagles he is a lord that forgives me of all of my iniquities which one C we can quote scriptures he is the Lord that forgives me of all my iniquities but which ones now I remember that thing which ones which iniquity is tracking you in your life the point is not the facts the point is that you get the point you don't have to die of a disease prematurely or at all God doesn't need a disease to get you to heaven your promised 80 years here threescore and ten and then if by reason of strength for score which is 80 and then a little trouble comes and we become an ICBM and blast off and fly away to weight the resurrection in it that great hope we have in the meantime I want you to plan on staying here little longer this teaching is designed to defeat cardiovascular disease because heaven doesn't need you when I went through my Valley the shadow of death and trinidad and tobago in 2011 and they said i would not live told my wife he will not make it I never lost my peace never lost my joy never went under anything I was happy but I had a conversation with my father in heaven your aunt told him I don't want to go to heaven now heaven doesn't need me this planet needs me I love what Paul said I'm in a little conversation here Paul said it and it bb8 he was talking to the people one day the Apostle Paul's in your Bible and he said you know I'd love to go to be with the Lord you know it'd be a separate system you know go there but then he said but for me to go to heaven and I really want to go there because hey wow cool he said but it would be unprofitable for you if I did what was Paul saying you need me here to help you learn to be overcoming believers you're the salt you're the light the world needs you your families need you your nation needs you you're the salt you're the light and Paul was saying even though it'd be a better place I like to stay here that became my faith in my conversation with God using Paul's statement as an agreement God honored that and I've had seven more years to work out my salvation I told somebody yesterday I don't think I was ready for the judgement seat of Christ as a pastor we get so complacent in our self-righteousness I had some rust that's sin we don't like the word sin well we're just called unto righteousness then we just won't use the word sin we'll just go and do it or just do a paraphrase and we'll go to the scripture that says that all unrighteousness is sin and we don't use the word sin will just say unrighteousness and we feel better about that well I just have a little unrighteousness but vision well I just have a little sin we go oh people gonna reject me now they expect me to be sinless there's none righteous no not one I don't want you to go to heaven too early but sometimes as I teach today I want you to be very sober with me because the bible does talk about sins that are unto death I dealt with the case I won't give you the case history now because I've taught it in the past but years ago I helped a lady God healed a lady pastor's wife of breast cancer that metastasized because she had committed a sin that wasn't unto death that had produced a disease on her to death and when she dealt with that sin that was unto death that I revealed to her it was true and she became a doer of the word the cancer disappeared and where the metastasize disappeared she was Stage four he is alive today no one prayed for her she simply understood cause and effect she understood that unforgiveness was a sin unto death in fact in some of the research I almost printed brought this often with me today but it wasn't part of my subject so I didn't but I should have just this year medical science has now determined that unforgiveness is a disease wait a minute unforgiveness is unrighteousness would you agree that somebody who has unforgiveness and bitterness is that righteousness or unrighteousness if God is righteous does God forgive sin then what should we do if we're sons of God and daughters of God we should forgive others their sins to true so what medicine which were part of Western medicine here for the most part does what it can to manage symptoms it's all it does either through drugs or through surgical procedures or sometimes cutting out body parts whatever they do they do to the mobile home to keep it going so Western medicine primarily doesn't represent cure it represents disease management I was doing a conference in New York City years ago in Manhattan and there was a doctor from New York City in the audience that came to me at the end of the conference because what I had said the best that that Western medicine has to offer is disease management he came to me and told me he said as a member of the medical community in a major city he said the best we could ever hope to achieve sir is disease management we have long given up on the hope of cure a long time ago so we have in effect here you have to be careful because sometimes you're being stereotyped so you're a believer you've got iniquity you've got unrighteous you've got something that has produced a cardiovascular problem well so doesn't the world have that so you can't tell much difference between saint and sinner today in doctors offices because we all have the same spiritual defect producing the same physiological manifestation in fact although medicine has its importance in the and and even though we use it to bridge it should all that pharmaceutical drugs should have ever been and should be today is a bridge to your scientific ation but it has become the end beginning middle and end in fact medication will keep you from being sanctified now I know I'm being a philosopher now just indulge me but I can't fatalism medical science is a form of fatalism it is trying to keep alive humans that have unrighteousness and then we that consider our self righteous practicing the same unrighteousness end up in this same mix with the same protocols of disease management which is a form of fatalism if you are born again you have entered into a new kingdom there's a part of there's a part of this that needs to be reprehensible we know the attributes of the Godhead God he's omniscient God is omnipresent and he said nipa ton we know those three things but we don't know what they took out a Webster's dictionary a hundred years ago there's a word that was taken at a Webster's dictionary from the 1800s it's no longer in your vergence today the reason perhaps he took it out it only applies to God in his definition and it is the word omniscient omnific n't the word omnific n't means ever and all creative so those that say that healing passed away with the Apostles two thousand years ago have removed the UM if ascents of God and they also have removed the instructions the Apostle Paul in first Corinthians 12 verse 27 and 28 the your members of the body of Christ members in particular and God has set in the church what's the Church of Oxford the steeple are you now the church not a box with a steeple that churches the people so God has set in the midst of people apostles prophets teachers workers of miracles omnifam nificent gifts of healing helps governments and diversities of tongues although we have left out of this one scripture in most of evangelical Christianity our teachers helps and governments somebody a human overseeing God's people has removed all the rest of that scripture is not being for today so that's fatalism you know God that can save you but he can't heal you if a God that can save you but he can't deliver you I don't dare say that but the same people take communion every week cup shedding your blood for mission of sins it's a sacrament I say I also take the bread by the way for whatever they do what's that stand for his broken body Oh is his body broken for all disease a curse everything that's wrong with you these are serious times I understand the scripture that says when the Son of Man returns shall he find faith faith in the earth or so busy redefining God in our image I think it's time for us to redefine who we are in His image I would like to defeat at least set in motion principles of the word understood by a study of psychiatry and science which I have in my journey to allow you to defeat sins that are under death and teach your families and your friends the principles of life so Western medicine attempts to manage symptoms so we know that has this limitation so we go off into Eastern medicine that includes new-age that includes Chinese Eastern medicine what's Eastern medicine do Eastern medicine tries to manage the pathways that produce the symptoms but who discussing what activates the pathways it produces the symptoms no one I am I'm the founder of a the beginning of a new field of spirituality and science is known as PBS the field of nuuma psychosom atala G Numa psycho so mythology it is the study of spirit soul body connection we've added the third dimension of our existence that science does not deal with oh there are those that deal with the physiology there's a deal with the psychology but who's dealing with the spirituality not many so the field of Numa psycho so Matala G is an extension of understanding one scripture first Thessalonians 5:23 may the God of peace so where does peace come from God or Prozac just asking may the God of peace sanctify you wholly that word holy there is not hol Y but the word sanctified does represent hol Y but in the King James Version may the God of peace sanctify you hol why they got a peace sanctify you wholly the word holy there's WH o l ly w hol ly may the God of peace sanctify you so can I say this may the God of peace sanctify you that you can be made whole or could we discuss then that God's perfect will biblically and scripturally is not to heal you it's a bonus of the Cross the foundation of the gospel from the beginning this is you don't get SiC that's difficult to teach in a world of sickness it's difficult to teach an old dog new tricks you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink so how do we redefine the persona of the personality of even the Christian Church we're supposed to have the answers I don't see the world beating a path of the Christian Church because we have the answers ok so we can Karen guarantee avoidance from hell and interest to heaven Whoopie what about in between the Lord's Prayer ah to be a challenge to all of us when the Lord prayed to the Father and he said father your will be done in earth as it is in heaven so when the Living Word became flesh and came to the earth and he worked here about his father's business he was able even to control the forces of nature if you look into guests of the Holy Spirit and we'll get into this up a bit later because I we got a long day here so I'm just moving it through this thing thought I went awakening your circuitry okay that's all I'm doing on I'm awakening your circuitry Eastern medicine attempts to manage pathways that produce the symptoms the Bible the instruction of God's Word the whole purpose of hope at the generations church at which I'm senior pastor and the outreach known as being health global and the program's of for my life and the program that we practice here as a church body for our life our principles that help us understand things a spirituality things of personality thought or even what we've inherited that activate the pathways that produces symptoms root issues not a paper asking God to heal him today but they don't want to remove the things from their life that caused the disorder if God healed you of a disease or a syndrome that was the fruit of wrong spirituality or personality you wouldn't stay healed you'd lose your healing and he'd get blamed for it now there is an attribute of God that is interesting I know I've dealt with roots for years I'm known for it and the father of it the term father roots a spiritual disease that I'm known and as the father of this conversation worldwide and we deal a lot with dead works in people and we have a whole program accord my life which deals with the dead works of produced disease and I'm and I began years ago when prayer didn't work only five percent of time when I pray for somebody did anybody ever get healed it was very discouraging then I went to God and I asked him if I'm gonna represent you who it's a scene where I'm headed I'm not interested in a five percent success rate you better talk to me he did he bluntly told me in my heart that he wasn't Lord of his people the enemy was Lord of his people I said well but lord I don't know their Lord they carry your Bibles they they go to church they sing they dance they do all kinds of things how do I know if you're their Lord and God spoke to me said let me tell you something Henry Satan can have a legal right to my people's lives I said you're the devil talking to me right now because I just learned in church last Sunday from somebody else now once you guys saved that Satan no longer could happen legal right to your life what's finished at the cross God spoke to me yes Jesus finished stood at the cross in obedience to me and my people are trying to appropriate when he finished in obedience in their disobedience and is not working then I heard the scripture and Samuel obedience is better than sacrifice I said well if you're God talking to me this is mine this is my testimony if you're God talking to me you better show me line and verse in the Bible that