Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their powers from the CONSENT of the the governed…

good afternoon everybody good morning
good evening those across the pond Joshua here for another episode of
Authentic Intent I appreciate everybody coming by today Jordan hatch thanks for taking some of
your time out today to do up round 2 at the Fed Reserve ninth district United
States of Corporate America hope you’re all settled in and ready for our stance against the Federal
Reserve folks I hope that you’re getting informed so we’re back not even 90
seconds in and we already got our first connection interruption hey everybody so
we are here on a mostly to cloudy skies it rained last night thought it was
going to clear up it did a little bit I don’t think I’m going to get rained on
but we’ve got our Starbucks right across the street and then they are doing some
you know amazing renovations here who knows what they’re really doing to be
honest with you so our plan is basically like last time
we’re just going to walk around hand out some DVDs and form the public about our
sixteenth Amendment also want to get you familiar with our Treasury deposit
accounts if you’re not familiar with what those are please do so
XbocZ good see ya unruly fellows so here we are there she is that’s the big the big
building right so we got our signage to tell people that footballs and baseballs
can’t destroy steel buildings got some DVDs to hand out also about the Fed
Reserve hey man how’s it going hey hey do you know what building this is right
here oh it is okay oh they do okay did you know that the sixteenth
amendment is fraud on our country yeah awesome I can’t wait this is public
property do you know that right and we paid for this building okay
all right man so I don’t know if you were trying to threaten me or not but if
you take pictures of the idolatry building secured you’ll come out well
they didn’t come out last time I was hoping that they would so I can hand out
my information oh I didn’t see this last time hey Marilyn good to see you b-flat that’s a plaque that is outside here
there you got a bunch of them here well check those out the real growth of Commerce fantastic voyage good to see a plain
truth yeah exactly Gateway to the West all these plaques are outside the Fed
Reserve building yeah exactly paid for by us for them it’s more like
it got another one here the great waterfall and then around these they got like
different things of knowledge for us hey how’s it going hey Tory Thicke see
if you happen to know what building this is right here it is okay say did you
know the 16th amendment is against the law did you know that like that’s yeah I
am yeah so you don’t care they were fraudulently getting taxed I
do have 15 hours of information about the Fed Reserve if you wanted to check
it out okay you’re just happy with your own education gotcha
happy with being a slave that’s the response that you get when you tell
people about their enslavement they get uppity are you talking to me yeah well
I’m talking about you and huh I’m sorry yeah I did hey watch out for that
immovable bench there did you know that they’re filming you here too without
your permission hey that’s awesome I have mine – it’s called Minnesota
Statutes six to 6.0 – I can film whatever I want
Thanks Oh a middle finger that’s your science
hey go tell them inside that I’m out here to telling people about their fraud it’s funny these people taurah i turn
around and then they have smart-aleck ii comments hey folks how you doing hey awesome hey
did you know that footballs and baseballs can’t knock down steel
buildings well planes can’t either yeah so how did
how did those towers fall down 16 years ago do you happen to know okay well
those weren’t airplanes yeah and they had a pre demolition inside
those buildings yeah I am okay have you ever actually investigated on your own
time did you know that the 9/11 Commission report doesn’t even mention
building seven yeah we didn’t land on the moon either guys wake up can you
guys stop believing everything the establishment tells you please and wake
up so we can take back our country stop watching sports for a week maybe
two that might help possibly I mean I don’t know I can’t tell you how free I
have been since I’ve stopped watching professional sports over the last year
or so every once in a while I’m tempted to play like Xbox basketball or football
but then I try to do something else to inform you guys and girls out there just
one man but I do what I can I’m out there right they if you actually
do your you know due diligence about 9/11 you can actually see that those
were demolished coming back to the river here yeah they want to live in the lie ha Fantastic Voyage yeah well hey check out
those documentary called September clues I think I have an in the link
description below it’s fascinating how is it that an airplane can go through a
still building though seriously have you ever seen pictures of an airplane nose
being hit by a flock of birds maybe a flock of seagulls as they ran so far
away talk to this guy real quick here hey how’s it going sir hey hey do you
happen to know what that building is across the street yeah all that all the
mana happily money that they give us yeah say are you familiar with like the
sixteenth amendment in the act of 1871 and Treasury accounts probably okay
right on I have a DVD here it’s got about 15 hours worth of yeah 15 hours of
truth no it’s about NASA in their lives the
ISS fake space Flat Earth you do okay okay so is it a conspiracy to say that
those buildings that collapse 16 years ago in New York were pre demolition no
no okay and then you just watch like sports and then you just kind of move on
okay mainstream media what about that hey right on
okay okay cool good to hear okay but what’s a conspiracy to you like we
didn’t land on the moon we did but you weren’t there and you didn’t see it
happen right okay okay so I’m just using your deductive reasoning with 9/11 how
you weren’t there you didn’t built it but you weren’t there when they built
the quote Saturn 5 rocket to go to the moon and how did they get back with the
lack of fuel that they use to quote get there
but you believed it but you said that they did land on the
moon okay so all right man well I hope you wake up a little bit more and have a
red pill hope okay well alright alright man he didn’t get that red pill
vernacular but he did what’s that yeah I thought you knew your constitutional
rights Minnesota statute six to six point zero two I can film anybody I want
audio and video on public property without their consent I’m the person
that needs to consent no that’s not how it works man so check it out you got
your cell phone check it out man have a good one and there’s cameras everywhere
and you got your selfie camera right there looking right at you so okay well
they’re watching you anyways dude so good luck with that alright there it is cuz I don’t agree with them he’s got to
throw at the can you you authorized me yeah I’m the authorization right here
bud hey just like that you too hey you two remember when you sent me privacy
strike and try to get me on privacy interactions with the public a couple of
weeks ago from the State Fair remember that whatever happened to that I never
heard back from you guys about that but you guys suggested that I do something
about it within 48 hours but you guys never responded when I sent you my legal
information about what I can and can’t do on Minnesota public property whatever
happened to that YouTube so let me get this straight it’s okay for you to
threaten me and to do what you want but when I give you legal information about
what I can do on public property I don’t hear anything from you how convenient
that is for you guys push people around threats that’s all you got is threats you’re pathetic
pathetic whatever happened to that please remind
me can you help me YouTube Google send me a message how about people
impersonating my likeness on YouTube and creating fake accounts with my likeness
on them you didn’t do anything about that either
did ya nope exactly Jordan they push people around and then when
you talk but if I’m PewDiePie you know if I’m fun I’m some schmuck
playing with my fidget spinner showing kids how to use portals and minecraft
