GOURMET WEEDS- The Wild Plant Cafe in Durango Colorado

those who got the free food and medicine DVD set will remember Katrina Blair the charming girl who lives off wild foods and runs Turtle Lake refuge in Durango Colorado an educational center that also has a cafe that serves gourmet food made from wild plants let this amazing video inspire you to a new way of looking at nature’s free food and medicine [Music] you think you’ve got some plants in your house Katrina’s house is dripping with plants a house that by the way she built herself from recycled materials to get food for her restaurant and for herself she just goes outside to the wild outdoors some wild tarragon which is a really nice spice that we use to make some pesto with here’s the alfalfa the wild alfalfa flowers which are so delicious right now the purple flowers in the springtime I like to eat the greens when they just come out of there out of the ground early spring but now all the juice is in the flowers and then right some of these have already dried into their seed form and they’re these beautiful curly cue seeds and if you pick them and open them up there’s tiny little alfalfa seeds that are coming out and we like to sprout these just like the alfalfa seeds you’d buy in the store in the store but these are the wild varieties this is Russian olive and they’re delicious I was actually going to harvest them today Wild Rose and the dogwood and then this cleavers which is like a growing ivy and some horse tail on a horse tail this is one of the richest source of silica and I love chewing it because every time you chew it it helps rebuild the strength of your enamel on your teeth but I also like to collect it and dry it into a powder and then use it in my winter powder for the winter – here we have a gorgeous stand of burdock and the burdock root we have it wild everywhere around here but it is a delicious delicious food like carrot like a carrot or a potato but you can just eat it right out of the ground this is the wild watercress right here thank you so we’re gonna harvest a little bit of this and give it to our people that are part of our wild food CSA they have a share of the farm so they pay a little money up front and then every week they get delivered of a goodie basket exactly is it be forming a community farming yeah so we’re just doing it with a wild twist so this is water piss we do a mixture of some selling at the farmers market and selling it to the stores and restaurants but a lot of education so like this Saturday we’re having a wild food feast and a huge amount of people are just our guests because there are students and teachers of this of our living soil program which is like an eight month wild food course so they’re all of our guests but then we opened it up to the public for a twenty dollar suggested donation too so some of it will go to our our dinner the Saturday you’re obviously not in it for money obviously everybody right well how can you when it’s all free okay to begin with it’s like the only thing we care about is keeping it going keeping the wild food available and protecting our wild places so we can continue to sustain this way so what’s weeds to one person is is right cease for you yes so this is the mustard family and mustard when you eat mustard stimulate your creativity all your circulation as well but it’s a great thing mustard flowers to throw in your water when you’re about to write a book on wild plants especially okay there’s three keys to harvesting life and the first one is always ask permission because they’re so brilliant and so intelligent and when you make that connection it brings you energetically into a harmony with them and then when they say yes they really are giving their entire being in spirit and medicine and wisdom to you the second thing that’s what you need Nevermore and that’s a way to honor the ecosystems so that they can team continue to sustain and and keep giving back and then the third is always say thank you after you harvest you don’t need to eat as much food when you eat wild food because it’s so potent and full of nutrition that you are free to do a lot of other things with your life besides just eating there’s a type of wild sage and it’s just a fantastic thing to keep your your environment looks like clean yeah it’s like desert sage really yummy our next stop was the farm katrina’s farm is not exactly what most people would consider a farm with these little guys welcome to the Turtle Lake organic community farm and today here on the farm we’re harvesting wild mallow we have some amazing wild food it’s here amongst us a harvesting this amazing delicacy we you show the really delicious cheese wheels like that’s the fruit of the mallow this little guy right here which we’re gonna pickle mallow cheese wheel we have some homemade apple cider vinegar that we made from apple juice it’s like half vinegar half water and a little salt and maybe some garlic which would be fun people this is a weed so most people this is called pig weed and it is one of the most abundant food crops that we have growing naturally everywhere people pay a lot of money for this in a health food store and then yeah that’s right they pay a lot of money to get rid of it and then kale I might get it back in addition to the wild area right here is our wild quinoa