Graduate Medical Education: Training Tomorrow's Doctors

I'm really glad I came here I'm glad I made this choice dr. Y ardent ahan is talking about her choice to do her family practice residency at banner good samaritan medical center it's a great program very friendly which is important because it's hard to learn and to really do better if if you're nervous or scared all the time so it's great to have such an open environment Tahaan a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Medicine was a high school teacher in Phoenix before she turned her focus to becoming a doctor banner Arizona's chief academic officer dr. Alan Leibovitz says Good Sam works hard to make sure new doctors here have everything they need to learn the nature of how we are it's a very high find this a very nurturing atmosphere I didn't create it it was here when I got here and it's grown and it's having the right people in place to continue it and that starts with the physicians and instructors in banners high tech simulation Center which is one of the first places new doctors will see patients and our patient today is a simulated patient that's able to respond physiologically meaning blood pressure pulse eye blinking etc they can react to you they can present with certain symptoms and you can actually do physical exam and procedures on them that's huge because as as a patient you don't want the first time somebody does something to be to you and ob/gyn residents like dr. michael lee avec can peer inside the body and perform surgery on a patient that is nothing more than a computer program having the free time to come down here and practice it definitely improves our skills and makes it much safer for the patient but dr. Leibovitz says what sets Banner apart is that even surrounded by the latest technology the human touch remains well patient safety would be number one goal for us then quality of what happens to that patient to make sure the outcome is good so we're talking about quality we're talking about outcomes there are no untoward effects and that the patient gets out of the hospital in this setting or out of the clinic without any harm being done that means residents still see patients so you have to be there you have to be working with the patient you have to be able to develop a relationship with your patients and none of that can be done through a buck anything hurting here when I'm touching does it hurt where does it but after dr. tahan performs her exam an attending physician will examine her work originally there were no issues although kind of toward the end they mentioned that she had this stomach pains so it's great to have it was dr. keneley or any other of my attendings be able to point those things out and say well I just read this and and this is the study and this is what we advise if we're getting experience in there are as well and under close supervision having the attending staff watch us and guide us and and dr. Leibovitz says that includes looking at more than just clinical knowledge we are measuring their communication skills we're measuring how they work on teams but it's great to have staff and you know Co residents and attending positions that you get along with it's also important for the patients because whatever patients I'm taking care of my co residents are also taking care of them in my attendings and I don't want to give my patients to people who are mean or who don't care about patients more than 270 doctors train every year at Banner Good Samaritan in five residency programs and in numerous fellowships creating a program turning out the best doctors ready to deliver the best for their patients and everyone together has the shared goal of providing optimal patient care and you know having a smile on your face while you're doing it so it's great that I know my patients are well taken care of by everyone who walks into the room not just me


  1. Highly impressed with the teaching methodology. It is difficult to set up such teaching learning modalities in low resource setting like ours but I am still keen to develop such set up. Can somebody guide me on this?

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