Graduate Medical Education

health care providers receive continuing education credits for their participation and seminars and conferences and so we see it as being very important to bring people here to the Medical Center to educate us about research and health care issues that focus on health disparities a heck provides a number of high quality continuing education programs and all of our faculty members are invited to produce and incorporate their research and clinical teaching into a video tape presentation and this is bank by a heck and clinicians from all over the state can subscribe to these and obtain siiii credit for attending and watching as we've had several projects we've worked on together that have been really great one of them is out from preceptor to clinical teaching associate partnership which is a partnership between Novant Health Wake Forest Baptist Forsyth tech and winston-salem State and Northwest a hick and they pretty much coordinate it but we all work together to train staff nurses to be clinical instructors if we don't have the expertise in-house and we really find that we need a continuing education offering we can often reach out to Northwest a head and they can help find that expertise we try to partner with our local pharmacy organizations to defer costs of our programming for continuing education again through home study alternatives as well as live feed of through technology where people can stay in the Boone area and actually go to the center and view the continuing education program that's live from Winston has been a great alternative without the support of Northwest a hey I'm certain our residency program could not be as large as it is the residents would not have opportunities that they have and it funds not just our teaching of the north of our residents but it funds some things that are going on within the the entire learning environment and because schools of Nursing across the nation have been struggling to increase to increase capacity simply because of the lack of Val kulti we have been able to partner with Northwest a hat or the number of initiatives once the same state has been able to facilitate the infusion of many inactive registered nurses back into the workforce during this most important time in the professions history and so once the same state university at Northwest a hag they've been the catalyst for making this transition back into the workforce happen for many nurses in North Carolina it's just been a great relationship and it's something that we hope we can continue in the future you

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