Satan can have a legal right to your people around I'm not budging because if I don't have a scripture to read I can't believe nothing I don't need anybody's opinion I don't need anything I want to read it line in a verse and just like that I scripture came to me 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 24 25 and 26 so what does it got to do with heart disease I get to get to the point get to the point relax we have all day what do you have OCD so this is a seven-course meal today enjoy I said had to do one person was thinking that right now second him a ditch after Devers 24 25 and 26 a certainly Lord must not strive must be gentle under all men patient able to teach in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves they God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth that they may recover themselves from the snare of the devil have you been taken captive by the devil and he the Devils will pasal Paul teaching 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 24 25 and 26 indicated to me immediately there was something in Christians lives that needed to be recognized that they could take responsibility for before God repent for agreeing with that thought repent for line that to be part of their spirituality and their personality come out of agreement with it that they could recover themselves because they had been taken captive by the devil and he the devil's will because they gave the devil and has came to the right to their lives their disobedience or ignorance to God's Word and I got it that took me on the journey well I wonder what kind of stuff here is behind this and you know in my journey I was a pre-med student I learned a lot about physiology I mean I was a guest of two doctors in Louisville Kentucky every weekend when was a surgeon when was the head pathologist of the city Louisville I spent more time looking at jars of formaldehyde in my time than you can imagine human cadavers and forms of dissection it was an interesting journey I dropped out after two years plus to become a DJ at a blast I have 10 years professional experience in radio 5 and Christian 5 and secular but I learned a lot in those days today I find myself on the cutting edge of medicine worldwide it's interesting but I look at it from different perspective if I had been captured by med school I would have been captured in fatalism I'd have been trained in the ways of men to manage Satan's blessings but because of my journey of all these decades of learning and I ever looked down on science I look down on psychiatry I look down on the Christian Church I looked down on mankind and I see it clearly even to my own life what good is it to teach something you can't live it yourself Paul says that what benefit is it that I know all this truth and I myself be a castaway there's a time you just have to in fact I love teaching as I'm the first one that learns so we represent personality and spirituality from within so as a man thinks in his heart so is he out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Jesus it is not what goes in the mouth and comes out Sharman land defiles the man but is what comes from within out of the heart of man that's what defiles the man from within sure it is in dealing with what's within that influences human personality and produces imbalances of function of biology listen these are things you probably need to know I am cause-and-effect spear cell body may the God of peace sanctify you wholly that you be preserved blameless in spirit and in soul and then body put up the chart to do it please spirit soul body I want you to see yourself because it's important you understand cause and effect this is you you are a spirit you have a soul and you live in a body this soul is the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world science will not teach you about the spirit world you know what's really interesting when I studied the works of Carl Jung and Jungian psychotherapy and Freudian psychotherapy is Authority in psychotherapy is on the swing up again I don't know why why would you want to understudy somebody who killed themselves Freud committed suicide you want to trust them mind of the man who kills himself I think he needed help Carl Jung was interesting I've got Carl Jung his big red book his conversations with his soul in my library it's conversation with his soul he journaled it's interesting Carl Jung was the son of a Protestant German pastor I saw his father preach a powerless gospel good offer avoidance of Hell and entrance into heaven but didn't have anything to offer in between it disturbed him so of Education he bumped into the philosophers of his day he bumped into all the big minds and psychiatry was having its beginning and all the study of the human soul he bumped into Freud they had a disagreement part of their ways but in and then crow Jung you would study the all day mysticism of things and he would enter into the altered states of consciousness and trances and go into an altered world as he experimented modern-day psychiatry will try to teach you that you have a consciousness than you have a subconscious realm if I told you there's no such thing as a subconscious I'm going to get some raised eyebrows no the teachings about subconscious is an opinion what actually is the subconscious part of man is actually the spirit of man Carl Jung in his journey and why are you here about this is heart disease no we're gonna defeat heart disease today we're gonna defeat cardiovascular disorders would you like to go here with me but if I don't teach you the pathways of recovery and prevention what's the purpose you just have knowledge I don't want you to have knowledge I want you to defeat this I want you to prevent it I want you to begin to do inventory of your thoughts don't be afraid of them they're all right they're there in spite of you don't be afraid of your thoughts understand the source of them understand how they're going to produce cause-and-effect it's your life you're pilgrims in progress you might as well activate spiritually and mentally you're the driver now give me a I think I want to drive my own car Thank You Carly ohm in his study bumped into an invisible spirit world initially he called them evil spirits which would match Scripture except in his day of enlightenment it would be unfashionable and improper to authenticate the Bible so in his term he he changed the name from his original writings from evil spirits the archetypes and dark shadows of our ancestral darkness well that's the iniquity as found in Scripture which we want to talk about today when it says he is a lord that forgives us of our iniquities what does that mean what our iniquities some of your newer Bible translations that removed the word and they couldn't just put in sins as the different Hebrew word out there they think there were that stupid to think that they can just take a license and change words and language because I feel like it I'm a little offended am i buying it in Ex chapter 20 verse 5 it says the iniquities of the father's shall be visited to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me be visited to the third and fourth generation I'm going to talk about cardiomyopathy today this is you all your chromosomes can look at them lately have you but they're in there you're the product of them and everything has been here generations is in there too good or bad chromosome 2 as cardiomyopathy as a potentially inherited genetic disorder these are all diseases by the way in humans that are genetically inherited manic-depression recessive gene X chromosome to the mother isn't here also so when is that he is the Lord that forgives us of all our iniquities which one which one has produced this type of genetic disorder then the next part that the Christian Church doesn't understand is that thought can be inherited but how can that be inherited because there's a kingdom that gives you thought from spirit to soul to train you in the law of sin we're looking at the of epigenetics which is a study of how thought can cause genes that are not defective genetically but express themselves incorrectly because of the influence of thought producing a syndrome or disorder we know from Scripture that there is a kingdom out there that has been tracking your generations from Adam and knows exactly how to tempt you to get you to listen that they can put the same disease on you that it put on your ancestors and it wants to have access to your children and your grandchildren and nobody's even understanding this as a form of temptation the church is so ignorant that's why it's so sick I'll leave you that thought as we'll be back in just a moment you hello everyone this is pastor Adrian shales again I hope this conference is beginning to open your eyes to understand the bigger picture behind disease how the enemy wants to bring disease upon us and how God is ready to release us from it at hope of the generations and be in health we don't like losing to the enemy the enemy does not have to win through disease in your life any longer we've been able to help tens of thousands of others before you overcome all manner of disease God has proved himself faithful again and again in defeating disease even in lives today today dr. Wright will give you all he can as it continues to pour out throughout the whole conference but to get all that you need it will help you to review this conference again and again and maybe you're thinking now a friends or family that need to hear this as well the complete conference you're watching now is available in CD and mp3 formats this is an excellent item to purchase to share this message with others or for your own review usually this five disc set retails for thirty six ninety nine but today only you may purchase it at $24.99 this is over a thirty percent off discount the mp3 version usually retails for $24.99 but today only can be purchased for $17.99 now to apply your discount to these resources from our online webstore type in the code heart h EA RT into the discount code at the checkout again the discount code for today is heart har T and type into the discount code at checkout on top of that we are also discounting all other being health resources 20% off today till 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course is four hundred and fifty nine dollars but again today only we want to offer it to you for just two hundred and ninety nine dollars and if for some reason you feel it is not for you we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked just click the link below to register I have a scripture for you Exodus 15:26 says for I am the Lord that healeth thee with that enjoy the testimonies coming up and the rest of the conference I had dealt with severe allergies chemical and food for 30 years so I had been sick more years than I had been well and I had been to the best specialist in the world in fact no money had been spared in the 30 years that I had been sick I came to the for my life program and it literally transformed my life I left with no food allergies at all if you are considering coming to for my life absolutely do it it will change your life you will just be full of all the things that you've missed all your life when after I finished the program I had a joy and a 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glory goes to God I mean he healed me we know without a shadow of a doubt that God healed me my name is Kim and I am changed you know how many people that I have held that would just weep and I would just weep with until we were both spent mm-hmm neither one of us for the same person ever again I never knew all of this stuff so I've got a new life and I got a new relationship with my father and that fills that that emptiness inside me and I could never I was looking for things to fill it and could never find it I got healed from scoliosis and I've had it since I was like 12 Vann health healed me from a Dede I've been able to open up and make more friends than I had before well for my life is one week of looking at your life and looking at your thoughts and looking at what is in your background what's in your family history I'm looking at why you've got problems in your life or why you've had Ellis's so it actually is a way of thinking about disease from a biblical or a spiritual perspective and that allows you then to think is your life action line with the Bible or is it actually totally out of line with what the Bible teaches it's a wonderful place it's a wonderful cabin experience you know and you get to hang out with really cool people it's really neat to meet people from all over the US and even from other countries here the staff the staff at OPM is really oh my god there's you know it started from on the phone you know very engaging people and then to come and meet them in person and the way you know they take that time they talk with you we could be their shoulder if you need to cry on this oh these people are so caring there's no judgement I have experienced love compassion acceptance of Christ through each and every one well my life is life change life changes life changing it's a change that other people could see take time out for your life don't miss the opportunity Oh back-to-back before my like hmm [Laughter] in our last session we were talking about cause