Great Healthcare in Cuba Sicko Style

do you have good healthcare lately I've heard that we Americans get terrible care that in Canada Britain even in Cuba people get much better care hello his new hit documentary sicko Michael Moore takes some sick Americans to Cuba along the way to we're happy check out the music he plays in the movie all this game all is happy in-game actually not everybody is happy and not everyone is gay it's one of the poorest countries in the world having said that they've done a few things right Moore's movie claims socialized medicine that is government-run medicine is great and it's why Cubans get better care than Americans they believe in preventive medicine and it seems like there's a doctor on every block when Moore's group arrived they were taken to a special section of this showcase hospital I asked them to give us the same exact care they give their fellow Cuban citizens no more no less and that's what they did I think that's what they did I know that's what they did it ever tells me they have yes they have a clinic in every neighborhood in Cuba this isn't just me saying this you know all the World Health Organization's or whatever have confirmed that if there's one thing they do right in Cuba it's health care and and there's very little debate about that oh there's plenty of debate these films that try to portray the healthcare in Cuba as being superior they are lacking in providing truth cuban-born human rights advocate dr. Jose Carlos says Moore's movie tells lies and there are plenty of pictures like these smuggled out of Cuba to tell a different story a story of dilapidated hospitals with bleak roofs where patients have to hang clothes to dry on the windows filthy conditions floors covered with bugs patients who are neglected some who starve George hoots ax who writes the anti-castro website the real Cuba calm says Moore and his group were taken to part of this hospital that's reserved for the privileged elite she says gets special treatment they don't go to the hospital for regular Cubans they go to hospital for the elite and you know very different condition one Cuban doctor told us we are crazy with desperation for lack of healthcare this YouTube clip posted by a woman from Venezuela shows the two forms of health care in Cuba this one for the privileged to pay in dollars and this one pharmacies with empty for regular Cubans they live at least a month longer than we do more claim because Cubans get such good health care they live longer and it is true that a UN report claims that they live longer but the UN didn't gather any data itself the United Nations simply reports whatever the government in Cuba reports exactly communist countries are famous for hiding the truth so why today would we believe the Cuban government statistics and Cuba claims it has low infant mortality with doctors tell us the data is misleading because when there might be problems they just abort the fetus yes what I mean I personally used to do 70 to 80 abortions a day they told me I should end the pregnancy Yonex Sanchez's doctors told her her fetus had signs of Down syndrome and should not be born but it made it fitting it was my very first pregnancy I wanted to have the child there is something else they do some doctors say if the child dies a few hours after birth they don't count it as ever having lived it changes the number even though the same number of children may be dying or more why would we believe these comparisons all the independent health organizations in the world and even our own CIA believes that the Cubans have a pretty good health system and they do in fact live longer than we do but when we called the CIA they said we never said that Cuba has a pretty good health system or that they live longer in fact the CIA says Americans average 78 years of life versus 77.1 in Cuba again the date of it does say Cubans live longer comes straight from the Cuban government why believe what they say about how long you got to direct your interview here but you know cute you know Cuba's the red herring let's stick to Canada and Britain in this stuff because I think these are legitimate arguments that are made against the film and against the so-called idea of socialized medicine and I think you should challenge me on these things and then and I'll give you my answer okay next week on 20/20 will do just that we'll spend the entire hour on health care and I'll fight with Michael Moore about what works best private sector does everything better because they compete private sector does everything better you are like so thirteenth-century I love this that's next week we call it whose body is it anyway sick in America we'll be right back


  1. I'm not against Free medical care…But,,The government should not push it down Americans throat…Government medical care is a failure in Canada,,A failure in England,,A failure in China,,A failure in every Nation who offers it…My niece lives in England,,it took seven months too have surgery..Important surgery..She was put on a medical list…That Is Gov't Free across the board Medical treatment for You…

  2. Now,I've lost all respect for mike Moore…For him to go too Cuba and state that they have better Medical care than the USA,,Just made mike Moore loose any credibility he might of had…
    10% of Cuban people have…The rest are poor,deprived people…Communism does not work..Never has…Funny thing is,the American liberals think it does,,the liberals could not push there views in a communist country,because they would be locked up…Lord oh lord,,they need too wake up

  3. didn't any of these liberal idiots hear about how Moore's film about Cuban healthcare system got banned in that country? They banned it because the Cuban government feared that there might be riots if regular cubans who do not have access to the care that was shown in his film learned about how the privileged class got preferential treatments. The fact is Moore got played by the dog and pony show that Cuban government rolled out for him. They tried to use that left wing idiot to spread their propaganda and it almost backfired on them. 

