Goji berries are overhyped, but Bamboo is AWESOME

in my edible plants book you’ll notice and learn some interesting things for example let’s take the overhyped goji berry also known as the wolf berry back when raw foods first started becoming a noticeable trend someone decided to start selling this thing saying it was a superfood with amazing life regenerating qualities the only place it grew is halfway around the world in some remote part of China and the only way you could get it was to buy it from this source everybody hopped on the bandwagon and now goji berries are found in almost every raw food product trying to cash in on the latest trends did you know goji berries are in nightshade here’s what the goji berry and a flower look like and this is a toxic solanum dull samara bittersweet nightshade you can totally see what family this belongs to I’m not saying goji berries are bad for you and to stop eating them I think that tastes pretty good and I put some in a salad once in a while I’m just saying don’t get caught up in all the hype do you actually think this shriveled up little dry berry that was picked halfway around the world possibly a year ago car goat in some dank oily ship across the ocean probably irradiated at the border packaged in a plastic bag sat in the warehouse for who knows how long and shipped in a hot baking truck is actually a superfood compared to a juicy live fresh plant growing right outside your door the best superfood is something you eat within minutes of picking that means local like right there in your yard or neighborhood if you want powerful antioxidants then eat local black blue or red edible berries from your area like blackberries blueberries mulberries cherries pomegranates basically anything that stains your clothes is high in antioxidants by a plant and grow them yourself even inside your house and if you want goji berries so much then grow your own and eat the fresh plump juicy berry right off the plant that’s right you can order the seeds and live plant online and have them shipped to places like edible landscaping we just mentioned in my book in my free food and medicine DVD set come on folks don’t get caught up in all the marketing hype for exotic stuff from halfway around the world like Himalayan pink crystal salt I mean good old Celtic sea salt tastes so much better anyway I mean what’s next Himalayan yak milk concentrate Antarctic warmest algae or Siberian llama testicles I mean if you hear the words Himalayan alkaline Ormus superfood Hans rare ionic or AK crystal run the other way unless you don’t mind spending money for something that’s over a year old and has every bit of moisture and juicy life sucked out of it dr. Shultz a superfood is okay but it shriveled up berry being a superfood I think that’s pushing it a bit I would say look out goji berry because I think these things will be the next big kick in the health food industry okay let’s move on to one of my favorite plants bamboo it’s a building material and food it’s one of the most useful and fastest growing plants in the world it’s a type of grass that can grow up to 3 feet in one day it’s so strong it’s used as scaffolding to build skyscrapers in developing Asian countries part of this strength comes from its high content of silica in fact bamboo is one of the best if not the best high sources of absorbable silica more than horse tail which isn’t as absorbable to strengthen blood vessel walls reduce wrinkles for healthy skin reduces artery inflammation and prevents artery plaque buildup if you want beautiful skin silica is what builds collagen it strengthens the heart muscle and relaxes blood vessels it’s the main food source of the giant panda proving itself as a rich complete food source you can get it as a powder use the bamboo stock powder not the leaf powder for silica the best parts to eat are the young shoots like when it’s a young tender plant bamboo can grow anywhere even where it’s 50 below zero there are over 200 varieties strip off the hard outer shell and cut up the soft insides steaming or cooking lessons the bitterness but remember bitter is good for digestion this is fascinating when planted nothing shows up above ground for 5 years that’s because all the work is happening underground then the fifth year it shoots up 50 feet into the air like a rocket it’s so tough bamboo shoots appeared out of the ground at Hiroshima within days of the atomic blast bamboo is an amazing plant do not eat the decorative little potted plants sold in Asian stars with a curly stems called lucky bamboo this is not bamboo and it’s not edible it’s a look-alike plant called your Cena and belongs to the waterlily family this is what it looks like if you let it keep growing this is what bamboo looks like and again bamboo is edible the whole plant these are just two of the over 1,000 plants covered in my exciting new book the free food and medicine worldwide edible plant guide if you want to learn something really useful in your life how about starting with the plants growing for free right outside your door forget the drugstore this stuff is free and it’s the best most healing stuff you can put in your mouth once you learn what’s what it’s time you took control of your own life


  1. Hi Markus. First I'd like to say thank you for helping to open people's eyes to so much of the hype surrounding "health" foods, "super" foods, etc. I live in the Missouri Ozarks, and we have an almost unbelievable bounty of "super" foods growing all around us here. All I have to do is walk out my front door. We actually planted a goji berry this year just for kicks. I'll let you know how it does. Thank you again for all you do. I want to get your book!

  2. The giant panda's diet is nutritionally poor, due to it's highly specialized (derived) digestive system. It has to spend 10-12 hours a day doing nothing but eating. It only digests 17% of what it eats. Don't eat bamboo for anything other than flavor, texture, and perhaps silica. The point about fresh berries is well made. There has been a surplus of wolfberry (fructus lycii, boxthorn) in Asia for quite some time. They've been available in Asian markets very cheaply for decades.