and effect we were talking about the process of spirit soul body if you could bring that chart back up please I just like to leave it up because it tells the whole story and the sanctification of spirit soul body we also are talking about the aspect of who we are as a human being we indicated to you that you are a spirit your doctors will not recognize you but that's who you are and you have a soul your psychiatrists many great study of it psychologists and you live in a mobile home or a body and your doctors and physiologists and the rest of the crew even zoologist will speak into it saying you're just an animal and so you're a triune being the part of you that we were leaving you with before the break was the journey of Carl Jung and in his journey of which has become the foundation of many things today in psychology but even psychologists don't recognize or identify with it because again science has a defect it only believes what they can see yet you don't see your thoughts has anybody observed your thoughts how do you know they're there because you are in touch with yourself you think and you hear your thoughts inside or other people experience you through action or speech and how you think I can't see your thoughts either science can see the circuitry but it doesn't see the thought come on now it sees the circuitry working but it doesn't see the actual thought the pathways of thought are only carried on to brain waves theta and beta the beta wave carries the things that you observed through your five physical senses and record in the cerebral cortex which is your mind the things that are spirit or spiritual that includes your own human spirit or the Holy Spirit or other spirits that aren't so nice called evil spirits also speak to you from within and you perceive those thoughts that are coming to you at the spirit levels beings communicating at the level of their existence through theta brainwave which allows the things you perceive from within either your own human spirit thinking your spirit man can think independently of your soul your soul can think independently of your spirit man or you can become one in thought spiritually and psychologically if you were to go over to Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 we'll introduce some more thought it's called the word God the Word of God is thought expressed you're told to have the mind of Christ what does that mean it means that your thoughts need to be similar to God's thoughts so if God is loved who are you love so I can say there goes love from now on when I see you well maybe maybe not because it maybe other things within you that want to express themselves that aren't love and you may be in agreement with those things so in this this process of thought expressed we have a full understanding of Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 says the Word of God thought expressed is quick and powerful sharper than a two-edged sword is able to separate the spirit from the soul and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart neither is there any creature that has not made manifest before him whom we have to do but all things are naked and open unto Him now what do you think is the creature that you can't see that the Word of God can see that God can see that's invisible that wants to influence you in your thoughts what is the creature no it's not people you say the enemy who's the enemy the Bible tells you who your enemy is this is your battles not with other humans it's what is within humans even the Apostle Paul said that that when he wanted to do good this is in Romans 7 he didn't do it he wanted to do good and a good that he wish he would do he didn't do it and the evil that he wish he wouldn't do that's what he did he said a wretched man that I am so he said in the day that I do this evil that I wish I would not do it is no longer I that do it but sin that dwells in me what are you going to do with that apostle right now that sets me as a very rare bird in Christianity because I dared quote that scripture and understand it Carl Jung understood it Carl Jung understood it totally he understood there was an invisible world that your battles not it with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers spiritual wickedness in high places and the rulers of the darkness of this world world meaning mankind from within out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts adulteries fornications and the rest of it what are you going to do with that you're gonna learn cause and effect gonna learn that you can be an overcomer so that you can be an overcomer not a suffering saint in giving God glory for it I had a guy in a church years ago that had it was in pain he wasn't feeling well and I said can I pray for you that God would heal you he said no I said why not it's a small thing for me to suffer for Jesus I looked him straight in the eyes his suffer on brother suffer on he was that close and he walked away so the Word of God is able to give you thought that's God's mind about a subject so that spiritually your spirit person and who you are as a soul being can't get sanity because the Word of God is able to define your thoughts whether they're right or wrong and you either cast down God's mind and pick up the other one or you cast down the other one and pick up God's mind if you don't know what you're double minded and a double minded man is unstable in all his ways why do you halt between two opinions let God be true and every man a liar why can't we just embrace the simplicity of what I'm saying why should there be an argument who wants to admit they're insane we hate the word it makes us afraid we want nobody know that anybody to know that we have a few bats in our belfry tower but whatever in a we're slightly batty because we want to appear like we have it all together upstairs but people around us know better because they live with us and there's things manifesting through us that they don't like and I wish we would see it they wouldn't have to put up with us and call it love come on now I'm having fun with you don't think I'm not serious what am i serious yeah because your lives are important so the Word of God is sanity it's called the law of God the other thoughts are insanity in any thought that you have an embrace is part of your personality and your spirituality doesn't match God's Word is a form of delusional thinking which is what insanity is there's a way that seems right unto a man that sanity but the end thereof is insanity destruction lean on unto your own understanding well if you're not gonna lean down you understand you gotta have some resource right here but we read the Bible like we do ad the interstate the scenery's nights but I just don't remember what it would look like when we get home call Youm understood Hebrews four understood Ephesians six but he remanufactured the terminology which he is used today he said the archetypes and dark shadows of our ancestral darkness it was called the collective unconsciousness in the collective unconscious they call that the subconscious it's basically being unconscious but in a collective unconscious of a human reside the archetypes and dark shadows of our ancestral darkness ancestral is iniquity both thought inherited through temptation and biological genetic defect but Carl Jung said is in the collective unconscious reside the archetypes and dark shadows our ancestral darkness so jung geun's psychotherapy says basically this in its application in order for you to have peace in your darkness you must come in contact with your darkness to understand your darkness better so that you both can go happen together with some type of reasoning that you feel safer cohabitation with the enemy is forbidden in Scripture you identify the enemy and remove him from your life that's what the Word of God says to do from the beginning Israel was told if you allow the enemy to live with God's people the enemy in God's people will pervert God in God's people that later on was known as the leaven of the Pharisees which the church is filled with but doesn't it mitt it which is thought that is overthrown by a proper study of God's Word so there's a time when you have to replace the denominational catechism with truth catechism is dangerous it's man's interpretation of truth repackaged the Jews had it is called a Kabbalah it's called the oral tradition Catholicism Catholicism Catholicism had it it's called catechism the Christian Church has it it's called denominations fraction of the ESPA door denomination means fraction of the whole so we come into focus if we're going to defeat the things that produce heart cardiovascular disease we must understand Satan's devices your medical community will not tell you to understudy the mind of sin to be free but they're happy to collect your insurance payments while they manage you with a type of disease management that is designed for people who have no hope and no truth and ask you to agree I came to my own valley of the shadow of death and I bumped into an industry that didn't like a spiritual man they didn't really didn't feel comfortable with running into somebody who knew their industry very well they didn't like being questioned on their decisions because they want to be gods to our decision because they are doctors I'm a doctor also are they gonna do with me I really want to make their industry more productive I could help them get people healed not just managed education education is not teaching your children how to live disease free pass nutrition and exercise the Bible talks about even God's people ever learning never able to come to the knowledge of the truth so we're here let's delve into the medical community for a while let's as I move through this I want to set the stage for the rest of this teaching first of all we'll deal with the invisible part of you that contributes to cardiovascular disease and that is fear anxiety and stress those are thoughts come from within but impact your physiology the other will be anger rage and hostility the science have anything to say about fear anxiety and stress and his impact on cardiovascular health or disease yes does science have anything to say about their observation of anger rage and hostility and how it affects cardiovascular disease yes now I told you when I started that I am NOT here to be at variance with medical science I may be at variance with conclusions or protocols of application so I'm I know my place I don't do I will never never tell you not to see a doctor but I'll help you think through why you need one so that you can be possibly able to be healed and to be free rather than manage the rest of your days because I'll tell you why since disease management today always uses a pharmaceutical drug always they haven't told you that pharmaceutical drugs have side effects unless you watch the news and small print and then look at some of these ads for these new drugs on TV when it comes popping up the side effects are scary you're gonna have a little relief but you're gonna die sooner and the side effect of a pharmaceutical drug is another disorder now you have to take another drug to balance the imbalance of the side effect and you're into polypharmacy I said this and effect of a prescription drug is another disease or disorder very important that you hear this there are certain pharmaceutical drugs I will not allow a doctor to prescribe for me in fact I probably shouldn't say this but though certain drugs are my doctor's heaven on a list that I'm allergic to and cannot be given and the rhetoric and protected don't give him these don't give him these don't give him statins don't get him at give him that forum don't give him don't give him don't give him he's allergic to it it's in my records I love it that's been wiser than a serpent it is fear anxiety and stress you know I think I might want to read maybe something else if I can find it yeah before I go into this I'd like to read a couple of articles by a couple of authors one's name is ruin Frost I have no idea is Dean Ornish you probably have heard of over the generations dr. Dean Ornish is pretty outspoken about some things these these medical professionals are dealing with something called the mind heart connection the mind heart connection is there a connection between thought and the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system can I read to you I try to read in a way that you can follow almost 10,000 married men with no previous history of chest pain recently fell out a questionnaire as part of a major study at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University while those who had high cholesterol levels hypertension diabetes and electrocardiogram abnormalities were 20 times more likely than other subjects to develop angina researchers found that even those at high risk were protected by one simple factor men who answered positively the question does your wife show you her love experience significantly less chest pain than men who answered no ladies can do a lot for the heart health of your husband's you know when I came through I had a major heart attack in Trinidad I was teaching in Port of Spain in 9 2011 and before an audience I had a heart attack I walked to the hospital they checked me in and very soon I was told I wasn't gonna live I've been severe