and this is a lamb’s quarter and and then this turns into a local variety of quinoa that we harvest once the plant dies totally back we eat the Greens of all these plants when they’re when they’re young and then we harvest the seeds once it dies back and goes to seed we also gather the thistle a pop-up that moved and we drop we we drop wash it and then dry it for tea and the thistle root is one of the best things that like supports the vitality of our liver so drinking the thistle root is awesome but we also juice all these greens prickly part the prickly part we make a thistle lemonade for the farmers market we just add apples lemon and the thistle blended with water and then we strain out the prickles and it makes a delicious delicious green juice so this is smart weed and it’s a wild buckwheat that it tastes like a lemony spinach and we harvest these to make green chips so it’s kind of preparing for the winter too before they all turn yellow and die we harvest them while they’re still green and then we dry them but we actually add a little marinade sauce and massage em with this yummy sauce and then dry them and they store really well and they’re delicious thank you I mean there’s so many different parts of the Thistle that I’d love to eat but this part where it’s in this beautiful flower form it’s really sweet so I like to pick these little flower heads and just chew them and um why don’t you get past the hairy part uh-huh it turns sweet and it turns into like I’ll eat a sweet little gum so it’s a great thing to just chew all your gardening this plant is another kind of wild lambsquarters it’s called auric it’s a wild spinach it’s my favorite kind of green and these seeds are edible but I end up just sprinkling them around because I like to keep it you know growing them again for the seat for the green chickens take care of the garden they just roam freely tilling the soil fertilizing it taking care of the bugs it’s amazing how nature can keep everything in balance with our dandelions we make dandelion pesto that’s super popular here in Durango it sells out every farmers market and comfrey and some mints and these borage flowers are just so special and delicious and they are known to bring on courage so if you need an extra dose of courage eat your porridge flowers a little tender Jerusalem artichoke the Bliss with a root it’s a tuber through some artichoke sir well this is it right here here’s the plant all of these actually came from our compost all these seeds yeah all these arm squash is that one too and it’s which is fun because there’s like a whole variety which showed up what’s great is you just sit back and Eicher does all the work you never know what you’re gonna have the next day who needs gardeners when you’ve got nature once you know what you’re doing you realize how limitless your food supply your medicine and your resources really are so here on this wild wonderful farm we may have a like hundreds of fruit trees and there’s like plum and apple and cherry and apricot and pear but then we also have a lot of the native varieties like Hawthorne and service berry and choke cherry the buffalo berries and the wild plums – mixed in every fruit tree becomes like the center of a garden so we plant you know all these different crops around it and that way when we water we’re watering the fruit tree and the squashes and the potatoes and the peas and the strawberries you know it’s all mixed in Katrina’s grocery store is the wild outdoors and it’s all free and as fresh as you can get most people would look at this and go that’s just a bunch of nasty weeds but wait’ll you see the magic that these people perform the people at the Turtle Lake refuge cafe are nothing short of culinary artists and they will totally turn around your views of wild plants or maybe we’ll put it in the soup he’s a hundred [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is a wild prickly lettuce at the early stage like right now it’s a delicious salad green and it’s just come back in the fall for a second go around making bread grind it up with a little salt dehydrated or dry in the Sun yeah Sun bread is the best it’s kind of funny he’s in the past with the the man had to go out killer animal bring it home for good sorry no it’s like the woman goes out and get some get some shovel this is chicory root we’re gonna make a chai chicory chai tea with the roots the beautiful roots thank you chicory this is the chicory root we’re not going to roast it we’re gonna use it fresh we’re going to blend it up in the blender with some coconut flakes and make a mill patch a chicory root coconut milk and then we add spices like cardamom and cinnamon cloves ginger well honey and strain it out and that’s our chai tea this is amazing okay here’s where the food is right that’s right that’s the table for those of you who are too lazy or don’t have the time or energy or resources to make your own here you can they can send you yes we do have some wild food goodies we recommend you make your own from where you live but if you don’t have time one year you want support we make a local wild green powder and it’s for the winter and it’s a way to stay connected to the wild elements and the wild minerals all year round so these are just wild greens like dandelion plantain and lamb’s-quarter and amaranth