  3. Thank Markus for all the work you put into these videos. Yes, in reply to your earlier comment to me, I believe 50 is young, if we can act and look the way you do at 50 ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work. It may often be a thankless thing you do, but many people do truly appreciate it.

  4. Ohh Markuss, thank youu soo much for all these videos! You're an amazing mentor. I will definitely buy your new book and put it to use.

  5. The ebook is a PDF file, which can be read on almost anything. All kinds of people are reading them on iPads. Simply go to HealAnything com

  6. That's what it is! ebooks don't help much when the power goes out ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a self-contained beautiful heavy duty good old fashioned real honest to goodness 480 page full color glossy shining paper book. (And yeah its available as an ebook also)

  7. There's the cyanide fear again- just like apple seeds. Sigh. I've been taking bamboo powder for years. Hang on- let me check to see if I'm still alive… yep. Been eating apples with seeds too, which actually have laetrile (aka B17) which only turns into cyanide when it hits cancer cells (that's good). But cooking or steaming bamboo does help the nasty taste and harsh texture. And if it makes you feel more at peace, then that's important also. Follow your peace ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. the only bamboo powder that i can find on the internet is bamboo charcoal powder. well that has totally been cooked! what is your source for bamboo powder?

  9. YOu are so amazing, you know so much, how on earth can you have so much wisdom knowledge … every time i am amazed ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you… i already have 2 of your books and will buy this one again … thank you markus..

  10. I ate a raw bamboo shoot the other day and got really sick. still dont know if it was detoxing me or if it poisoned me. I had eaten cooked food (rice and fish) for a whole week before that so maybe it was severe detoxing.

  11. i think he powders it himself in his vita-mix blender…but im not 100% sure. He does it with all other herbs so my guess is he does the same for bamboo.

  12. Are you sure it was actually bamboo? If you're taking it for silica, it's easier to simply take it in powder form.

  13. Im 100% sure it was bamboo. I will try to eat some again and will post a video. Have you personally ate raw shoots…or just the powder? ill powder some myself in the vita-mix. thanks for the inspiration and your new book

  14. Markus you are the mayne and the goji rant was true. Its a dried up and old. I try to talk to the sheeple about free and green food and cringe when I see people drink diet soda. You eat dandelions not spray or mow them is usually how the conversation starts. Nothing beats lightly toasted spiced grasshoppers and wild food. Ill probably buy one of your books soon.

  15. You can grow your own stuff anywhere. Anne Wigmore grew her own food in her apartment in Boston (where it snows). Also Watch the Colorado video

  16. Hey Markus
    Do you also put bamboo leaves in the blender for a smoothie?
    Did it a few times after watching this vid. It doesn`t feel bad, but still not sure cuz i never heard of that before or found something on the internet.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Yes! Your exactly right! The apple seeds contain BIO-cyanide. What so many people are afraid of is the MAN-MADE cyanide. All it takes is a little bit of research. It saddens me when people believe anything "THEY" tell them.

  18. My brain actually like exploded when you said steam it. I love that way of thinking. I have been looking for a path that I could follow and fully agree with everything it stands for. Your way of thinking is exactly how I do. Now I just gotta get over my brain and other things and just freakin commit ๐Ÿ™‚ lol..

  19. So many of these superfoods seem to be coming from china a country with poor human rights records, beurocratic gov with little respect for it's own ppl let alone it's agricultural standards

  20. Will you make a video on how to harvest and prepare bamboo? Can you eat mature bamboo or does it have to be the shoots?

  21. Goji berry = Gou ji ze, or dog nipples in Chinese. That's the actual name. Not so cool now, right? ย You don't need toย spend money on things you don't need when you could get the same amount of antioxidants by eating a diet rich in local fresh vegetables. Here's to not listening to hype!

  22. the funny thing is the wolf berry was brought to Utah from China in the late 1880's when we tried to create skill trade. We just did know they were edible.

  23. Five years growing underground before shooting 50 feet = nonsense. I am growing 40 species. You confuse varieties with species. You forgot to mention the risk that some bamboo species like Moso concentrate Arsenic!!!!

  24. I downloaded the app! With the events on the horizon, I'm sure it will come in very handy. Now I just need to get my solar charging station.

  25. I use pink Himalayan salt and no, I'm not the type of person who gets caught up in marketing nonsense. It is by far the best salt I have ever used for the bath , it has such powerful healing properties and is so high in minerals. The body doesn't lie . I also use it for my food . I do agree that there's a lot of marketing crap and companies who try to jump on the bandwagon , but in some cases, the stuff really is worth the hype ๐Ÿ˜€ . I say go for the product, not the hype .

  26. What the Good Ole Dr. Gundry does not Teach is it basically Humanly impossible to eliminate All Foods on his Hitlist so just Eat your favorite foods in moderation and make sure to Boost Up the Polyphenols. GURU!