damage Astra Donna flew in from Georgia within 24 hours and the prognosis was horrible I will never lost my peace cousin Mary Hart does good like a cure Mary Hart was good like a medicine I understand what I teach a shock to find out that I'd had a heart attack but all the men in my family tree including my father have had several and my father died of heart attack so I have iniquity staring me right in the face I want to teach a little bit about that journey today to help some of you understand what can cause clogging of the arteries and it's not high cholesterol would that be of interest to you we always say it's cholesterol no it's not now if you have high cholesterol would be important probably if you don't watch your diet but and that would be another issue I don't have high cholesterol my in fact my good and bad cholesterol if you know the terminology is perfectly matched I never had high cholesterol to begin with so how could I have clunking of the arteries won't teach that little later because I'm a specimen I and also 150 from science there is life after sin there is life after iniquity because he is the Lord that forgives us of all of our iniquities and heals us of all of our diseases I have to embrace that when I came to and ended up with the doctors in Atlanta which in their wonderful group thoughtful I won't not allow them to over practice medicine on me I tell them that or it up front do not over practice medicine on me I'm not just a living cadaver sir understand but coming through a nephrologist topi because I had kidney failure as part of the circulatory problems of a heart attack and that was stage renal failure which has been reversed reversed and about two three years ago I was sitting down with my neurologist in Atlanta she's a great and great doctor she's really really cool and she said to my wife and I I just Henry I attribute your remarkable recovery from a death sentence I attribute your rapid rapid recovery from a very difficult situation to three reasons she says and none of it has to do with me as a doctor I just helped you in the journey and others have helped you in the journey but your healing and your recovery has nothing to do with medical science we didn't help you there now this is a doctor talking to me she said I attribute your remarkable recovery to three things you're incredible belief in God I didn't know she noticed I don't go in there and become over spiritual and bible-thumper I don't make a whole lot of conversation about what I do they eventually find out because they ask questions then we have nurse practitioners we have doctors we have orderlies you get in my room asking questions because I've I've tapped into something they know it's true but they can't practice it that's the sad part they're hungry but they're law in a fatalistic system that only believes what they can see that is a observation my incredible belief in God was number one number two was I'm a positive individual on the inside I believe in God number two how I think about myself on the inside positive that's a fading human what is what does it mean by phasing faith in motion what is faith the substance of things hoped for so i'm following hope not fear because that's what faith is what you're hoping for if you go to hopeless and despair you'll never have any faith if I went into hopeless and despair and depression internet I would have died because God couldn't have helped me because God doesn't use sin to help his people uses righteousness to help his people the next thing that they she attributed my journey to of success was being surrounded by people who loved me three things my belief in God Who I am in that belief inside as a human and being surrounded by people who love me these are those are the three ingredients for your recovery that I see that will teach so right here in this study of ten thousand men even those more susceptible and you can imagine and less chest pain than anybody else if they could answer does your wife show you her love well could I give you a scripture first John 4:18 there is no fear in love perfect love casts out fear bring up the chart of the circles fear there is no fear in love see if you have fear are you able to experience love no if you get into the understanding of this go to the chart to have all the people ectoderm Mesa derm endoderm this is you there is no fear in love if you looked at the other chart that you'd looked at with the circles you saw that there was fear there there was shame and there was guilt these are the body parts that are affected by fear shame and guilt if we see diseases and into these body parts in the human body here at being health we're looking for as a person struggling with fear primarily guilt or shame these are powerful forces that attack humans and their minds they're not part of your personality though many of you have agreed with those emotions and feelings the Bible does not say for as many as led by their thoughts and feelings and emotions of the sons of God it says for many as led by the Spirit of God they are the sons and daughters of God so we we have we have a clear understanding just bring it back over to spirit soul body please people are looking at that and not paying attention but it's normal I want to I want to read to you a similar study of Swedish women reported that those who enjoyed relationships of a deep emotional nature showed less coronary artery blockage this is females less coronary artery blockage than did women of comparable age health status and lifestyle factors including smoking women who enjoyed a deep relationship with her husband's I see more men upset with her why's because they spend times at the doctor's not knowing they were the contributing factor to their diseases and disorders because they wouldn't nurture their wives if you're a man and you're a born again you're the beauty the wife as Christ is the church you might as well embrace this immediately because I have said it the Bible says that a man doesn't care for his wife properly even his very prayers to God are hindered David comes to me with hyperthyroidism which is a syndrome and not hide si hyper I met hypo got to think of what I'm saying here hypo which is the under secretion of thyroxine hypo thyroidism is a syndrome not a true disease nothing wrong with the thyroid at all the first thing I asked the lady is are you married and she says yes the next question I asked her that does your husband show you his love does he nurture you sometimes I don't get an answer I get tears because she doesn't feel nurtured she feels like chattel she feels like why a roommate a man is to be the wife as Christ is to the church a big order isn't it Lord has to put up a lot of stuff in the church so what else can we read researchers at Yale University who looked at both men and women undergoing angiography discovered that those who felt the most loved and supported had substantially less blockage in the arteries of their hearts do you think there's a connection between thought and health of the heart well this is science I'm going to continue to read to you I am not aware of any other factor in medicine not diet not smoking not exercise not stress not genetics not drugs not surgery it has a greater impact on our quality of life incidents of illness and premature death says Dean Ornish MD then does the healing power of love the healing power of love – dr. Ornish and a growing number of other scientists the real epidemic in American culture is not heart disease but rather emotional and spiritual diseases once associated with the heart alienation depression and loneliness this is pretty important there is no fear in love first John 4:18 there is no fear in love it's almost biblical isn't it if someone is not loving you and nurturing you you will be afraid of them it's cause and effect we can get into all kinds of psychiatric disorders right now including paranoid schizophrenia who wanted to work again is such thing as PTSD we can get a lot of things from your childhood that you weren't nurtured the father establishes the emotional well-being of his daughter not the mother yet 90 to 95 percent of every human on this planet and every church in the world because I've been there done it got the t-shirt and the teaching and have thousands of people that have ministered to never heard their earthly fathers say to them these words growing up as a child I love you and we wonder why we have a vacancy we wonder why we have fear because when I have role models of love even in industry even in science even in churches even in everything everything is competition survival of the fittest and who you are is what you do and who does it better than you gets your job no wonder God never intended that this planet be inhabited by white-collar individuals alone it's out of order creation is a mixture of a lot of people all important you know families growing up many times we have a large incidence of health problems because the only time a child receives acceptance is when they do it right I used to have I had a rule grow with my kids growing up a B's and C's were all acceptable D's and F's were unacceptable I think that was a good rule so nobody was being oppressed in my family with my children being always required to get straight A's because if I'd had that mentality I would have created diseases of my own children you have to be thoughtful right now with me because we've got a lot of recovery to do here some of you really need to have your minds renewed right now and let God heal you now some of the baggage you've carried from the past you're told to leave those things are behind you there's no such thing as time time travel going backwards I live back there yeah but now there's no yet but let's move on flush it that's my word flush it place to go you can't you can't cry over spilt milk it's a sour meal so go find a new cow milk er move on don't live in the past learn from it but don't draw the iniquity with you why should you die because of a sin of another against you why knows we got here oh yeah this is good too you like stuff like this good me too this has to do with anger and hostility in heart disease I'll tell you the story we have time it's called hidden dangers researchers like Redford Williams MD director of behavioral research at Duke University and by the way while I'm talking about this therefore my life program that many of you have attended some even this week was subjected to a international study undergirded by stella Bach University in South Africa and Duke University here in America it was subjected to a double-blind study all those had to come to the program it was so rigid that if you'd even read the book before you came here you weren't allowed to be part of the study you had to know nothing about us nope reprogramming of thought and that's pretty that's a narrow little funnel here and after two years of investigating the journey of those that attended in reviewing their journey they all filled out each participant all filled out reports and their life and so on were subjected to this international testing in the area fear anxiety and stress disorders those that had attended for my life here had achieved an 80% rate of total freedom without recidivism that means no falling back no you know falling back at old patterns freedom 80% total freedom without receive it ISM as a percentage is unknown in psychiatry fear anxiety stress disorders in the area of depression and lose all the depression diagnosis is from bipolar to manic depression to paranoid schizophrenia to all the rest of them the success rate of people that attended a forum on a program here again was 80 percent without recidivism that means those that came to their program open their hearts let God meet them and move through in their journey or victorious that percentage in depression alone the success of psychiatry and depression even with drugs which is not healing simply management is only 1 and 1/2 percent nationally so 80% is like utopia is it possible God has honored us here with his word and thousands of people been healed delivered and changed worldwide because of the truth the truth shall make you free it's a journey it's a process were recovering something one of their powers of the Cross through Jesus is the father of all spirits is now ever able to recover well he lost in the tragedy of the Garden of Eden you're part of that recovery you're part that you're not expendable he's a father to the fatherless you're part of the father's love for you embrace it by faith accept it hostility and anger see had been studying ways of hostility prevalent in type-a personalities by the way type A personality is in the dsm-5 manual as a type of mental disorder Christianity today a few years ago have a copy in my files Christian today had a big big print out about him the characteristics of successful pastors at the top a list in order for a pastor to be successful he must have a Type A personality Christianity today said so and they would know so to be a pastor you had to be slightly demented slightly unstable because the characteristics the type a personality is hostility aggressiveness that's what it takes to be a great pastor according to Christianity today yet right here it's indicating that this type of personality contributes to heart disease by the way