1. I said it once and I'm going to keep it real again. The food in America is mass produced and toxic. The water is not so pure and the air we breath is polluted. Now we want to cry wolf over a high cost drug. America was built upon greed. Why should they care about what disease they can cure when no one cares about preventing the disease in the first place! I mean really? America, a bunch of greedy cry babies. 😨😵😷

  2. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20121001/11435420558/why-it-could-make-sense-to-get-rid-patents-entirely-even-if-they-work-few-cases.shtml

  3. sadly, it is NOT only an American problem! Europe has the same situation. the drug industry is just too powerful everywhere

  4. Capitalism isn't the problem…the problem is that this is a monopoly. You have to be an economic retard to think socialism is a solution to any of the world's problems.

  5. Ahhhh, this is how some medications ends up on a Bob Goldwater Law Firm commercial! Big Pharma (Merck, Zeneca, Glaxo Wellcome and Smith Kline Beecham) jacks up the price, covers up the side effects and valuing profits over people! And capitalism is poisoned by the guys of greed!!

  6. Yes, this was a greedy and lazy strategy. Coupons and discounts was a BS idea from the start, they are playing unethical games.

  7. If you keep voting for people who are in the pay of the corporations, then you will continue to have to put up with de-regulation of environmental regulations, de-regulation of financial institution, jobs going abroad and paying ridiculous costs for your health care.

  8. THE DEMOCRATS ARE AS CROOKED AS THE RICHPUBLICANS PEOPLE!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! #StopVotingForEvil #NoMoreCriminalsInOffice #WeKnowTheRealCriminals #ClintonsAreTheRealCriminals #FuckHillGoingJill #RiseUpAndFightBack

  9. That drug they sell was developed on the taxpayer's dollar. They should lose their license and the corporation seized, disbanded and the offices jailed.

  10. Love this guy! It's amazing how capitalism is No problem but if you say Socialist it's something people will gasp over! Socialism is something they need in the USA, enough free market and bank bullshit

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