Grad Studies in Applied Math at the University of Waterloo: Mathematical Medicine & Biology Group

One thing that made this university stand out was the research at this school. There were many different research fields that I’d never heard of before, such as mathematical oncology. I had never thought that math could be applied to something as cool as cancer research. Math biology and medicine have emerged in the 21st century as one of the central areas of applied mathematics. But more than this, they have the potential to make a significant impact in the quality of life. I was interested in applying mathematics to real-world problems and taking my degree to
the next level. I was particularly interested in the study
of disease outbreak and how we can predict fatal epidemic outbreaks and hopefully aid control. My favorite thing about being in this department is that I get to do something interdisciplinary. So the idea of applying math to something not foreign, but different – like biology – is just very cool for me. The combination of experimental, computational and theoretical study make our graduate students in a unique position for employment in academic and non-academic jobs such as in pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. In the Applied Math Department, PhD students have the opportunity to lecture a class at some point. And this is a great opportunity if you want to gain teaching experience
Or if you just want to broaden your field and see what it’s like to work with students.
As a grad student, I really enjoy the extra responsibility you get.
Particularly with regards to teaching the undergraduates and sharing your research ideas with other professors. We have a very unique opportunity here for mathematics students who are interested to be involved in biology and vice versa, a biology student who would like to enter into mathematics.
One of the things I like about being a member of this department is the close relationships that form between the students and the professors. And I feel that this fosters an environment
for collaborative research and sharing of ideas.

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