Groundbreaking ceremony for KCU's Center for Medical Education Innovation

this new facility will transform the curriculum for medical education and how medical and health science students are educated today when completed Casey use center will likely be the most advanced facility to Train medical students in the country so as you innovate I hope that you have a ton of absurd ideas this is a tremendous anchor to this community you've been engaged have been engaged with the immigrant community you've been engaged with the city on the Civic level you've been engaged in a medical way and I think you've been extending their services farther and farther out so I want to thank you for doing something that is in fact then evader than building a school for medical education innovation I'd like to get one picture just so I can remember this how about everybody thumbs up excellent so on the count of three a small amount of dirt going forward that way and with this we enter a new era in medical education for Kansas in University one two three [Applause]

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