Graduate Certificate of Pharmaceutical Public Health

The expanding scope of practice of pharmacists
has necessitated the development of new post graduate offerings and we have embraced this
at James Cook University by introducing a brand new offering. It is practice relevant and flexible, it is
the Graduate Certificate of Pharmaceutical Public Health and what is particularly exciting
is that it is the first of its kind in Australia. Pharmaceutical Public Health is a relative
new and rapidly developing specialty within pharmacy practice and it focuses on health
from a slightly different perspective to traditional pharmacy practice or clinical pharmacy which
generally focuses on the healthcare of the individual. Pharmaceutical Public Health focuses on the
provision of health services from a population perspective or a larger community perspective. Briefly some examples, community pharmacy
would be the role in terms of chronic disease management and vaccination. In hospital pharmacy the whole agenda of medication
safety, and then in the other roles we look at things like pharmacogenomics and supply
chain. It’s a growing area overseas. Internationally a lot of governments particularly
in developing countries but also in countries like the UK and the USA are recognising that
pharmacists are currently under-utilised in the area of public health. I studied the Masters of Pharmaceutical Public
Health part-time, as well as working at the Townsville Hospital part-time. I was a little intimidated when I first started
that, wondering how I was going to fit that in with young children, home life, but it
actually all worked quite well. I found the flexibility of the course and
the fact it was offered online really helped me manage my time.

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