Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – "Medicine" – Bonnaroo 2011 (Official Video) | Bonnaroo365


  1. I remember her playing in barns or similar outdoor outings for smaller crowds she built it up two major crowds now but still one of the sexiest women in a rock and roll band you go girl sing it to the world Rock on

  2. From 5:11 to 6:57 – one of the best drum solos (?) I've ever heard. Certainly the prettiest and maybe the happiest.

  3. I think as a drummer, I wouldn't want to see my bandmates messing with my kit while I'm performing live.

  4. She wants to spread her love……… every which way she can?!?! How generous!! Where do we get in line?? Hahaa!!

  5. I've commented before, but what an astounding performance!!!!! Needed to hear something that rocks Heart and Soul

  6. They are just raw talent anda breath of fresh air music needs today and music lovers have always enjoyed over the listening to rock n roll and blues before the arrival of MTV manufactured pop .What an amazing stage presence and a real tight band. Janis Joplin reborn with an even better and fun band of musicans . Cheers.Keep rocking

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