that we dry and grind into a powder we have green chips which are Elm leaves with Siberian Elm we gather those leaves because either truly tree leaves yeah tree leaves and we marinate them with a yummy seasoning with a little almond and spice and lemon and salt and dry am so it’s a really yummy chippy food or chips and those are chips yep and then we have like use the wild mallow to make bread sticks when we sprout rye and grind it up and dry them it’s really good and then our granola we usually put Oregon grape berries in our granola and then this is our amaranth wild amaranth seed flax seed crackers and then we have some local apple sugar we press all the apples and get their juice and dry the pulp and grind it fine to make the Apple sugar well this is the chai with some coconut and spice and I’m making the milk coconut milk with the coconut chain this is kombucha people in the program have made for them every week a package with food medicine and even a flower arrangement 10 families each buyer share and each week we make them a basket with a variety of like wild greens tomatoes green drink making stuff prove that we forged it’s been almost 10 years that we’ve been supplying all public schools with microgreens and dug up a burdock root and chopped it up really fine and mix it in with walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes to give it like kind of a more meat like texture these walnuts burdock sun-dried tomatoes and then some spices so I added salt cumin and chili powder this is a Pico that’s made with tomatoes and daikon radish then we have a sour cream that is made from cashews and living [Music] wow this is really good I am not kidding this is the best French onion soup I’ve ever had in my life this soup tastes so good it’s hard to believe there’s no dairy or anything in it I don’t really like that look I’ve never had a hollyhock waist before interesting so this is an apple cake cake part layer and made with South drawings fresh apples from the arteries Mesquite powder apple sugar and what else cinnamon and then the frosting is a cashew frosting with just cashews honey and vanilla thank you Wow suck it in [Applause] [Music] it’s just heaven right so the French onion soup that I made what I basically I sliced very thinly some farm fresh onions yellow onions and and I put it in a bowl and I poured in tamari and a lot of fresh squeezed lemon juice some salt and pepper a little bit of sunflower oil and then I just got dirt and some garlic and I just kept stirring it and and just the lemon juice basically really cooks the yeah and I did add a little bit of honey how long do that was marinade maybe like 45 minutes not very long and I slightly warmed it then I just I took a little bit of that mixture and a Vitamix with some tamari and a little bit of olive oil and water and then blended like one pitcher full of that and added it to the soup and then I just you know added water and then just gently warped it that’s the best time you super good yes Joyce just thank you [Music] and what are you doing with your time IDE specially Rafi is yeah well we prepare for the winter I mean this is the time it’s fall right now so we’re gathering the acorns and we’re gathering all the fruits and we’re drying and freezing them and all the wild greens right now the dandelions and the plantain and the malum the amaranth we’re gathering those greens and drying them and then making a winter powder that we use in our smoothies throughout the winter to keep nourished so what’s your typical meal in the wintertime well if it’s really cold and I want something yummy and Hardy I’ll grab some roots like that we have like you know we grow different roots and potatoes and not potatoes so much but pumpkins and yams and what do you weigh any kind of a root or a pumpkin or squash and make a soup with it where I’ll blend it up with a little avocado which of course doesn’t go here but um something creamy and it could be a nut or seed too and a little ginger and cayenne pepper and then warm it up to like perfect temperature T which is what it’s imperfect like I don’t know baby bottle temperature you know so you’re not gonna burn yourself but it’s the most ideal willingness so I’m not cooking the soup but I’m warming it and then it’s really wonderful to eat yeah and so other than soot what else do you eat later time I eat I make my own bread and it’s a Sun bread where it’s like we take cattails and some other kind of grain it could be buckwheat or oats or something we grind it together and then add a few other ingredients but dry them in the Sun and they’re delicious and you can always warm those up too like if you have a hot fire stove at home which is what we have you can just put it on there to warm it up and then you can eat it right away one more winter food and one more winter food is a green juice which is from our microgreens you know growing it year-round inside and then you can cut the buckwheat or the wheatgrass or the sunflower greens and juice um that’s what a lot of people understand you can actually grow your own self indoors right yeah piece of glass it was like just windows uh-huh all right well thank you so much you’re welcome bro-beans to you thanks Marcos you’re doing great work all right blessings [Music]


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