like I can do that I can do that pretty easily without any
problems but then when I challenge the narrative that is done by the
establishment and encourage people to investigate their laws and how we
consent by our silence you come and threaten me YouTube Google got this guy here on the train tracks so
we’re coming up on the Fed Reserve parking lot just kind of walking around
getting a feel for the day yeah they send me privacy or somebody did somebody
sent a privacy strike against me after my State Fair episode sometime what was
it maybe September it’s like the first September first or
something like that and then after that I never heard
anything back so must not have been that serious just read it out to be a nice
day though but that Sun that’s 93 million miles away right and plus I get free noodles
I called that Japanese place and kind of gave them my disappointment that
happened the last time I was here so when I’m done with this livestream I’m
going to go to that Japanese restaurant and get a free meal that was the offer I
got from management they invited me back to give me a better experience so that
was nice of them at the Minneapolis skyline in the
background hey good morning Himawari good to see ya we’re back at the Fed
Reserve just walked around a little bit I had a couple dialogues with people who
didn’t like me telling them what is not hey Nathan I’m at the Fed Reserve Bank
I’m just letting everybody know about the sixteenth Amendment and now we’re basically enslaved I have
about 15 hours worth of truth on one DVD or three DVDs five hours on each one
five hours about the IRS five hours about NASA and the IRS fakery and 911
and five hours about Flat Earth so if anybody wants to take one of my packages
of DVDs they got about 15 hours worth of information that they can take and
digests in their own time and whether they want to believe it or not it’s up
to them but at least I’m going to give them an option so here’s the front gate there it is there’s your seal of enslavement so we
were here a couple of weeks ago I wish Germany’s got it all yeah probably and I do have my signage here I figured
I’d change it up a little bit if you think that they can’t cure cancer
cystic fibrosis Huntington’s disease Lou Gehrig’s disease I mean everything you
name it they have a cure for it I am NOT a doctor I’m not a lawyer I don’t have
20 years of education through the colleges here but I am somewhat an
informed citizen and I do have the confidence to come out here and tell
this building that it needs to be audited and shut down for that time
period and stop funding these Wars and these
hurricanes that go on so I appreciate everybody hanging out
for the time I’m gonna probably be here for another hour or so just you know I
mean what are you gonna do I’m not gonna really have too many interactions with
people but I just want to set my presence and give off that aura that
this place needs to be audited and shut down
Freemasonry needs to come out of the closet
there should be no secret societies in this country why are why are we allowing
our politicians to be part of secret societies why is it our parents and our
grandparents allowed this to get to this point this is unbelievable it’s completely asinine behavior bread
and circuses folks that’s why that’s what people want
Dave’s bkk Dave I’ll throw a melted Snickers bar and see what they do are a
melted Baby Ruth hey bkk Dave are you in Thailand right now I spent eight months
in Bangkok 2015 so Sawadee kha ah sabaidee my the term secrecy in a free and open
society is repugnant in Chonburi okay hey right on I use I I’ve visited there
too I went to a lot of province and Thailand
when Tyrion I went all the way down to I was in Bangka PE for quite a bit that’s
where my school was where I taught English bang nah I went all the way up
to I went to allow that’s where I renewed my visa and I spent Songkran in
Lao in April of 2015 that was fun and then I went down to the Philippines
towards the end of my time for three weeks to visit a friend J got this guy here I am me out all right
so here we are folks killing it folks
not backing down let’s go guys
hey not too bad football yeah I’ve been to Pattaya also
a lot of Russians in Pattaya a lot of places that if you want to get
in trouble you could go there and I would suggest not getting in trouble in
Pattaya hey thanks for malari yeah we’re uh
classing up the joint today trying to keep up with all these suits
inside yeah exactly I stay away from there too Nathan says you said they have cures for
diseases any media or links that support this yeah if you look I mean Nathan you
got a you got to stop being food spoon-fed the information there Google’s
out there you know if you can learn a language fluently on YouTube or Google
no problem you know how’s it going then hey pretty
good hey did you know that the 16th amendment is actually illegal yeah well
it’s about tax and income tax and everything yeah you did not know that
okay how about you know about the act of 1871
no okay that’s about Washington DC being its own entity okay I got a DVD here if
you wanted to check it out yeah it’s got 15 hours worth of information about all
sorts of various topics that are going on in this country so share it with your
friends or with them have a go lemon yeah fifteen hours
that’s a movie night right there for you huh if you can if you think that you can
sit around for 15 hours and watch all of the Lord of the Rings uncut director’s
cut and whatnot and you can’t sit around and watch 15 hours worth of how the
establishment is enslaving you you have your priorities completely wrong hey goldfish brain yeah hang out in the
background no big deal Nathan speaks Mandarin I wish I spoke
some a lot of people in Southeast Asia just speak Chinese not surprising they
also speak English and their own native language funny how most people across
the pond speak two or three languages fluently but then Americans only speak
one and then we get mad at everybody else for not speaking English when they
come here how ignorant is that how ignorant is that that’s a box set and plenty of people
sit and watch that I know it’s because the u.s. dollar is world
currency well Bitcoin seems to be moving towards that cryptocurrency you know it
is quote prophesied that we will have one currency on earth and most likely it
will be electronic I don’t know if it’ll be Bitcoin or not but it’s moving
towards something like that I think they’re just getting people ready for it
I think there’s what just over 20 million or 20 billion dollars worth of
Bitcoin and there’s not going to be any more created so however that works I’ve
looked into some of the Bitcoin and crypto currency stuff but Nathan says I think we should have
learned a secondary language in school you know another thing that we should
have learned in school is how to handle a firearm Hey ladies how you doing hey terrific
hey I got a question for you what do you think about like eighth or
ninth graders learning how to use a firearm in public school you know just
to have like proper training Oh okay so you’re against the Second
Amendment okay well I’m just saying that if we were more educated if we were more
educated about firearms then we won’t have to have worry about it right an
armed society is a polite society ladies wake up please Thanks have a nice
afternoon so I guess that’s I’m afraid she probably is afraid of super-soldier
guns too how’s it going man 9/11 was an inside
job wake up I don’t know that might mean that
there’s more guns in school well yeah that would mean more guns in school
because they’re carrying the guns in the school as a safety precaution with
trained professionals teaching your kids how to use them how yeah that dunno why
doesn’t that make any sense of course there’s gonna be more guns but that
doesn’t mean kids are going to be running around shooting each other
they’re gonna be in an uncontrolled environment every country that has unlawfully
removed guns from their country crime has gone up
you know you remove guns and a knife becomes a weapon then what does it get
down to using butter knives to take over airplanes mental illness kills people
yeah especially prescription drugs so this the noise that you’re hearing is
