1. Really the needful information to understand ICH GCP thanks to uploaded this video and please upload more videos regards GCP

  2. Thanks mam for such a nice lecture.its really interesting and informative. please upload some more lecture on clinical research

  3. it is very easy to understand the lecture given by you even I am not of the pharma background
    'thank you very much mam

  4. Ladies always talk well. She talks very clearly with a perfect pitch and tone, delivering clinical subject matter in a professional way. And it does not hurt to look good too.

  5. Thankyou madam.. Very nice presentation and very useful .keep uploading for better CR field

  6. Thanks Dr.Nihtya Ma'am .
    this information is quit good nd in informative way ..
    keep uploading for better CR field …

  7. Very Informative Lecture. Came to know in detail what exactly Clinical trail does. It would be very good if you could upload some more videos on clinical trails.

  8. Wow better than the British and The European presenters – excellent in-depth knowledge than just reading the slides as here in the west. Dr. Sankar / EU

  9. Thank you Dr.Nithya for good information…it was good to hear easy to understand.
    Can you upload some lectures on pharmacovigilance in detail.
    Thank you

  10. Dear Dr. Nitya, It was very impressive and informative lecture.
    Please keep uploading on medical writing too , a sincere request. Thanks. Dr. Bhargavi

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