Graduate Education Program – Penn State College of Medicine

[MUSIC PLAYING] We have a diverse
group of students that come from all over the world. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s really something for
everybody here at Hershey. I think the benefits of choosing
Penn State College of Medicine include personalized attention
and small class sizes, the connection
with the hospital. It’s not in a big city so
it’s affordable living. The College of
Medicine is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. But even though
it’s a small town, there’s really a
lot going on here. It’s a nice town. It’s safe. We’re also very close to
Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York. And it smells like chocolate. I really wanted to
come to Penn State. I only applied to two
schools, to be honest. I took that risk. I was like, OK, it has to
be Penn State or nothing. I really love it. I think the biggest thing
that draws students here is just the fact that we’re
situated on a clinical campus. And the ability not only
to do bench talk research but to take those
findings to the bedside is of paramount importance. That’s a big advantage of
having a college of medicine with a medical center. I actually make it a
point every morning to walk through the hospital. It kind of reminds me of why
I’m here and what I’m doing is important. Besides just being at
the College of Medicine, we have a strong
connection, of course, because we’re part of
Penn State University. They make it really easy to go
back and forth to main campus if you have any collaborator
there or anything like that. We have a shuttle that
runs between the two campuses every day. It’s a small town with
a reach of Penn State still, so it’s nice. Hi, Bobby. Hi, Dr. Wong. Here at Penn State Hershey,
the faculty are available to us pretty much 24/7. The students get a
lot of one-on-one mentoring and advising. And we think that’s one of
the strengths of the College of Medicine’s programs. We’re able to really
connect with faculty on an individual level. I think the students
feel a close kinship and camaraderie, esprit
de corps, with each other. Everybody smile. It’s really nice to
be in an environment where people are
here to help you. Students help each other. You don’t have labs
that are shut off on one from one another. I saw that when I came here. You didn’t see that
in many other places. That spirit of collaboration is
very, very strong at Hershey. I think that’s really good. We have a great passion for the
science and research that we do, and we want to bring
along the next generation of scientists to release
them into the world and let them do great things. We don’t pigeonhole students
into any career track. We help them to achieve
the goals that they would like to achieve. The students are so
brilliant and motivated to do great things in science. It’s a wonderful experience
to really develop a student to their fullest potential. Hey, I’ve found
someone who wants to see research in action. A student should consider
Penn State College of Medicine because of the focused
attention from the professors, the connection with the
clinical side of research, and I think Hershey’s a
great city to live in. For me, personally, I think
it’s a friendly environment in which I can thrive. And any student that
shares the same idea, I think this is the
best place for them. [MUSIC PLAYING] So if you’re the kind of
person that’s self-motivated, that wants to do good
research, get a PhD, make some great
connections along the way, if that’s what you want,
this is the place for you. Come join us at Hershey. We’d love to have you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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