coming from over there right in front of the restaurant that I plan on eating at
later so needless to say there’s nobody eating outside on this beautiful day
because they got this thing going on this the restaurants closed on Mondays
so they could to come out here on Monday to do what they’re doing they had to
come on Tuesday when the restaurant is open and who knows what they’re putting
in or taking out of the sewer that’s where the earth that’s where your noise
is coming from I might vacate the area for a little bit
and then come back one last 30 minutes so here we are folks hey guys got this
guy here coming how’s it going then Hey there you uh are you aware that
baseball’s in footballs can’t knock down steel buildings of what up
yeah right so why is it that an airplane
that’s basically made of aluminum how is it that that can knock down a steel
building okay
okay what
okay have you ever seen like a flock of seagulls hit the nose of an airplane
before have you ever seen pictures of that no okay so so your your kind of ID
your human instinct would say that a plane could go through is still building
okay have you ever actually investigated 911 to see what really happened
you haven’t okay I do have a DVD here that helps explain all that and more
yeah because it is almost it is really
impossible for an airplane to go through a steel building Donald Trump in the 80s
actually said how strong these towers were when they were built and are you
familiar with what building seven is no okay that’s one of the federal buildings
that silverstein actually set to pull do you know what pole beans like when
you’re talking about buildings okay to say pull it that means to actually
collapse it so you’re having to have put pre discharged demolition in a building
just to use that vernacular and building 7 was just a few blocks away from the
Twin Towers and it just had office fires in it so can office fires cause building
collapse with your known recollection of what happened recently in London with
that building oh you didn’t okay yeah so I I would
just encourage you to check out that don’t go on your own personal human
instinct really try to get a better idea of how 911 was prescribed to us and go
from there man you know it’s just my opinion but yeah have a good afternoon
ma’am Thanks so we’re gonna be going into here later so they have they have a patio just
right out front I mean it’s not you know big patio it’s got like couple tables
but to have that going on and then they have the window shut and everything
that’s kind of machine tell them to YouTube BBC building oh
yeah when the lady talked about it before it collapsed so we’re still here
at the 9th district fed Reserve fraudulent building in downtown
Minneapolis this covers nine states I think I’m not mistaken your Dakotas
Montana Iowa the northern parts of Wisconsin Michigan Minnesota I don’t
know if that’s nine or what but this is the fourth largest district of twelve
districts in the United States at corporate America if you don’t think
that the United States is a corporation you are uninformed or misinformed I
encourage you to check that out if you don’t know why so if you have a birth
certificate available or your social security card check that out there’s a
reason why your name is in capital letters you are a corporation and that’s
why when you go to court you are against the state of which you live you are not
against the plaintiff or the defendant the plaintiff is usually the state that
you live in because you are a corporation you are a separate entity
and with that being said check out what natural person and artificial person are
there’s some information out there that I’d encourage you to become privy to
google natural person versus artificial person and if you can understand that we can
slowly become more and more really independent from this country when we
won’t become enslaved all right do they store money in that
building yeah they do have a vault in here hey all is one now I’ve been live
for about 40 minutes hey sir 9/11 was an inside job wake up hey how’s it going today hey good hey
did you know that there’s a term out there called natural person versus
artificial person okay when you go to court or if you ever have you always go
against the state you live in right that’s because you’re a corporation
that’s why your birth certificate and your Social Security card are in capital
letters yes they’re filming you right here – so how is that is that okay
because it is legal for me to film on public property in Minnesota so just
check it out natural person versus artificial person and you can free
yourself from the enslavement all right please wake up I know it sounds crazy
but you got to wake up ma’am stop living in this matrix of lies and deceit you’re
being lied to man why is it so hard for people they
just you get this like rolling of the eyes like leave me alone I just want to
go home and watch Tuesday night college football because that’s important yeah there’s cameras everywhere yeah oh
right Ian just get me out of here well I’ve raided to this immovable object and
a car like that lady earlier today when she was walking on the path Marilyn whizz be authentic go on YouTube
when you have quiet time and listen to Karen HUDs HUD es whistleblower all right we’ll do yeah you can show the CCT key up cameras
they’re in there everywhere especially here at the Fed I mean you have one
right here for crying out loud you have one up there you have one on the corner
on both of the corners of that building give me a break
are you filming me oh my gosh but people don’t have a problem with
their selfie cam filming them when they’re home doing who-knows-what behind
closed doors right if you think that you can walk around at home in your skivvies
with your Samsung TV right in front yeah hey just just select heads up just a
heads up that they are watching you and rumor has it that a lot of your 4k TVs
that entire screen is a camera so it’s not just the webcam that’s on the actual
TV itself the entire screen could be a camera how’s it going man hey red um hey
did you know that 9/11 was an inside job no didn’t know that hey you guys doing
hey terrific if you guys happen to know why on your
birth certificate and social security card your names are in capital letters
no it’s because you’re a corporation Google natural person and artificial
person when you get home you guys need to wake up and stop watching football bread and circuses that’s why our
country is the way that they are and why people don’t know that 9/11 was an
inside job and it was a planned demolition on those buildings airplanes
can’t cause steel buildings to collapse energy weapons can thanks everybody for coming by here
today it’s 11:00 33 3333 a.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday September 19
2017 thanks for hanging out in the chat I hope that this gives you some fire
under your ass to investigate why your name on your birth certificate and
social security card are in capital letters one person at a time we can
slowly wean ourselves away from the enslavement and you can actually own
your name you can actually own your person because at the moment if you have
not looked into Treasury direct accounts look into that and we’re live haven’t had too many can the connection
interruptions lately you can actually connect your birth
certificate to your PayPal account yeah I wouldn’t be surprised a professor in
2008 that told us the sorry about that another disconnection
SES I had a professor in 2008 that told us the US government turns on cellphone
mics and cams I’m surprised more people haven’t caught on yeah and they openly
admit that they can do that on like Samsung TVs and everything how y’all doing today hey great did you
know that 9/11 was an inside job yeah that those buildings collapsed
what’s demolition and you’re on camera everywhere you go ma’am so I don’t know
why haven’t you on camera with me is such a big deal you need to wake up
please do you notice how the girl on the left
with holding the bag she like tried to duck that’s hilarious
oh no how you doing sir hey right now man hey do you know why on your Social
Security card and birth certificate your name is in capital letters okay well
google natural person natural person and artificial person yeah I got a DVD here
