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hi I’m Erik I’m June from Gorgon garden
pharmacy today I’ll be going over the embody 570 results on the top of your
shade there is a body composition analysis section if you look at the
right side you will see your total body weight no total body weight is made up
of intracellular water extra cell water twily mass and body fat mass into
shallow water and extra solar water made up of your total body water total body
water is an approximation of your muscle becomes broader the stored in the muscle
so this is your muscle content in your body dry lean mass is your body so if
you add your muscle in your body you will get your lean body mass therefore
your lean body mass is your whole body except for the fat if you add your fat
mass you will get your total weight in this section the second box is your
muscle fat analysis this section helps you know whether your weight and fat is
an acceptable range with reference to your height and gender so this section
tells you whether you are in below normal or above normal range SMM which
is a skeletal muscle mass also tells you whether you are under muscle normal or
over muscle therefore the more muscle you build the
higher your metabolism is body fat mass shows you how many pounds of fan you
carry next section is the obesity analysis
section this includes your BMI and your PDF your body mass index and percentage
body fat BNI is used often to assess risk it’s a calculation whether you are
normal weight overweight or obese a problem with BMI is it is limited to
just the weight and height so for example if you are must be person your
BMI is going to be high because your muscle is heavier than fat but that does
not mean you’re obese PVF or your percentage body fat is the best
indicator whether you have any health risk if your PBF is high then your
health risk is high it’s a mental lean analysis section this tells you how many
pounds of muscle in each section so you can tailor your exercise regime for
example if you notice you’re strong your arms and not on your legs you can
concentrate on your lower limbs semental fan analysis section this is a
description of how much fat is stored in each segment of your body most of us
will carry more fat in the trunk then in our limbs so if you are an apple shape
your upper limb levels will be higher than your lower limb levels or if you
are pear shape your lower limb levels will be higher than your upper limb
levels storing your weight in a lower limb is associated to higher health risk
the body of water analysis section this is an assessment on your total body
water so if it’s high it means you have some swelling on the inside or your cell
wall is not as strong as it should be this is where we notice information or
body water retention also called the deep below is the body composition
history if you take more than one test you’re able to track your results what
is going up and what is going down if you look at your right basal
metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn at rest this is the best gauge
to know how many calories you can eat in a day visceral fat level this gives you
a number to tell you how much fat they store in your deep belly organs the deep
belly organs can store fat in such a way that effect takes on a nature of an
endocrine gland it actually starts to make toxic hormones that is inflammatory
to the body so the more belly fat you store the higher the disease if you have
any questions on your results or you like a plan to maintain or lose your way
please visit us at Gorgon guardian pharmacy and look for in your body
health coaches to reach your goals thank you

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