Gotcha! A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Watson Conference – in “Talking Back to Teachers”

Title: What happens when Illinois State University
undergraduates attend the Thomas R. Watson Conference with video cameras and Edirols
in hand? Title: things like this…
Scott DeWitt: …some of the more specific things happening within the program, um, recorders,
do you want me to hit record on this? Off camera: It’s recording.
DeWitt: Um, you’ve got a flashing light, so you’re not recording.
Off camera: [Laughter] Thanks! Title: Good job, Jessica!
Dewitt: Now you missed my intro. But, see, I do know enough about technology to catch
the flashing red light. Title: Scott DeWitt to the rescue!! [Audio only; blank screen]
[Background chatter] First speaker: Ya didn’t record anythiiing
Second speaker: The whole time. Like, I’m so pissed
First speaker: I don’t even know how to turn this damn thing off.
Second speaker: It is off. No, that thing keeps blinking. Oh, it’s not off? Do they,
like, oh, here it goes. [Gasp] I wonder if they recorded any of it? Title: And when we did record
[Audio only; Peanuts’ cartoon showing Charlie Brown’s teacher writing “Wah wah wah”]
Unidentified conference speaker: Since, a lot of what I’m going through here is somewhat
theoretical, if not a lot theoretical, I thought that actually maybe reading it would help
you guys Title: So you want us to read what you’re
reading as you read it to us? Title: Seriously?! [In background, conference speaker drones
just under audible levels as camera scans sleeping undergraduates]
Andrew [whispering]: Whose fault is it that they’re asleep? Title: Andrew has a plan for that!
First student: And why are we going straight here? This is not fun.
Second student: We’re here extremely early. Third student: Just a little.
[Car in front swerves wildly. Chorus of “Whoa”s from behind camera]
Third student: Whoa! What the?! He did it again!
First student: Son of a bitch! Second student: And it’s on camera!
Third student: We got that on camera! Andrew [from other vehicle]: I forgot how
to get to Starbucks! [Laughter] Title: But we thought you’d enjoy this soundbite
more… [Audio only]
[Background chatter] Unidentified conference speaker: Cheryl, if
you can hear this we should get together for a drink sometime.
[Laughter] Title: Thank you to the Watson Conference
organizers and presenters who made recording our (and their 😉 bloopers possible — The
Normal Group

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