they the group the group of professionals that had the longest life with the shortest life expectancy according statistics in America is a medical profession you're doctors that's challenging to me now because I was trained to be a Type A personality I had to shed that I had a lot of molting to do molting is good you can't grow a lobster will never grow unless it molds it was just a shriveled up in his shell I never grow so we need the mold that we can grow up in the fullness and the stature of God him the Father through Christ Jesus in our lives would you not agree I've had to shed a lot of things in my life that weren't good for me in my personality in my spirituality most people who know me saying thank God it's about time I've been praying for you pastor maybe you have those individuals in your own circles maybe you are that individual that people are praying for I'm just talking just say because this is like a little workshop today right yeah let's read this hostility prevalent in type A personality can damage the heart characterized by this is type A personality characterized by aggression anger and cynicism hostility has been linked to specific ways to cardiovascular health or lack of it irritability an aggressive behavior often escalates hostility isolating the angry person and reinforcing hostile feelings from a purely physical perspective hostility appears to increase the effects of high cholesterol levels anger increases sympathetic nervous system activity raising stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline in a typical fight-or-flight response hostile individuals with high cholesterol are likely to produce more stress hormones which appear to compound the build-up of plaque in the coronary arteries while raising blood pressure heightened anger also dampens the parasympathetic nervous system which normally performs a calming function for humans research suggests that hostile individuals have lower p NS that's parasympathetic nervous system responses and means less calming responses then more laid-back people further subjecting them to the negative effects of stress the result listen carefully this is profound the risk of a heart attack doubles for two hours after an episode of intense anger after an outburst of intense anger in a human the chances of a heart attack double for the next two hours an ongoing hostility may in the long term compromise the immune system I was teaching in Minnesota two years ago and I'd finished my conference and I had my motorhome parked over at another ministry just because I had a hook-up for motorhomes they didn't attend my conference and as I was packing up to go to another conference down in Iowa they head of the other ministry intercepted me as I was about to leave and he said pastor Wright I know you believe in healing I know that's what you stand for he said I just got a phone call from Dallas that my brother was just rushed to emergency his aorta has burst will you pray for me that God would heal him I said no sir I'm wasting my time I cannot join you in faith he said what he was he was offended I said no your brother has committed a sin that's unto death and Obama says I shall not pray for him but what I can do I can agree with you that the medical community can keep your brother alive long enough that you can get to Dallas and disciple him get him to repent from about to tell you and if he'll do that the chances of God healing him and he coming into recovery is I will believe with that he said what is my brother's sin unto death I said rage and anger and hostility he said how would you ever know you don't even know my brother he's been hostile angry and impossible to deal with since he was molested at age seven as you know what to do don't you don't sir now I will agree with you now are you okay with me now he said I cannot believe what you just told me I have the faith to go and talk to my brother I said then get him to repent for hostility rage and anger get in to forgive her molested him and get that out of him and then we'll have health coming again that's the cause of the effect of the gospel bursting are they artists bursting I've aortas we're going to get into some things here today we're going to get into even as simple things like hemorrhoids do you think hemorrhoids are a blessing or a blank well nobody wants to use the word curse anymore because they're Christians so we'll just call it hemorrhoids a blank do you think you know Christians have any a curses have hemorrhoids the Bible in Isaiah 28 excuse me in Deuteronomy 28 says it's a curse so the Bible calls hemorrhoids a curse what do you think I should call them so unsafe people have hemorrhoids as the curse and say people hemorrhoids and not a curse that's insane thinking that's denial a lot of people other Christians are from Egypt they're in denial my hemorrhoids so we're going to talk about thinning of blood vessels I'm gonna prep you for this afternoon thinning of blood vessels is a big issue then you when you have thinning of blood vessels you have bulging and blood vessels then you can have rupturing of blood vessels which is what a hemorrhoid is it's a varicose vein of the intestine that's what it is that thins bulges burst hemorrhaging I was teaching C Rivest Arizona years ago on a Sunday morning and a woman got up and gave her testimony in church on Sunday morning of her healing of hemorrhaging hemorrhoids that's a great testimony for every church in America to hear because most people just sitting on it hurting and have no idea past preparation-h there's more well it's life its life and she'd heard my teaching on rage and anger and she was a angry hostile Christian woman how could that be but she was and she admitted it and and she had these horrible hemorrhaging hemorrhoids and when she heard what I had talked and she looked at her life she did second Timothy chapter 2 she began to repent to God for allowing rage and anger to rule her life she was sincere this is an area we don't lay hands suddenly on people so it's nice of God would just handle it in this case God handled it and she was healed and she never had another bulging hemorrhoid or a bleeding hemorrhoids ever again and she gave her tests them with it when she dealt with rage and anger honestly from her heart honestly from her heart and made the adjustment and began to deal with it in her life God healed her could it be that simple I want to leave you with a question as we close for this moment could it be that simple it is we're gonna take a quick break I hope you enjoy these next testimonies and we'll start our next session in just a few minutes I had dealt with severe allergies chemical and food for 30 years so I had been sick more years than I had been well and I had been to the best specialist in the world in fact no money had been spared in the 30 years that I had been sick I came to the floor my life program and it literally transformed my life I left with no food allergies at all if you are considering coming to for my life absolutely do it it will change your life you will just be full of all the things that you've missed all your life when after I finished the program I had a joy and a peace and a hope that I had just never even remembered having in fact there's a song that says for the first time I could breathe again and that's what I felt like that I could just breathe again breathing just joy and just all the great things in life that God wants us to experience I went to here let's say we're in New Mexico visiting our son to say goodbye because I was dying I was on IVs about three times a week and visiting nurse down to three foods all I could eat was isolated in my home but at that time when I came I was in 81 pounds had multiple chemical sensitivities environment in an illness fibromyalgia chronic fatigue hello extremely low blood pressure and temperature body temperature so we came to for my life and the healing really started to begin that it was just a process but it just the knowledge was amazing and I've gained 50 pounds we travel you know I eat obviously life is good I have a second chance because of this for my life so I'm very grateful but the glory goes to God I mean he healed me we know without a shadow of a doubt that God healed me my name is Kim and I am changed you know how many people that I have held that would just weep and I would just weep with until we were both spent mm-hmm neither one of us for the same person ever again I never knew all of this stuff so I've got a new life and I got a new relationship with my father and that feels that that emptiness inside me and I could never I was looking for things to fill it and could never find it I got healed from scoliosis and I've had it since I was like 12 dan help healed me from a DD I've been able to open up and make more friends than I had before before my life is one week of looking at your life and looking at your thoughts and looking at what is in your background was in your family history I'm looking at why you've got problems in your life or why you've had illnesses so it actually is a way of thinking about disease from a biblical or a spiritual perspective and that allows you then to think is your life action line with the Bible or is it actually totally out of line with what the Bible teaches it's a wonderful place it's a wonderful cabin experience you know and you get to hang out really cool people it's really neat to meet people from all over the US and even from other countries here the staff the staff at OPM is really oh my god there's you know it started from on the phone you know very engaging people and then to come and meet them in person and the way you know they take that time they talk with you you we can be their shoulder if you can't cry on this opus these people are so caring there's no judgment I have experienced love compassion acceptance of Christ through each and every one well my life is life change life changes life changes it's a change that other people could see take time out for your life don't miss the opportunity Oh back to back before my like [Laughter] we left you at the last break with some research about some of the effects of lack or lack of love lack of it and some of the aspects of fear anxiety and stress and an anger and rage and hostility and how it affects the human body which would bring us more in line with something that your doctors aren't talking to you about the specialist in cardiovascular disease are not going to be discussing hardness of heart rage anger hostility fear anxiety and stress as part of your protocol of disease management that is unfortunate you know if I got a nail in my tire and kept losing the air there's a time I stop putting air in the tire and pull the nail out and fix the hole I make sense to me don't you think so there's a time we've got to stop and figure out cause-and-effect you can always study effect that's easy cause is not so easy to study we deal with root causes I'm reading from a article from Reuters news some medical experts gathered together to discuss how human emotions can shape human health and/or disease they had researchers from medicine neuroscience microbiology psychology social sciences but no pastors because first leaders aren't supposed to know anything about what God created wrong and the notions that emotions or feelings can have something to do with disease that stress can make you sick that believing can make you well Wow that's powerful isn't it that believing can make you well all of that has been around for thousands of years it's in your Bible not new subject how the immune system can help you fight disease how the body translates feelings and thoughts and emotions into ease or disease of function I use a term here ease or dis ease of function many times the body will start out with dis ease of function and that this is a function is not stopped it will transliterate eventually into a diagnosable disease and/or syndrome now there's the difference between a disease and a syndrome but when you go to a doctor you're going to get diagnosis and it's just going to be called disease they're not going to give you that there's a difference a disease in where there's something organically wrong with the human body there are parts of your body that do not heal that's what the gift of miracles is found in first Corinthians 12 not just the gift of healing and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit that which should be active in the Christian Church somewhere sometime is a gift of healing the gift of miracles why would it be a gift of healing gift of miracles because God knows what he created and God knows certain parts of your body you cannot minister healing you have to speak a creative miracle calling those things that are not as if they are that's the gift of miracles years ago I was had a man don't give it the full story or have time but I had a man that had had a stroke and it wasn't because of the sin issue that produces strokes he'd been mugged in a blood clot formed and created a clogging and the brain cells that were over motor control had been destroyed from the clotting I shut out the blood flow so not being insensitive to stroke victims but you know the leg in the hand looked like this and the limp comes there is nothing wrong with their muscles in a stroke victim there's not one thing