Group Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

hi my name is Kayla Johansen I'm a psychotherapist advant a college I work here at student services and I have started group therapy sessions it was a pilot project last time but this year we are doing this on a bit more formal scale because it was very useful and and much appreciated by the students umm group therapy sessions are meant for students who all have a history of anxiety and depression most of the students who have experienced the symptoms of anxiety and depression know about them they know that they are suffering from this and they they know the symptoms of not being able to get out of there they know how it is when previously enjoyable things like going to parties meeting with friends going to the movies when that suddenly becomes effortful and they try to avoid it group therapy can provide students with a sense that first of all they are not alone there's a whole group of people in the college that are suffering from the same symptoms from the same panic attacks same depression symptoms same anxiety symptoms as they do so in the group sessions they actually realize they're not alone that's one thing the other thing that group therapy does is they learn from each other they learn from what other coping skills what are the tools that they are utilizing that I have not thought about myself what is it that they're struggling with and hearing other people talk about the same emotions same feelings as you have is often a very free and very liberating experience the sessions will be during uve starting on September 7th September 7th and September 14th will be the only two sessions where the sessions are open for newcomers and after September 14th we will close up the group and this way we'll also keep confidentiality confidentiality and groups are very very important since there are several people whatever is going to happen whatever is going to be spoken about in a group will stay within the group will stay in those sessions we have a fantastic team here at student services in the Counseling Center that takes care of many students suffering from anxiety and depression and other other issues so please if you don't want to join the group but feel you need help please come to see 203 – student services and make an appointment with a counselor or a therapist and we will be more than happy to to help


  1. I've been in both group and single sessions of therapy since I was in the 3rd grade. I was technically diagnosed with A.D.D and then was entered into therapy and counselors All the way up into high school. I got a chance to see whatever my personal school records/files they keep about you that your never allowed to see cause it's always in the locked file cabinets in the office. Well the room they sat me in had a one of those greyish plaid boxes you see in schools. Well they had forgot that they left my personal file on the meeting table and I was placed I there by myself. So of course I had to take a peek into the box and. I immediately seen my name on the paperwork. So I really started searching faster and reading a few lines of each paper I flipped I then got to a paper that had my teachers personal thoughts about me. It said that I strive for attention and will do anything to get it. A comment from my teacher in the alternative school I was currently attending. I do believe I recall seeing some of the other teachers personal perspectives about me and they weren't that positive. They had no clue what I've experienced up to that point in the youngest of youth. I just seen my sister get taken by her father two years ago and hadn't seen or heard from them since. It was February the 14th Valentine's day which was my sister's birthday and so yeah I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I opened the front door of the house before my mom could make it to the front door for some reason he picked me up and hugged me first then set me down my mom was right behind me by then he then picked up my sister his daughter and ran for the truck but cause I was in the way of the front door he had time to run for his truck and take off before my mom could make it around the bed of the truck. And so that day in school I wasn't doing my school work and was being disobedient to their commands. I remember I ended up leaving the classroom and left to go to my therapist class . Even though that's not the class I was meant to be in yet lol but they allowed me to stay. I also had many dreams of how that day would be like when I found my sister. Anything from having to break her out from the bed of a truck with a locking topper. And another dream where I'd end up fighting her dad and rescuing her. I was almost five years old then I'm now almost 35 the pain is still there even after finding her after something like 16 17 years later right before her High school graduation. But now it's a different pain I have no clue who she is and vice versa and now there's that missing bond between a sister and her brother. I grew up with a step sister and brother who had that closeness that bond and I knew I would never have that same bond with my sister. Anyways for anyone who takes their time to read this just know you know some of my life story and I'm glad you took the time read it all Hopefully with a caring heart and a gentle mind and by the way she's doing great in life. For those who care about people in the world they don't even know.

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