  27. FACT: The Problem with Today's Fruits and Veggies is the Local California Soil is Mineral Deficient. Too many People Eating off the same Dish.

  28. right now, I am being cited by my town of going bam boo. ย I have going it over 30 years, and now they've decided they don't like it, it is a food source, building source. ย am fighting in scout right now. they want manicured lawns, not food, o anything beneficial

  29. Hilarious! Youโ€™re so right Markus- I jumped on all the bandwagons and I felt ok, but not half as good as I do now Iโ€™m doing intermittent fasting!

  30. Not going against you Markus EVER but just noting what I learned. I've seen a doctor show clumped blood and after goji juice – the blood was moving freely again, he stopped being a doctor and became a distributor of goji juice. Might be good for just that and we should grow our own ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Hi Markus ๐Ÿ™‚ Wich is the name of the Bamboo plant that you would recommend? It looks like there are many different plants that has the name "Phyllostachys" included in their Latin names. (I'm going through your links right now). My plan is to plant Bamboo in my garden this spring! And the reason is because your super informative great videos! I ordered your book "Free food and medicine" last week and I can't barely hold myself for exploring natures miracles of good stuff that grows outside my window ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Absolutely brilliant video thankyou for sharing all this info with us. Im going through some of your older videos and re watching them! I gotta stay positive and on track and the only way I can do that, is by drowning out all the BS and negativity with your Great videos playing back to back. Just hearing you and Cara speak makes my day brighter! XX

  33. Hi Markus, TY for educating me, I've learned a lot from you and it has helped a lot. Can't thank You enough. I have a question for You. There is about 4 month period when nothing grows outside because it's winter. Is it ok if I don't eat green stuff for 4 months every year? I mean eating a lot of green while it's summer gives me reserves right? vitamins and minerals… so I wanted to hear Your opinion if it's ok to live for 4 months on those reserves. Or should I invest time and energy to find a way to get some greens in winter? I can't afford to buy them.

  34. Markus, where can I buy GMO free Siberian Yak Testicals? I think they might help my mothers cankles. ;P

  35. Thank you so much dearest sweeties๐Ÿ’
    You're such an inspiration ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡
    Stay Blessings always ๐Ÿ•‰๐Ÿ’–

  36. Please does someone knows what's te form of silica is the one in bamboo? It's hard to find info about silica and organic silica and I could find everything and it's opposite.

  37. 5 years ago this video was made and this man just got younger.. What is not to learn from this.. Markus you are a fine example of what real food can do for you.. blessings ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  38. Marcus, are Stem and Stock the same thing? I'm finding leaf and stem extract. Any product recommendation if Imnot growing my own?

  39. I've been around "a while" and interested in health most of my life, but more seriously so starting in my mid 20s and I've certainly seen lots of fads regarding "superfoods" and supplements come and go, but in the last 2-3 decades the "hype" has definitely increased (perhaps thanks to the internet…?) to where I began noticing and eventually realizing it was all marketing. Sure, some things are probably going to really help SOME people but it would be hard to know if they just needed what that particular food or supplement offered or if it was a placebo effect. With me the placebo effect, if it ever happens is only after the 1st take, so I've had plenty of disappointments which made me very cautious and eventually to ignore all the hype.

    I took a horsetail & MSM supplement for the first time probably 14 years ago or longer when I had hairloss due to a thyroid medication and it wasn't growing back nearly a year after the shedding stopped; it made my hair grow back really fast. Unfortunately, I went through 5 mo. of serious constant shedding recently but silica and/or MSM didn't stop it and I tried 2 different silica supplements (what worked this time was lecithin granules which are rich in inositol). I've always had very good skin but along with the hair loss I noticed accelerated signs of aging along (due I'm sure to my thyroid acting up triggered by stress and having neglected by nutrition) and my skin began looking "old" all over, some of my joints have been hurting and my mouth is a mess so I plan to continue taking silica for the rest of my life. But what has made the most noticeable difference is the bamboo tea I started just 19 days ago, a few days ago I thought my facial skin had a really healthy glow and yesterday a neighbor told me that my skin looks like I've had plastic surgery (he meant it to say I look younger than my age). Before I watched this my plan was to order bamboo extract powder so I can add it to smoothies, etc. so now I feel more sure that it will be the best choice for me.

  40. But it grows in my garden in northern Ontario and I eat them fresh. Yes Himalayan salt has so much lead because of the mining process. we all need to be eating totally local and this would improve our planet life and quality of life. Warrior of truth Garry.

  41. I have Goji beeries im my garden in Germany and harvest my blackberries from wild bushes in the area ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  42. There are actually over 1,500 species of bamboo and over 100 edible species.

    Bamboo doesnโ€™t stay dormant in the ground for 5 years……the first year new shoots appear and they grow their full height within 4 months. Depending on the species it takes 3 – 5 years for them to mature to be able to cut for building or other uses.

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