wrong with their skeleton or their muscles but what has happened the brain cells over motor control have been destroyed they don't heal them heart muscle does not heal necessarily does there's very little evidence very little evidence of neurogenesis of nerves that's why you have organ transplants because your organs don't heal other parts of your body heal so if I have somebody like for example we had the guy that was mugged and he had a stroke and he was a single father taking care of a three old daughter and he came in a healing line that I was doing and I heard his story he had nothing to repent for he was a victim wasn't a sin wasn't because of unrighteousness here's a victim and had a physical condition because of victimization so what am I to do with him pray for healing no because the brain cells that are missing from the stroke don't heal so what can I do if I'm a believer I'm going to operate in the gift of miracles now you say well I don't believe in that don't worry about it you'll never get one it's only those that believe anyway so welcome to believers there's a difference so if I'm gonna represent God to my own ability and no I do it in Jesus name then I got a man here who needs to have new brain cells so I'm gonna speak those brain cells into existence in Jesus name expecting the father by the Holy Spirit to form the brain cells that were destroyed in the blockage of the blood flow and brain cells will be put there by God as if they had never been destroyed and we go from here to here just like that that's what Jesus said to that to the guy pick up your bed and walk he didn't go do I need therapy first it did jesus said what pick up your bed and walk okay good idea the way he went so this man was standing there in the case of heart disease and so on we could speak created miracles to be like why not yeah not because you ask not so I don't believe don't worry about it not gonna happen so I spoke new brain cells into this man's brain in Jesus name and as and there's a lot of people around it as I did that in Jesus name II he got agitated and left disappeared a lot of people around you know as a big conference I don't know what happened to him and all of a sudden just maybe five minutes or 10 minutes I don't know how long it was all of a sudden I've got a lot of people around me and there's all angklung going on and here he comes out of one of the men's bathrooms in the back of the sanctuary and he's pushing people away he's crying sobbing and he pushes people away and he comes up to me and he entangles me just like an octopus crying I finally disentangled myself and I said what's going on he said what's going on look and he put his hands up just like this and he walked just like this he put his hand up like this he said when you prayed and you spoke new brain cells all kinds of where I got weird feelings and things started happening and I was scared and I ran to the men's rooms and I could find out what was going on and I walked out totally healed God is omnipotent don't let them tell you otherwise then it comes the theory of mind-body connection and it goes on and in this article it says this big headline of course love is important experts said researchers wanted to determine that neural biological circuitry that's a big word isn't it behind how various emotions from happiness and loneliness affected ailments such as cancer or heart disease or stroke as well as what role sleep paid in the sleep played in that aegeon a very complex issue they said was a role played by the social realm family life interaction with friends stress and other factors dr. Robert Rose director of the MacArthur network of mind-body interactions a leader in the field said of course love is important of course relationships are important of course hope and belief is important that will teach straight from the Bible how will it teach every foundation of the law and the prophets the revalidation of all scripture the very foundation of God's mind the very foundation of human existence the very foundation of sanity is embodied in the older New Testament rendition is this you shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart in your soul and your might and you shall love your neighbor as yourself upon this all of the law and the prophets have their foundation 80% of all diseases come out of separation at this level separation from the father the word in the Holy Spirit the Godhead separation are you from yourself and separation from others is a foundation of the breakdown of society and the human physiology and the sanity of man all because of the interference of love in the equation there is no fear in love first John 4:18 say what does that have to do I've read you enough information about love and relationships and heart you cease already I'll give you my example what the doctor said about my journey of recovery love was the big one loving God a value system I have for myself about myself and being surrounded by people who love me that I love also back two-way street researchers also said this is called the geography of hypertension what is hypertension you know that aside blood pressure matter of fact the medical community just lowered the threshold did you read it in the news by 10 points across the board it has opened up that America has now 50% more people with hypertension because it Lord what the 130 over whatever – 120 over something I love going to the doctors they they take my blood pressure and it usually is depending under 110 over 65 to 70 I have the blood pressure for 16 year old I like that I need a little blood flowing through my veins and I can get thank you since the life of the body is in the blood I need a lot of it I need it to be where it's supposed to be doing what it's supposed to do hypertension we have the to bring the chart up on diseases please we have a chart on various diseases of the result of fear anxiety and stress there's two pages of ammon our information I just want to show you something this is coming out of the medical access it from a text book I had as a pre-med student years a few years ago two decades ago if you look up here under cardiovascular system these are examples of stress-related diseases and conditions our subject today is cardiovascular so we'll stay there we don't go to all the other systems that'll wear you out but we'll look at coronary artery disease hypertension strokes and disturbances of heart rhythm are recorded in medical science as root issues to cardiovascular disorders hypertension is the result of fear anxiety and stress unless it's a secondary disorder such as in diabetes 1 now there are exceptions to absolute so we're not going to absolutes but there's a large percentage of information that indicates that hypertension is not a true disease but biologically is a syndrome you spell the word syndrome SI n dr om e III taught that a few years ago and i still got a guy on out there in cyberspace keeps telling everybody he wants to talk to that i don't know nothing cuz i know how to spell syndrome i – but behind a syndrome is a way of thinking that produces an imbalance of homeostasis did that help you thought mind-body wrong thinking can cause an imbalance of human physiology hypertension is one of those there is a factor in physiology I'm trying to drill this down to a layman's perspective so you perfect scientific model members just relax it was ignorant unlearned men that turned the world upside down so just join me my humors getting away from everybody I won't use that anymore but it was ignorant unlearned people that turn the world upside down the learning once hadn't produced a revival in over a hundred years so give me revelation not just knowledge anyway hi there's a factor in even into the heart muscle in cardiomyopathy even down to hypertension in which the tissue stiffens it becomes hardened in the case of angina angina primarily is very can be very dangerous because the blood flow can be so interrupted in angina that the heart can't beat because the heart's a muscle that flexes and it flexes because of the blood that's in there not just a circuitry that gives it a flex but if it isn't able to flex it stiffens and can't beat in you can have a sudden death system with a heart that stops beating however coming into the heart muscle our capillaries and blood vessels the same blood vessels of course that are involved in just general hypertension or high blood pressure in which the high blood pressure goes from say one that's ago 117 over 71 or 69 or something which would be a wonderful and it spikes up into the hundred and 30 40 50 60 s over whatever and they will tell you your life's in jeopardy why because high blood pressure on delt with can can cause issues that produce a death risk you can have rupturing of embolism so you can have lots of problems but in hypertension the the lining of the arteries you know the lining of the artery and you have the interior part of the wall is called epithelium and we're gonna get into epithelium a little bit later in what's we talk about congestive heart failure or clogging of arteries that have nothing to do with cholesterol the clogging isn't from cholesterol but but the cholesterol is collecting because of an interior problem the epithelium which is fracturing which is rough we're not rupturing but a breakdown in the lining and alligatoring and fissures in the exit form so that the cholesterol that is necessary and you do need a certain amount is flowing is dropping down into these cracks and crevices as the Riddler it's a little bit sticky stuff and it's microscopic and it falls down these cracks and crevices the epithelium begins to build up another castro comes along and bumps into it eventually and sticks to it and it builds up forming a plaque which produces the build-up of a plaque that would cause a clogging of their artery it isn't the cholesterol in this case it's what caused the deterioration of the interior lining I myself came through this process I inherited something from my ancestors in spirituality and personality that caused the interior lining of my cardiovascular system with epithelium to disintegrate if you want your body parts to disintegrate break down put yourself down be hard on yourself have lots of self rejection self-accusation devalue yourself call yourself a worm nobody loves me have self-pity that'll really help you lose your joy go into depression your body will conform to the image of death and the first thing that happen body parts that are designed to be nurtured and held strong will begin to break down in their structure and in their function so if you want your body to stay healthy and alive and serve you you better be kind to it as the driver yeah I just read you the scripture you should love your neighbor as how you can't love your neighbor if you don't love yourself you're a fabricated personality boo-ki and you can't love yourself unless you've received the love of God not possible just like in a little equation love God love yourself and let the neighbor as yourself' is the foundation of life foundation of everything make it your goal so but you don't know people live around me that's their problem why should you die because of the sins of another around you why stop it so what happens in in hypertension is the opening of the arteries capillaries are / arteries narrow this requires more pressure to force the blood through because the opening is smaller that increases the pressure because of narrowing so you you go to the doctor he doesn't say you need to chill I'd love your neighbor as yourself he says no problem he gives you a beta blocker the beta blocker lies to you it circumvents the central nervous system the autonomic nervous system is circumvents it allowing the hypertension to be broken and the blood vessels to open back to proper diameter the blood begins to flow your blood pressure drops but you haven't resolved the problem of what causes hypertension to begin with if you look at this chart up here this is I didn't make this chart up folks it comes right out of medical textbooks hypertension is a condition disease as a result of unresolved fear anxiety and stress so perhaps we need to spend more time taking our taking beta blockers however I would say this to you if you are in that place of a spike in blood pressure the beta blocker could be just a bridge but it has not been taught to you as a bridge it doctors will tell you you need the drug you need to peel the rest of your life or else you could die you thought you had fear going didn't to his office now you have a life sentence because he'll tell you the only thing keeping you alive will be that pill that's Antichrist thinking because the Bible says God said perfect peace given unto you but not as the world gives perfect peace belongs to those whose minds are fixed or stayed on the Lord who is the Prince of Peace they no thought for tomorrow the evil today is sufficient unto herself be anxious for nothing and all things give thanks for this as a will of God have we forgotten the Gospels you might not need pills you maintain just the gospel but we don't read we don't go to the gospel we go to the drugs and none against medications as a bridge but I'm against medication is as a final chapter and I have to be they don't say that I interfering with your doctor be the last