for you to help you lead you on the way okay well I believe that too sir but I’m
using their own technology against them to wake the public up what are you gonna
do yeah all right man and if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your Savior you’re
gonna go to hell so you don’t care about anybody else but yourself yeah that’s because that’s productive
smoking weed before you go to church to collectively worship your God that
created you is productive and if you want to sit and do that your whole life
and play video games then you have gonna have a stern talking-to
by your Creator hey gentlemen doing hey terrific hey do you know happen to know
why your name is in capital letters on your birth certificate and social
security card okay I know you don’t man you just care about football and fantasy
football right yeah while you are most of Americans so yeah I kind of do it’s
sad considering you probably did watch football on Sunday so we are still here
at your 9th district fed Reserve Bank downtown Minneapolis no I don’t know and no I don’t care
that’s pretty much the general response and that’s pretty sad actually the views expressed on this channel will
offend the truth hurts it’s big pill to swallow but I’m not here to make friends
if you feel like sitting at home smoking marijuana and playing video games your
whole life and that’s gonna be a productive conversation when you die and
meet your maker I implore you you need to stop watching
football worrying about fantasy football playing video games thinking that
mainstream media has all your answers you are not supposed to be a part of
this world this is not your home you do not love this world you have to be in it
I mean yeah you got a you know like that guy with the glasses earlier he says he
doesn’t use computers which is probably a lie because he uses his phone which is
a cell phone which is better than the technology we use to get to the moon and
back but we destroyed it because we don’t need that anymore we need to educate our public and a and we’re back
so like I was saying we need to educate our children with the gun laws here in
our country so that we don’t have a bunch of scared
snowflakes who if they see a gun they think it’s illegal to actually carry a
gun on public property in Minnesota hey folks doing today hey did you know
that we never landed on the moon and that 9/11 was an inside job and the
planes can’t cause towers to collapse right sir you care about football more
than you do about truth sir about money you like money more most likely so educating our kids I would suggest that
we have our youth you know 14 years old and up have the opportunity to take gun
classes maybe even outside doesn’t even have to be on school property but I
don’t see why it can’t be and teach our kids proper gun respects and how to load
a gun hey loco good to see you Minnesota
Island yeah Maryland I’m not blaming marijuana I definitely do understand
that it can be used as a pop proper tool particularly with people who have
psychologic disorders you know when remedied it also has a lot of positive
benefits that’s why the tobacco companies and your cotton companies won’t allow they won’t allow him to be grown in this
country on a massive scale how’s it going sir hey terrific Thanks hey did
you know that baseballs and footballs can’t collapse steel buildings
all right well 9/11 was an inside job man wake up please
you need to take back our country yeah now he puts us headphones on which is why they won’t produce hemp on
a massive scale which is why they won’t allow cannabis oil to be used for
treatment of various illnesses like cancer are you a ladies hey I’m good
thanks hey do you happen to know why our birth
certificate and social security card our names are in capital letters no did you
know that you’re a court you’re labeled as a corporation like you you’re your
person is yeah I do have a DVD to explain kind of what I’m talking about
wanna be a so inclined to take it it’s free you don’t have you don’t have a
computer oh well I could if you go on to my
youtube channel I’ll buy you one so you can watch it no okay well did you know
that the reason why you’re going against the state versus you that means that you
are a corporation you’re going against the state when you go to jail or you get
fined or something like that so yeah if you youtube natural person
versus artificial person you’ll be better informed yeah hey guys 9/11 was an inside job okay it
was done by a shadow government not those who they portray on TV guys need
to wake up boom hey ma’am how are you today hey I’m
terrific Thanks see do you happen to know why our names are in capital
letters that are birth certificate and Social Security card no it actually
means that you’re a corporation did you know that okay yeah and I do have a DVD
here to help you kind of get privy to that information no you don’t want to be
informed you don’t want to take the information to be better informed about
who you are as a person on this county and the state and this corporation
called the United States or is it because you work for the establishment
and you don’t want to wake up that’s why when you go to jail or you get arrested
you’re versing the state and not the plaintiff or the defendant wake up ma’am hey ma’am how are you today hey terrific
did you know that 9/11 was an inside job and it was not done by those proscribed
by mainstream media it is why is that have you ever actually oh you don’t
so you live in a constant state of willful ignorance
okay well that’s denial ma’am and you’re drowning in it wake up please she runs
over jaywalking to avoid the conversation so you’re gonna J walk to
avoid the conversation huh that’s legal right you’re such a pious Pharisee ma’am
why are you jaywalking to avoid the conversation I don’t believe that even
though I’ve never actually looked into it but I’m gonna jaywalk because I’m a
Pharisee I don’t I don’t either I just it’s the
legal turn so I’m gonna use it jaywalking a lot of Jaybirds I guess set
up this group here coming yeah we got a group of zombies coming up here can you
get hit him right in the forehead get him right in the forehead how y’all doing today hey terrific did
you know that baseballs and footballs can’t knock down steel buildings
baseballs and if like if you throw a baseball at a steel building do you
think it’s gonna collapse no okay so why is it that an aluminum airplane can
knock down two of them 16 years ago okay have you ever actually looked into it
with 9/11 being an inside job no did you know that there were demolitions inside
those buildings no you know that those airplanes were
probably CGI Dover missiles yeah research building seven man wake up
please yeah the whole thing came down oh yeah it
came down about under nine seconds sure yes sir
so yeah I got money a certain portion of it would have been
a total wreck okay I mean a part of the buildings but
the whole building might not have come down now that we’re done to stand it had
have been set at different spots right yeah probably like every 10 floors or so
well whatever it was why the Anna be placed at set to touch it
sets aside plate insert Amy Kate wait play give spot
sure oh I doubt that okay what about using this logic that an
energy weapon helps facilitate those buildings to collapse okay okay what about building seven you
familiar with building seven okay it’s another federal building that was
collapsed just a few blocks away from the twin towers and yeah and silverstein
used the terminology to pull it and he was referring to the office fires that
were going on in building seven in the history of all steel buildings made on
the universe United States soil no building s collapsed due to office fires
not even that building in London collapsed yeah but he’d said pullet
which is a vernacular term used to demolish it which means that they were
already demolitions pre-placed in that building all right yeah
and BBC News actually broadcasted that building 7 collapsed minutes before it
actually did and it was live on TV that might be you know I’m just here to share
my opinion okay well I do have a DVD here to help
explain more no okay but logically logically that would make that would
make sense okay to me sure because because you just you don’t
