‘Going Against Medical Advice’ Scenarios – the importance of ‘Ultimate Risk’ in 100 seconds

evening guys hope you're well a decent role play someone today and we got onto the topic of talking about patients who refused medical advice for example they refused to stay in hospital and we think they should do or the refused to go into hospital permiten it should be admitted or the refused a medication for example that we think may benefit and of course patients have the right to make decisions about their healthcare but one of the things that we should be doing in that discussion is thinking about ultimate risk and make sure that patient understands the ultimate risk of them not taking that medical advice for example if we think someone needs to go into hospital be admitted and they don't want to go in we need to make sure they understand the ultimate risk of not going into hospital so mrs. X when it comes to this condition the reason we like to get people into hospital pretty quickly is if we don't treat it quickly potentially it can be a life-threatening condition now potentially life threatening makes them understand that the ultimate risk is pretty significant and a decision to make needs to take that into account if for example you want to give someone a medication to reduce their risk of a stroke if they don't want to take that medication that's fine but we need to hunt me to make sure they understand the ultimate risk of not taking that medication so mrs. X the reason we like to give patients this particular medication is that in your condition the risk of stroke is slightly higher so if we don't give you this medication then potentially there could be a risk of having a stroke going forward now that's the ultimate risk they need to understand that for it to be a valid competent decision so if you get a role play scenario where someone does refuse medical advice make sure you've got to that ultimate risk point before you move on and start to think about how next can I help this person really point to better in mind much more like this across our si si plug and stage three courses online training and audio training hashtag campus will pass hashtag I went with Aurora

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