thing I'd want to do cause I thank God the doctors to keep these sinners alive and long enough until I get them discipled or other Christians are not come on now I'm having fun but you just relax I'll be so serious hypertension I won't read that it's too much to read we also got here study links humor and healthy hearts this is the new essay today it says if you want to live longer die laughing that's pretty cool children laugh at an average of four four hundred times a day adults fifteen folks I'm just reading to you USA Today that's pretty serious laughter helps keep life in balance is a key part of a healthy lifestyle he and other researchers say laughter helps produce NK cells as part of your immune system which fight infections including pneumonia and bronchitis laughter also suppresses the release of cortisol a hormone that weakens the immune system I mentioned that earlier over in the Q&A session today next door laughter functions as a natural painkiller oh and acts as a muscle relaxer laughter increases circulatory capacity and strengthens organs help on the body to become more resistant to infection while on boosting energy levels nothing I read here that's important a study of 300 people half of whom had histories of heart problem questionnaires to gauge how healthy people and those with heart disease differed in their responses to situations where humor was expected the people with heart disease were much less likely to even recognize humor you know when I when I I left the hospital system in Trinidad and Tobago headed back to America after about thirty forty days of recovery they gave Don a letter to give to whatever doctors wanted to help me in my recovery and they say and and it was it was really amazing and I wish my enemies could hear this but they said let us introduce to this most pleasant pastor from Georgia I said I've gone to heaven to be known as pleasant because most of the time when I'm thundering from Mount Sinai people think I'm mad at them when I'm really after their enemy and they don't know the difference because I'm a warrior and I like winning for him and not passive let's go for the gold the kingdom of God suffered violence but the violent take it by force resist the devil he shall flee come on now folks we're greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world are you tracking with me yeah that's pretty funny people with heart disease don't even recognize what humor is they also laughed less even in positive situations and generally display more anger and hostility than people with healthy hearts the ability to laugh either naturally or as a learn behavior that would be a good one may have important implications in societies such as the u.s. where heart disease remains as the number one killer perhaps we've lost our joy the joy of the Lord is somebody else's strength is that what it says what does it say the joy of the Lord is my strength a merry heart does good like a medicine actually that word in the Hebrew literally means I marry heart does good like a cure good for you even God laughs at the heathen holds them in derision because I think they're so smart so God has a sense of humor about you and I I can see God sometimes just shaking his head up you and me especially me sometimes Henry Henry Henry Henry Henry it's no joke humor heals the Bible said that why do we need to read this in USA today rather than take a Bible from now on I'm just gonna take USA Today the churches that I attend and a quote USA Today at least they'll listen to me well if it's in USA today it must be true like if it's in Google it must be true laughter provides exercise by increasing the heartrate stimulating blood circulation and breathing an improving muscle tone it could be that laughter is more effective than you than physical running and exercise C is already working save your cartilage take care of your knees laughs more the Bible says bodily exercise profiteth little but I say unto you I'm talking of scripture that exercising godliness is of great value now I granted in some of the research that I done in cardiovascular disease being sedentary is not good for you a reason that you need exercise not being obsessed with it obsession is fear-based but not being sedentary allows your heart to pump more thereby improving circulation thereby the plaques that are trying to stick in the cardiovascular system won't stick exercise is the heart acts as a pump so as moving the blood through this system faster your heart is pumping it's increasing the pumping capability whereas being sedentary it's like a pond that is scum Dover at the top dead stagnant water so we do need exercise and we do need proper I'm not against nutrition if you run a health food store god bless you but I have to tell you there's more to this the nutrition but in today's world even the Christian Church it's all about nutrition and exercise not much about sanctification and godliness I have to say something else as a professional I will say this with 35 years of observation that I haven't seen exercise and nutrition hardly put a dent into disease although I agree that without proper nutrition exercise we are deeper in the hole so do not think I'm taking a stand against nutrition and against exercise however people do take things out of fear people take all kinds of supplements all kinds of things they do and take out of fear and if you have fear at this level you probably have malabsorption which is an anxiety disorder so what you're taking in in your supplements and your nutrients and all the other things you're doing trying to make sure you got every trace element known to man in your body four times a day isn't even getting into your bloodstream it's passing right now Sharman land I have to tell you a funny story haven't told this story in years now I don't mean to offend you but life is life I was teaching in another state years ago about malabsorption and fear and had a guy came up to me at the break he said pastor it's absolutely phenomenal what you're saying he said I run a honey wagon I handle septic tanks and stuff and he said I have to tell you and he hasted after lunch I'm gonna bring you some pictures of sewage that was not a good dessert but he did he brought me all these pictures of sewage and in this suit he had lots of pictures sticking up out of the sewage you could see pills undigested sticking up out of the other stuff he said because it didn't go into the bloodstream but they spent a lot of money and it went right onto the sewage you have said the truth and I can prove it we have to be careful that we've not become people of fear not people of faith people of fear will have cardiovascular diseases people of anger and hostility and rage will have serious cardiovascular diseases people that have unbelief and doubt and hardness of heart will have major heart disease it's him that we live and move and have our being your in the world but you don't have to be of it anymore in him we live move and have our being who is he he is the way the truth and the life he is the Express image of the living father in creation Wow is it possible we could change lords and get the real one put not your trust in man but put your trust in the Lord I've had to trust the Lord I've had to trust the father I'm a miracle I I inherited cardiomyopathy I inherited the interior lining of the arteries would become full of fissures and alligatoring and and even though I didn't have the ingredients to produce high blood pressure excuse me to produce bad cholesterol at the right thing going here I still came down with the same disease that my ancestors had come down with including my own father three heart attacks first one age 48 a third one killed him so I have to take a lesson from my ancestors because I understand iniquity the church has even teach iniquity doesn't even teach inherited diseases it's just free and Jesus well the enemy's preparing a disaster it's gross ignorance be not ignorant of Satan's devices his methods in his ways he does it in my case like cholesterol that was flowing was dipping into these crevices because the men and my family tree didn't like themselves they had self-hatred to his self accusation had self-esteem problems they had rage they had anger my father was a rageaholic as a pastor I grew up in a unsafe environment as a only child I suffered verbal physical and emotional abuse and had to leave home as a senior just to save my sanity and my life physically beaten because I wanted to listen to a little Beethoven because I was a musician in the high school band in choir now his understudy musical instruments and that's quite listening to Beethoven in some classical music in my room when mr. rage walked in and the beating was so severe he did take me to it osteopathic doctor to get my bone straightened out I know victimization but I'm not bitter because I met a father who is different so I had difficulty with self-esteem successful always been successful well a little bit so what there was a war on the inside it was a disease maker it was the iniquity of my generations so when I because I understand these things because I was doing much better in sanctification I wasn't doing all better and I got nailed what had nailed the men in my family tree for many generations but it came a time that in the process that what the devil planned for my destruction God began to turn it for good because I became more thoughtful I became more understanding and I began and still am working out my own salvation daily allowing the Father through Jesus as a work of the Holy Spirit to continue to reform me to sanctify me that I can live I promise longevity of 80 to 100 years I prefer 9200 if you don't mind you can do things now that God will work with you to prevent the works the enemy later you have to understand the promises that are available to you the cause and effect the anxiety disorders are are found in Deuteronomy 28 and do it on May 28 verse 23 is something called astonishment of heart that's all of your anxiety your dreads your superstitions I love doing during May 28 although the Christian Church doesn't think it has to read it anymore because in the Old Testament but the New Testament repeats it and you can understand this as I give it to you because I want to take you in this time we have today not in just a bunch of facts I have too many but to give you an impartation because you're listening here and online you can be in the journey of reformation everybody wants transformation but they don't want Reformation I said for years I want to make a t-shirt it's going to read this excuse my just remodeling in progress Titus chapter 2 there's a tremendous thing that says grace teaches us to deny certain things are none of God that the Lord may purify unto himself a peculiar people John the Baptist prophesied about the Lord Jesus that he should surely purge his own floor as with fire one of the four baptisms that we teach here in the doctrine of baptisms out of Hebrews chapter 6 verses 1 and 2 in the doctrine of baptisms is a baptism with fire the baptism in water is being baptized into the father Jesus himself was baptized into the father at the baptism of John the Baptist the holy Scott is being the Holy Ghost is being baptized fully and the Holy Ghost that you may do the works of the Father in Jesus name the third baptism is the baptism with fire that's making Jesus Lord of your life are you allowed are you allowing God to purge you of impurities there's a teaching I'm developing I'll give you the headlines of it first is the calling the next is the vacation and the next is a presentation that is your journey as a human the calling is at a darkness into marvelous light accepting the plan of salvation the second stage is purification the bride has made herself ready for her wedding date the third is a presentation at the judgment seat of Christ this is a whole journey of who we are the calling the purification and the presentation that's what we're all about right now in your generation is a purification the bride is making herself ready that's not taught how its alluded to but not for the moment okay oh I like this one I have a saying a hug a day keeps the devil away do you know that without hugs and touch babies die you know what we discovered in rooster disease that eczema even in adults is the product of a child not being loved and nurtured and breastfed as a baby and touched do we have that picture of that child let me show you a case history recently in the past two or three years of a child that developed eczema because a mother refused I want a good look at this picture they brought this child to a conference that I did in Boston they had this child in a stroller and this is Zeca what the child looked like I knew exactly why the child had expose because of the sin of a parent the child was bearing the a projection of a parent I didn't know which one it turned out it was the mother the mother didn't want a boy she wanted a daughter and when she got this boy she wouldn't bond she refused to breastfeed the child she wouldn't bond wouldn't hold the child wouldn't talk to it rejected it and this is the fruit of it I've talked to an adult the other day in their 80s with adult eczema and in the case history from childhood was never nurtured loved by a parent or the mother if a child is