take down the big buildings if you would damage it okay yeah but you
but there’ll be a certain segment of the building what about the idea that George
George Bush and the Saudis did it cater your debts or whatever
I do not think they would go anti-american David
okay well this cut this this building right here this building right here is
anti-american okay well yeah I’m not gonna Bowl this
place up at all I’m not no I’m into that and I know yeah I just want to inform
the public that’s all I know you because a peaceful demonstration and protests
actually will close a building like this down more so than a severe extreme
attack sure like in the future I mean you know peaceful protests well you’re
familiar with the sixteenth Amendment right okay well it has to do with taxing
Americans in the income tax and the Fed Reserve is actually illegal yeah and so
why is it that our why is it that my parents and my grandparents allowed that
building to be placed on our soil illegally alan greenspan said that there
is no debt that we couldn’t overcome because we could just print more money
and he was referring to the Fed Reserve yeah that’s all it is right exactly
all right yeah and so that’s why we’re in debt right now what’s that NASA good
thing because I think we should be doing that why sure yeah yep I get it okay but here’s
the problem money uh-huh it’sit’s that that be we don’t
know we wouldn’t even have to be in debt at all if the money all right like you
take your little budget you know what to put here to spend here
to here and there and still come out good
it’s that it’s honest forward you go to the large for him legitimately that you were on it you got some bucket right
here okay
like think only sure I appreciate your opinion but DC logically we’ve got all the temple wood your kindness sneaked at me here
and the wolf a we didn’t know what happened to find out sure like the
trillions lost literally days days before 9/11 not every part is there politicians
periodically kind of do a job okay did you know that most of them are probably
Freemasons that maybe yeah why do we have secret societies in our country
my dad was traveling the Freemason of Mason’s come on my dad do it sure so he came up here and he
became a master carpenter in the apartment okay everything and that so he
oh yeah I know please mention effective a system I’ve
heard enough okay he said I wouldn’t
good you know secret oaths are against the law of God for sure I know but he’s
yeah whatever you’re grieving what you said I’m not going to join no I don’t
think you’re all wet but I did want to clarify just two things real quick with
you NASA is a massive deception on the
American public and on earth because outer space doesn’t exist sir we’ve
never landed on the moon we can’t travel to other planets and the furthest that
we could probably go is 62 miles which is the Karman line and that’s where the
separation between our atmosphere and the quote outer space become the window
per se right outer space yeah so we might actually live under a dome sir
like God describes in the Bible many times and in the earth is a level
motionless plane and not a ball like we’re taught in school so NASA is lying
to us with CGI images about outer space so and second thing about our debt if we
were to collect all of the money like literally all of the cash that we have
on earth our debt would go away because that’s how they’re creating debt is
through the income tax we are paying the interest yeah well that’s why we work is
because we pay the income tax on the interest of the Fed Reserve so that then
they can print more money so appreciate your time sir what’s your
name bro Charles I’m Joshua I am – sir I just know what I need to
know okay okay might be years it might be
whatever sure I got seeing and even in four first verse those dollars good
actually take it off the shelf take it down or in
any part of a new floor yeah or whatever it’s just a little
like me sure I caught a minute and you gotta see what and if it turned
out to be true then I’m gonna buy it don’t divide that part and put those
do you buy what they sell on mainstream news no okay yeah did you know that they
are legally allowed to propagate lies on the news yeah
George Bush actually admitted that yeah yeah they can propagate lies on news so
well they’re all they’re all part of secret societies man you know appreciate your conversation
Charles hey no you uh you helped a conversation that you know I don’t know
everything done either doe but I do encourage the public to investigate and
question everything that the establishment tells us yeah right Mendes education great brought me in at the age of 13 and save
oh great so I’m just like two things that I only do things I look at what’s
out what do area your relationship with God through Jesus
Christ oh oh it should be okay well you have to have a relationship with God
through Jesus Christ right right okay yeah so you believe in once saved always
saved like you can just live your life however you want yeah okay so if I
believe in Christ then that’s okay then I can fornicate with this girl for the
rest of my life no okay but the way it’s once saved always saved oh okay you’re gonna get you gonna leave that
stuff because that I got the devil sure Detlef kingdom which is here on earth no
yes okay well okay sir
I don’t can’t agree with that man this is Devils this is the devil’s playground
sir the devil has blinded the eyes of the wise he’s got to keep working you never
what you get through Christmas why I’m Sam you
okay but you have to examine yourself daily
to know that you’re in the faint right where’s my shit I got it roof over my
head and we’re Mic Check coming from yes what most people carefully do that I
worried about everything okay only first sure the rest of it the Lord work it out
something all right well appreciate it Charles I’m
going to walk around a little bit have a good afternoon see safe out there men right on stay safe out there men have a
good bike ride all right yeah this is the devil’s Kingdom right here that
building was built by him and for him and all the kingdoms of the world are
his legally so if you want to go down a legal path of who owns this reality is
Satan which is why he was able to offer Christ the kingdoms of the world because
he legally owns this reality and the only way that you can have a
relationship with your God and not this God here it’s through the
blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
so get your house right and by that I mean your heart not your literal house
unless it’s dirty and you have cockroaches that’s just gross my sky is
blue I know hey that’s because it rained overnight and so we got chemtrail
puffy clouds these are acts these look like real clouds not chemtrails so we’re gonna go post up here noodles yeah that’s pretty much my diet microchipping employees Micro Thanks all right Jim hey how’s it going sir hey did you know
that we live on a level motionless plane and not a ball like we’re taught in
school that the earth is not a sphere in outer space and it’s not real okay
investigate Flat Earth and wake up please stop watching football
for a week I mean just one week you know ever by week bolmae no problem Jen
perfect timing for that guy who was really ready to have a conversation
right I’m gonna pray over this place and shut
this place down bye have a bi-week
hey Lord I just come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ that this place
be shut down and that the money used coming out of this place be used for
good and not evil that you would bring the monies to the people and the
Hurricanes and the poor countries and that you would deliver these people who
work here to your son and that they would wake up in the name of Jesus
Christ but this guy walking in he would stop watching football and entertainment
and the bread and circuses that are going on in this country that’s so
delude and deceive and distract my fellow Americans and my fellow human
beings and that the cathedrals called US Bank Stadium silver dome and all that
other malarkey be shut down and that we have a revelation that we have revival
in this country now people wake up and stop being food spoon fed lies by NASA
