Greyscale – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

“Greyscale” is an infectious disease where
the affected areas of the skin take on a “grey”-ish color, and often become dry and stiff, resulting
in cracks that look like dragon “scales” or stone. Now, little is actually known regarding both
the organism responsible and the pathophysiology of greyscale, however, it is known that the
infection is highly contagious and often spreads through direct contact with another infected
individual. The infection generally continues to spread
until it covers the entire body, and that’s why in the later-stages of greyscale, individuals
are referred to as “stonemen”. As the epidermis is destroyed, it spreads
to the muscles, bones, and vital organs, like the brain. Symptoms of greyscale include numbness and
loss of sensation in the affected areas of the skin. As the infection spreads to the brain, mental
status changes can occur, often leading to aggressive, sometimes violent behavior. Although it can take decades, greyscale is
generally fatal. Treatment of greyscale often includes application
of limes, mustard poultices, and vinegar, as well as taking scalding-hot baths, which
are all thought to slow the spread of the disease. In some cases, amputation of the affected
limbs can be performed. Finally there’s debridement, or removal
of the affected areas of the skin, which, in some isolated cases, has been curative. All right, as a quick recap, greyscale is
a progressive skin infection that destroys corneocytes in the epidermis, leading to extreme
dryness and a scale- or stone-like appearance. As it spreads to the brain, it causes mental
status changes that often leads to aggression and violence. Treatment includes application of various
topical agents, amputation, or debridement. Also, greyscale only affects individuals in
Westeros, and is therefore a fictitious disease—April Fools!


  1. Good april fools joke I thought you were serious with your pronunciation of "debridement" :))

    The GOT part was funny too(happy april fools!)

  2. I knew it gonna be April Fool.😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣….. Waiting for GOT season 8…..🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Good one, but didn't fall for it. Just when i was thinking this is a prank u said game of thrones, of which i'm not a fan.

  4. This is your greatest video ever. Very informative. Much needed. I hope I'll crack the entrance exam now. Citadel here i come, hopefully if we survive the winter.

  5. After Watching this,I searched on youtube for other videos about greyscale but but ended up at Jorah Mormont

  6. Holy schnikes! You had me! I kept thinking, after 38  years I've never heard of this? I then thought, they didn't mention a causative organism. WELL-PLAYED!!!

  7. I learn so much now. But Sam showed me that debridement is the currently the best practice to treat grey scale.

  8. I was shocked seeing the thumbnail….was waiting till the end for you people to say that it's a joke.😅😂

  9. I had a feeling before I tapped this video that it was a joke, but when I saw that one dude that was completely grey that cleared up any questions. Definitely a legitimate disease, I’ll be sure to watch out for completely grey people; thanks for the warning 👍

  10. As someone with a mild version of the more innocuous, noncontagious skin condition of ichthyosis, I related to many of the characters with greyscale, especially Shireen.

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