  4. Hay que ser anormal para decir que el sistema cubano es comparable al de canada, por dios. En Cuba si no tienes un doctor que sea tu amigo tienes q esperar tiempo a que te atiendan, no hay medicinas, los familiares que estan fuera se las tienen q mandar. Claro, si vas al Hospital Almejeiras como no te va a impresionar, pero ahi no se atienden todos los cubanos, pero seguro q ahi te llevaron los guias comunistas q te esperaron en cuba moore, umm creo q te engañaron¡¡

  5. Michael Moore is a proven liar. Why does he stay in America to make his millions when he is so opposed to our way of life? Because he is a fraud, much like Al Gore, who makes money promoting doctrines that he himself does not follow. When he needed surgery, he didn't go to Cuba to have it, he went to an expensive hospital in Florida (right here in America). The guy is scum.

  6. He is a real ASS HOLE and a COMMUNIST. Do you want an answer, then ask my family in Havana when they have to wait months to see a Doctor, and ONLY through friends that know friends that know a Doctor. I have seeing those so called local clinics, with no doctors, floors full of (cucarachas), where you have to bring your own bandages, towels bedding.

  7. LOL! "some real facts!" HAHAH!!! Ok little buddy, you obviously haven't got a fucking CLUE what life is like in those fucking countries. Those people don't even have sanitary hospitals, they're disgusting and they have to buy even basic equipment like stitches on the black market you dope. Yeah, if its such a paradise I'd love to see you move there. Oh that's right, you'd be living in your "rightful home" I mean shack, with no clean running water or electricity. Ahhh.. paradise. hahahaha

  8. There's a special place in Hell reserved for Michael Moore. He doesn't just lie to cover up for murderous dictators, he lies to make himself an enormous pile of money from gullible people.

  9. I remember when Fidel Castro went to Spain (did not stay in Cuba) to have a major medical procedure done. Since he was the leader at the time, that tells me everything I need to know about the Cuban healthcare system.

  10. actually thats de havana hopital ,it's the capital university-hospital the best available for public , and USA idiots Cuba is a small country , ( 11millons) a hospital that big is not for elites , i live in tunisia country with almost the same population , and you might want to check facts an statistics about Cuba . And as a medical student i can confirm that Micheal moore did get a special treatment ! because he was only treated by real doctors and not students

  11. Moore is a paid agitator. It is his job (raised by a big union socialist) to piss capitalist free minded people off.

    I would pay money to run into Moore at the dead end of a dark alley somewhere.

    Just the appearance of his fat sloppy ass alone makes you want to break something.

    Moore should do us all a favor and have a heart attack,, we'll make sure to have a slow boat to cuba ready for him…

  12. Michael Moore is the latest in a long line of gullible Westerners whom the communists have exploited for their propaganda purposes.
    Lenin called them "useful idiots."

  13. Cuba
    A Country that will jail you if you if you refuse to work.
    A Country that treats gays with electro shock therapy.
    A Country in which only the politically connected get healthcare.
    A Country that has an average wage of 12$ a month.
    A Country that doesn't have free speech.
    A Country that doesn’t have Democracy.

  14. Mike you truly are sicko! It may be free……….. but damn, they dont have the supplies they need and the hospital is dirty!

  15. In the news today, Castro's sister, Juanita Castro Ruz, is undergoing treatment for lung cancer, in MIAMI, FL, USA. Why not Cuba? Hmm?

  16. It's unfortunate that Michael Moore has distorted the truth for his own sensational gain. I wonder what he has to gain by perpetuating these lies that he has generated. Maybe it's for the same reason why many people did not want to believe that the Earth was round and not flat or that it revolved around the sun and not vice versa. Any one know why he is deparately trying to create the illusion of an efficient, fair, and well-organized healthcare system in Cuba???

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