and by our mainstream government and by our politicians which is all an act and
that the secret societies and their lies be brought out into truth and out in the
open and that we will properly bring these people to justice and hold these
people accountable for poisoning our food and poisoning our water and killing
our skies with GMO in Jesus name that this guy coming out right here he would
have a an awakening then he would be brought down by the Holy Spirit to his
knees and wake up in Jesus name at this building and Neel Kashkari be brought to
his knees and this guy right here he would stop watching football and being
deceived by bread and circuses that everybody in this building would wake up
and understand that this place is a vessel for the enemy
on this country and on this earth and that these ladies who believe that they
are walking in right step with the Lord that they would be convicted that they
would understand that the sixteenth amendment is a lie in a deception and
that the income tax is fraud please educate our youth Lord so that we bring
these people down into a new revival in Jesus name
boom Holy Spirit all up in this place sick and tired of those Americans being
deceived who lied to this place needs to be shut down all the witchcraft that’s done at 3:00
a.m. you guys think you’re gonna keep being
able to get away with this your day is going to come and it might not come very
soon and I might not be on this earth
physically when you guys are brought down I hope I am I hope I’m here for the
new revival for the time when this place is brought down by our Lord with fire in
his eyes and he strikes this place with his lightning and his truth cuz people need to wake up yeah exactly lunch break I’m gonna hate
beheading over that Japanese restaurant get some free food on noodles maybe some
sushi yeah I saw a part of trumps little got these gentlemen gentlemen coming up
behind me I felt sure
terrific I’m good thanks hey did you know that 9/11 was an inside job
yeah well wake up man stop watching football for a couple weeks and then
investigate your truths yeah oh yeah that’s what I do man too bad Trump didn’t read this while he
was up there how’s it going man hey terrific hey did
you know that 9/11 was an inside job oh yeah okay so the truth you don’t want
to talk about how about fantasy football you want to talk about fantasy football
no the sixteenth amendment is fraud sir and the Fed reserve building needs to be
shut down and audited the place that you work at too many people our mum
how to deceive the world and control and oppress and destroy society to do it
huge but departmentalized and hierarchy so as to be invisible an illusion it
will be so large and so vast it will escape their perception those will see
it and it will be thought to be insane we will create separate fronts to
prevent them from seeing the connection between us we will behave as if we are
not connected to keep the illusion alive your politics may be our goal will be
accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring some suspicions upon
ourselves this will also prevent them from seeing
the changes as they occur we will work together always and will remain bound by
blood and secrecy death will come to him who speaks of this we will keep their
lifespan short in their minds week while pretending to do the opposite
to use chemistry for poisoning and we will use our knowledge of science and
technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening will we use
soft metals aging accelerators and sedatives and food and water and also
spray the air they will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn and the
poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them in what they eat
drink breathe and where medicine will be used to aggravate illnesses and we will
create that medicine to make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we
will create more medicine for we will render them docile and week through our
power and fluoride their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say
and if they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into
their lives the fear and the capitalism of communism
and we will create all of it we will use fear as our weapon we will establish
their governments and establish opposites within them and we will
control both sides we will enslave them through employment and they will perform
labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil by them paying the income tax
on the interest for our fed reserve right here we will preserve our racial
purity and our families shall never mix with theirs our blood will always be
pure for it is the way we will pit all of them against each other like dogs
like on those Antipa riots and protests over this last weekend and at Berkeley
we will teach them to kill each other when it suits us we will keep them
separated from oneness by dogma and religion the subtle and control methods
we will use to control all aspects of their lives and to tell them what to
think and how to think through indoctrination through school and
mainstream media we will guide them gently and not let them think that we
are the ones that are guiding them we will create mutual hatred for everyone
we will foment a Massa tea between them through our factions when a light shall
shine among them we shall extinguish it by ridicule death or whichever best
suits us we will make them rip each other’s
hearts out and kill their own children through abortion and vaccines they will
bathe in our blood they will bathe in their own blood and
kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit
we will benefit greatly from this for they will not see us for they cannot see
us where we will prosper from their wars and from their deaths and what watch
them walk around and enslaved we will make them live in fear and anger
through mainstream media in the fake Wars we will use their tools we have to
accomplish this the tools will be provided by their labor the truth of the
oneness will be kept and we will make them hate themselves and their neighbors
no matter what color they are we will always hide and divide the truth from
them that we are all one and they must never know this drop by drop we will
advance our goal patience is perseverance we will take over their
land their resources and wealth to exercise total control over them we will
deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom that they
have we will establish a money system that will imprison them forever and keep
them and their children in debt we will disarm them and when they band together
we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world
for we shall own all of the media when they shall rise up against us we shall
crush them like insects for we perceive them as less than us they will be
helpless to do anything for they have no weapons and we will take their guns we
will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans we will promise them
eternal life but eternal life they will never have for it is not for them it is
for us the truth will be hidden in their face
so close that they will not be able to focus on it until it is too late oh yes
the lie will be so grand and so big and the illusion of freedom will be that and
they will never know that they are our slaves when all of this is in place the
reality we have created for them and we will own their minds and their beliefs
and we will establish this for eternity if they ever find out that that we are
that they are equal to us we shall perish secrecy is key this they must
never know for if they ever find out and come together to vanquish us they will
take action they must never find out and never know that we have no place to run
the educated and the knowledge of power is with them but they are ignorant no
one shall give a shelter this is the secret covenant by which we shall live
the rest of our lives and for future lives for this reality will transcend
many generations and lifespans this covenant they seal with their blood and
your blood as you give it to them your silence is oh hey what’s up man hey good
so you work here Oh get some coffee okay you’re kind of a far away from your home
yeah okay you’re kind of far away from where you work I do know where you work
you work at Paisley Park where Prince works used to work I know you are Scott
