Gov. Gavin Newsom announcing health care proposals during four-city tour across California

I'm Kevin John in Sacramento where today governor Newsom hosted a roundtable to discuss a new budget proposal governor Newsom has been a man on the mission the last few months he's already announced proposals to increase funding for public schools a 1 billion dollar investment to combat homelessness and now he's launched a statewide tour to promote his health care proposal which kicked off this afternoon today he sat down with small business owners and others to discuss his proposal to expand financial assistance to middle income earners buying health insurance on the private market governor Newsom's budget would provide financial assistance to families of four earning up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year new somes proposals would make California the first state in the nation to offer subsidies to families who earn up to six hundred percent of the federal poverty level I thought it was important to highlight the stresses and travails small businesses have as it relates to health care it's often overlooked throughout his four City Tour governor Newsom will highlight five different proposals he has until June to present everything to Legislative


  1. He will go down as the worst California governor ever. That's garuanteed. This is what socialism looks like. We're the state controls the people. He's a true scumbag . all the politicians in California need to be put in jail for treasonous actions against the American people. Definitely stop sending federal money .pinch these people please.. This is a true horror story "THE GRUESOME NEWSOM SHOW STARRING HIS WIFE SKELETOR" RATED LEFTIST SOCIALIST. THIS GUY IS A TRUE SCUMBAG. He's raising taxes that's awesome cause it's not expensive enough. It only hurts the people who voted for him. He's the worst governor ever

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