taking from the womb according to statistics and is nurtured and loved by the mother and breastfed touch nurturing talk to loved that asthma is prevented in that child for the first 10 years of its life things to think about when I bumped into this family it was the mother to cut neck go to the next picture here's mom and baby 30 days later folks this is a modern-day miracle the child has never had Axman ever again the mother repented to God but she took the child she held the child who doesn't even understand English yet and begin to repent to the child and release the child from rejection from a mother begin to release the child began to talk to job began to relate to the child begin to do everything she should have done and God came and this is a healing that came from the conversion of a mother is that a beautiful picture this is causing effect this is how we think we have to start thinking like spiritual beings not like animals unlike what the anglican bishop said about this whole thing that's happening in the earth today about gender confusion at least the animals know the difference and take that down go back the original chart I'm just quoting the anglican bishop read nice to me hugs even a simple touch can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure touch also stimulates a release of endorphins the body's natural pain suppressors what do you think about that touch can improve immune function increase the ability to concentrate lowers anxiety has positive effects on colic hyperactivity diabetes and migraines touch is one of the most important things that humans need without it even infants die so do relationships keep yours alive by touching someone and hugging them today I didn't say Hawk over them we don't need anymore hawkers that's a needy person this is proper relationships mitral valve prolapse syndrome there's lots of debate on that one what can I go over here and look at yeah all kinds of stuff and there was there's so much information I have here oh I like this one your immune system study finds those most blessed are those that go to church this is in the Houston Chronicle newspaper wasn't in a religious church bulletin the relationship between church attendance religion and immune function it's incredible looks good huh yeah too much to read Oh link between work stress and heart disease competition inpatient can't let go driven Asst inpatients and president of an organization here called open generations church and being health we have employees we're forced to call them employees by the IRS but they're actually compensated team members and I have a I have a management philosophy to help keep our people that work here healthy first of all they can't take their work home with them at night we work our eight hours and go home spend time with God and family and tomorrow's a new day the second thing I'm known for is this statement if we get anything done today it's a miracle and it's more than we ever got done yesterday because there's no way that we can serve God in driven as' and besides we're eternal we always have it we always have another day whether we live or die so why do we get driven here now deadlines oh the key word is dead it's the first line to death a deadline and we have goals right can we change the word to goals okay the next thing as part of our that you'll find this interesting of course we're an organization and we of course we we have vacation paid vacation depending how long you've been here and you know it's a week or two or whatever and then we have of course the sick the sick pay a sick leave pay you know in case you get sick but then I I did something else I built in something called avoid hell day this is a good management skill and it really bring as much health and happiness to those that work for being health and hope at the generations church I read somewhere I think it is in Revelation that that liars fry that those that make a lie will not inherit all things and you know as well as I do that there are days when you work for a company I just don't want to go to work but you call in sick but you're not sick that's a lie so we don't want our precious people to fall in sinn there are days you just want to goof off so I've built into our pay package here at this organization every quarter a goof-off day with pay so every quarter people that work here are going to get one day off just to goof off and I'll pay them for it so they don't have to call in sick and lie and people look forward to that day off at three months comes up fast and you've got that day you're gonna have off just to goof off or maybe you just want to goof off period in a hurry well you can take that day any time you want not pay you for it because I want to keep you here I want you to go to heaven and it is crazy it's increased so much good morale here because people don't have to lie anymore isn't that nice I think that's wisdom I think it's wonderful but the link between work stress and heart disease is incredible competition in patients needed for approval the inability to let go which involves guilt all these are disease makers else I got here hmm too much to read well that's some of the fear and stress let me see what this says this is Good Morning America if you believe what they say do they still exist okay the subject is heart and how emotions and thoughts affect the heart a heart institute in Colorado has discovered that the heart has a brain I don't think it's really a brain but what do they mean oh the heart sends messages oh the heart sends messages to the brain not just the brain to the heart what a thought in looking at stress and its relationship to heart patients EKGs they suggested that the patient think our meditate I meditate about a time when they felt appreciated and loved this changed the EKG to a peaceful normal rhythm you know I'm thinking about the scripture but all possible think on things that are profitable of good report you know how many negative things you have a chance to think about and any will give you a whole page every day and get you to live in the past your total Eve those things that are behind press on to the mark the high calling in Christ Jesus there's no trying time travel to the past quit going back there and there's no time travel to the future today is a day of salvation now is the appointed time take no thought for tomorrow the evil of today is sufficient unto itself but you know what I find that people they're so busy living in the past and projecting into the future they're of no earthly good and overcoming today and they're today's become their tomorrow's and their tomorrows become their yesterday's you're gonna have to be smarter than this folks you have to hold every thought captive you don't quit quit majoring in minors quit it it's not good for you to major in minors let me see what they said here they recommended doing this at least five times a day for one minute so I guess guys that work for us at least five times a day we're gonna lie one minute to think about good things and see that's every hour in 30 minutes we'll take time off we're gonna ring a bell over here time out to think about good things for one minute go back to work it's gonna lower heart rate is gonna reduce hypertension it's going to give us a feeling of appreciation Wow hey a big cardiologist in a major hospital in East Coast has adapted this method with employees in their hospital with great success a minute every hour and a half to give thanks for good things and all things give thanks every moment of the day in that wild I don't have to three thank you what does research had to say about rage and anger well here's one from intelligent yeah intelligent health from new york medical tribune reducing hostility in patients with heart disease may improve their health and recovery in a study men with heart disease went to meetings that taught them how to deal with hostile feelings Mooka have a church service in the future pastor john all the people attend hope with generation church we're gonna have a whole church service just to help them deal with feelings of hostility what do you think sign me up to and these people that went to these meetings the result was a reduction in blood pressure because he found that hostility contributed to high blood pressure tie me up many heart patients are so-called type-a personality must be a lot of pastors they're known further well christianity today said so i known for their competitive and slightly more aggressive behavior hostility maybe the type-a characters most toxic component is hostility antagonism cynicism anger unhealthy anger Oh is there a healthy anger and an unhealthy anger huh there's a Bible talk about that yeah it says be angry and sin not let not the Sun go down on your wrath now is it okay to be angry at things that you should be angry at but not that makes another person the victim using anger makes somebody a victim or self anger produces much disease one thing that Pastor Don and I have an agreement for all these years is that any thing that's between us and isn't very often unless unless the days go by because we've learned how to live in love and forgiveness but we had an agreement early on in our sanctification part of our journey because we brought stuff into our marriage it wasn't of God I don't have you ever did or not but we did and we agreed that we wouldn't go to sleep until it was dealt with and we had our peace because of one verse in the Bible but not the Sun go down on your wrath because what you don't deal with that day when you get up in the morning will be an ogre of destruction in your life ruling within you it'll have chance to get a foothold so we've learned to deal with it and it's been very productive bottling up anger is anger not expressed that's more dangerous than expressed anger that's that's that that's the kind of anger that produces produces embolisms and rupturing of blood vessels there's a seething anger from within it said it said it's a killer researchers in LA have found that people who who appear to keep their cool and hold our tongue when provoked actually experience a change in body chemistry decreased activity in their frontline immune cells what this is saying they have anger it's not expressing so they're bottling it but their bodies aren't taking a hit at the immune system level well it was not righteous by holding my anger it's still anger it still is still a seed within the human and if you think you're that cool I promise you that everything is not of God in thought or personality it's not dealt with will manifest in your generation usually at the wrong time to do the most damage because your enemy is stalking you you're a planned event for the enemy and he will spend years forming you for the greatest fall he has lots of time and we fall right into these patterns of formation as the enemy begins to form us in His image and we forget God's image and we end up acting out the law of sin which God holds us responsible for University of Michigan research has found that men who bottled up their emotions until they exploded had twice the risk of stroke compared to other men a study at Duke University found that those about one fourth of risk of coronary heart disease compared to their peers with high hostility levels let me see what it's saying here oh those with low hostility levels had only about 1/4 the risk of coronary artery disease compared to their peers with high house that's a pretty big percentage that's four times greater risk for those with high hostility versus those with low hostility Wow hostility also produces an increase in cholesterol bad cholesterol well the study backs up hostility and heart disease linked more stuff blood pressure rise due to anger lasts longer in hostile people angered tests may identify those of risk of heart attack well I think we need to do with anger and hostility well too much stuff to read how about is nosebleeds may signal high blood pressure a person who has chronic nosebleeds has anger either suppressed or expressed anger hostility causing a thinning of the blood vessels in the nose causing a bulging in a rupturing I found it every single time with chronic nosebleeds I always find an angry person I also find it in hemorrhoids I found it in any time we have thinning bulging and rupturing of blood vessels embolism which is a form of stroke instead of clogging of arteries it's rupturing of arteries producing cell death in the brain as opposed to clogging cuts off blood flow which starves the cells in the case of embolism or rupturing the blood vessels explode destroying the brain cells over motor control two types of strokes one is clogging the other is rupturing not good to be angry is it a stiff aorta I'm going to teach about that after the break increases the risk of first heart attacks and why do we have a stiffening of the wall of the heart muscle and healthy mind produces in the healthy body the power of negative thoughts right down to diabetes well I think I finished that part of our research and we'll turn it over to our team we are enjoying this so much and I'm sure you are too we're going to take a break till 2 o'clock and please come back dr. Henry has many more things to share and we don't want you to miss it see you at 2 o'clock


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