Lawrence yeah because you showed up so yeah I’m gonna actually go eat at this
Japanese restaurant so this everybody is Scott Lawrence also known as positively
godless yeah positively godless that’s no you’re
not positive about anything then so this guy shows up on various times when I do
live streams to troll me and to instigate some kind of conversation and
to be honest with you I think he’s a little but hurt that he can’t comment on
my live streams or in any of my chat rooms because he gets he gets banned by
the viewers not by me I’ve never actually banned you Scott
Lawrence the people the people in the chat room ban you
so when you see positively godless in the chatroom that’s this guy right here
I do no you don’t then that’s that’s spurred the people in the chat room not
by me men so what about the cameras yeah because this
is the Fed Reserve building do it and they have money inside so what’s your
point nature company
why do I think they have cameras there because we were moving towards a police
state and they want to know everything about you and they are doxxing you yeah
that is security purposes from who them or us like what kind of event like a
real actual event when does when this a real actual event called quote terrorism
happens as far as
okay now if that that’s fine yeah but they
also use means like that to make it seem like that’s what they’re using it for
but they’re using it for and to give us a police state I’m not gonna have a
conversation with you right here I’m gonna go into the restaurant
what see the thing see the thing is Scott what Scott does folks is he shows
up when I say when I’m gonna go and leave moments before I end my livestream
so that it makes it seem like I’m avoiding conversation I said that I was
going to be done with my livestream and around 12:20 or so that’s 90 minutes so
it’s an hour and 33 minutes so you show up to talk to me before I end my
livestream and then I say I’m not gonna have this conversation with you because
no I’m clarifying for the people out in the live YouTube that this guy shows up
to troll me moments before I end my livestream and says see now you don’t
want to have a conversation with me so and yeah I’m gonna file and so yeah so
I’m gonna file a restraining order against Scott Lawrence for showing up
and costing me and and threatening me with his presence so no you can you can send me a message on
YouTube or through email no you have it no no you haven’t know what you do is
you belittle my activity on public property and call me either crazy or
mock and ridicule me that’s how you communicate online yeah tonight I’m
gonna show everybody your information okay that’s set the messages that you
sent to me okay and then I’m gonna say that this is how you communicate you
don’t say hey Josh I’d love to have a conversation with you
off camera let’s meet up somewhere and let’s just hash things out no we’re not
we’re not talking about a public thing on lie on live yeah yeah but how do you
think you and I are gonna have a friendship Noby you do that that’s what you do your
name is positively godless you have no hearts you have no love except for you
and your family you can’t walk around and talk to me in a public vicinity and
act like you have any sense of morals or godly love in your heart without coming
after me in a evil manner like name-calling and ridicule okay
sure okay yeah big breath okay what’s your point you need a you need a schedule that
through email okay and I have my email information available on YouTube yeah I
do so you should probably try to do that and then if I can squeeze you in
I’d love to in time oh you do you think so do you think so oh you don’t know
anything about me and you don’t know what I spend my time doing yeah and hey Scott I said that I was
gonna go to that restaurant fifteen minutes after I was just came over here
so if you want to sit in the restaurant away from me
that’s fine cuz you’re not gonna sit at the same table as me because I’m going
in there to have an experience in the restaurant because I was invited by the
management to come in yeah so so maybe you should go home okay and go on your
email and email me a proper message and invite me out too and then we’ll go from
there but showing up while I’m live moments before I’m gonna end it is
public property yeah but to say that I’m leaving and avoiding a conversation with
you when I had Artie’s likes before at the Lynx game you did we can replay it
letter replay it I said that before
sure you have any identification on you at all okay can I see it please okay why
can’t I see it okay an officer of the law doesn’t get your permission to get
your ID either no he doesn’t man see even understand you law unless you have
actually committed a crime or have been suspension but as me as being just like
us yeah is you are a corporation man that’s why your name is capital letters
on your birth certificate and social security cards okay so do you are you
against me are you against me on you’re at the Fed Reserve or is this like a
flatter thing okay I can so this is more about Scott Lawrence here everybody this
is more about him coming to want to be on camera so that he can what what is
your point rule being here real quick you got two minutes yeah okay
I know everything is a conspiracy with you and I don’t understand that
mentality I could get like colic somebody can question that say the JFK
assassination okay so you can question that one I
think and that’s where it’ll put on get
because how is happiness or those that were planes that went in
the building the moon landing isn’t real everything
do you love this place like you love this world and mainstream media and the
establishment like are they your God like are they your daddy and they take
care of you you believe everything they say you know who the establishment is
yeah well let’s say just the court system and mainstream media okay well
bubbler I’m asking you quick questions so the court system doesn’t have any
doesn’t have any freemasons secret society involvement okay all right so
what about mainstream media you believe everything mainstream media says is
there anything that you don’t believe we’ve been taught growing up okay so
okay because he’s conspiracy right okay I mean I mean like something that we
have been taught and told like Sandy Hook okay
so saying that kids didn’t die people should be happy about that right but you
want to say kids did doesn’t that sound evil okay you were
there kids that survived i if I was at the
Super Bowl that following year I could have been never met one so I don’t I’ve
never been there so so you got one more minute to explain what why you’re here
yeah I would I would because there crisis actor Scott Lawrence from Paisley
Park working at prints establishment in Chanhassen Minnesota I can come being
more kind on being more kind to you than the people in the chat room are right
now okay so do you have any identification or else I’m going to call
the police I need to see your identification sir because you’re
following me and I need to know your identity so that I can find out where
you live and send the proper papers to your house no we’re not having a
conversation dude okay so you had your time’s up Scott Lawrence so I’m gonna
walk around here all right so we’re here no me see
japanese restaurant you some noodles hangout yeah
Scott Lawrence expect to get some papers in the mail
man okay I told you email me and have a proper
conversation but since you don’t want to that’s talking dude and I have plenty of
information to send to you yeah right and they have like they have tables out here to sit out and
nobody can sit out here so thanks everybody for coming by
I’m making sure that Scott Loras walks away
have a good afternoon everybody and I might be on later tonight yeah


  1. I got news for the "government", I don't consent, not any more. These institutions like youtube will never try to fight you in a public arena if you know your true rights and those are granted by God, not government but you can still beat them by their own rules. We are allowed to record in public and that isn't a right given by government, it's just recognized as obvious that you cannot expect privacy in a public setting; it's impossible.

