Gregory Ehle, PA, Cardiology Physician Assistant – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hello, my name is Greg Ehle, and I’m a Physician
Assistant in Cardiology. My philosophy of care is that
every patient’s different and that everybody needs
something a little different. While the patient may look
the same as another patient on paper as far as vital
signs or heart rate goes, how they respond to
medications or how they feel with those vital signs
may be very different from one patient to another. Tailoring patient care
and individualizing goals for patients, I think, is very important, and will result in a
better patient outcome. The thing I find most
rewarding in cardiology is when patients get better. There is always a chance that somebody may not have significant
recovery after a heart attack or after a hospitalization
for heart failure, but I would like to
believe that most patients at least have a chance and most people do get a chance to recover
from most of those events. The thing that I really enjoy in there is watching patients
participate in their own care and contribute as much as
they can to their own care, and that really makes a big difference in their own medicine.

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