  2. These people are sad. Hemp could be a world changer and it's better than wood from trees and can be harvested twice a year while trees take over 20 years! Time to wake up people. They are scamming you. There is the corporate body or artificial body that the government assumes you are and the natural person who you have forgotten you are. After God's law there is no other laws. Man does not have the right to author "rights" or laws. It's against natural law, so it's doomed to fail. There is only God's law, period.

  3. personification of philosophy,
    magnification of geography,
    corporation of astronomy,
    investigation of photography
    decimation of bureaucracy,
    suffocation of debauchery,
    cessation of atrocity,
    consideration of theology,
    coordination of geometry,
    rejuvenation of autonomy,
    authentic intent is quality,
    he is live streaming constantly,
    he borders on hostility,
    he crushes all the wannabe's
    flat earth standin strong,
    flat earth staying long,
    flat earth makin songs,
    flat earth banging gongs,
    flat earth never wrong.
    flat earth God has won.

  4. wrong gospel Josh….God is going to save the whole world….all creatures that he made, thru the cross of Christ.Telling them they are going to hell is helping to keep people in false fear of eternal torment in fire!!Do you not know he who does not know LOVE does not know God??? That is NOT what the true gospel teaches….notice I did not say that God wont judge the world thru Christ either?? Thats because he WILL judge the whole world…and then after he executes His RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENTS and carries the sentence out according to His levitical laws(of which there is NO punishment where peoples souls LIVE in fire let alone for all eternity!!)This is yet another one of the biggest deceptions ever foisted upon the world by religious zealots who have no clue that Gods righteous judgements are designed to chastise(with PURPOSE as every father does to teach his children…do you have children Josh??) with the cause of TEACHING THEM RIGHTEOUSNESS! Notice I did not say the wicked will be LIGHTLY judged…on the contrary;they will be meted with all of Gods indignation,wrath,and fury…and they will be cast into the SECOND death and will die until the consummation.The doctrine of the immortality of the human soul is a doctrine of devils….and is leading BILLIONS on the wide road to destruction. Satan and his evil elohim will also be cast into the lake of fire and they WILL be tormented DAY AND NIGHT for THE EONS OF THE EONS….(NOT forever and ever…eternity HAS NO DAY AND NIGHT….and for the EONS of the EONS is for the final eon in Gods TIME ORIENTED calendar}….and it could last for 10000 years for all we know…we are not told…but it is NOT for all eternity with no purpose to His judgements whatsoever except for the glee of watching them suffer in agony as humanistic depravity thinks .That is NOT what Gods TRUE character is and neither was His Sons cross a 100% failure! Have you not read any of Pauls epistles??As a matter of fact the salvation of all creation is written throughout the bible….IF you have an accurate translation(actually you can still see Gods true plan in the KJV IF you truly understand the literal meaning of keys words that were changed by the Church of England!!)Wow….do you really think God is that weak and wishy washy?? He creates billions of beings and knows full well that most will never trust Him in this current wicked eon….so he just created them FOR THE PURPOSE OF THEM BURNING IN AGONY FOREVER????And you call that nongod LOVE and ALL POWERFUL and the CREATOR OF ALL????Sorry dude but you have been sorely deceived concerning God and His Son!!Have you not read that when Isreal was roasting their children by burning them alive to a giant red hot iron statue of Baal or Molech in the valley of slaughter….and he said that it NEVER ENTERED HIS HEART THAT THEY WOULD DO SUCH AN ABOMINATION!! And you think God is going to to a trillion times worse???By torturing billions FOREVER??????????????Come on man….wake up man….and stop listening to indoctrinated men who say they are teaching Gods word…OR church officials who oversaw the translation of the KJV!!! Goodness sakes….you do realize that YOU Josh will give an account for teaching people that God is a sadistic monster of unspeakable horror right??????????????????Satan transfigures himself into a being of LIGHT….and He sounds right and feels right…but he is taking the place of Christ!! Yes we should have a hatred for evil…but not to eternally torture them in fire…but that they would learn righteousness!! Yes Jesus Christ will return and will wipe out this world system and in vengence and very swift…but that is NOT the end of the story Josh!! I thought you were an investigator????????????????Do you not think the doctrines of the most wicked religion on the face of the earth and the biggest cult should be INVESTIGATED????????????????????????????You are too invested in NOW….He is coming to destroy this whole world system…not to REFORM IT!!!

  5. And just so we are clear….this has zero to do with what you are doing activism wise….and I am not a troll. I am merely doing the same activism you are except it has to do with life and death for the next oncoming eons. Please read everything I have posted….and HEAR the true gospel….and I hope you come to the realization of the depths of Gods love and the power of His might to save and reconcile ALL in the end josh.Gospel…or more literal EVANGEL… means GOOD NEWS FOR ALL….not just for a sectarian FEW who supposedly made the right FREEWILL choice to get saved….which BTW is them saving themselves by their own superiority rather than Christ giving His ecclesia HIS FAITH…for it is the faith OF Christ that saves us NOT our faith IN Christ that saves us!! One is relying entirely upon Christ and His work of transcendant GRACE saving us, and the other is relying on our own faith because WE made a wise choice but those suckers over there ….well too bad for them eh??? Dont you think they deserve to be saved too josh?? Are they too not deceived as you were????THINK about what I am saying…because these are the most important words you will ever hear in this wicked messed up world…and if you are believing the wrong evangel(which is not one) then you are serving ANOTHER Christ Jesus….I am praying for you Josh….and just so you know….the four beasts of daniel are not political beasts…they are RELIGIOUS beasts who rule the political climate in this wicked eon.The root of all the evil in this world is mens RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS….and by that I mean ALL OF THEM!!

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