Growing ginger in containers – guide, harvest and tips

Hello everybody and welcome to
California Gardening Today we’re going to see how to grow ginger It’s easy to grow
Its fresh and nice out of your garden So let’s get
started All you need is a nice
15 inch or so container With some kind of dirt.
Now I used compost and its very easy to make your own compost in
your garden and as you can see the ginger grows really well in this
container It just has compost in it fruit peels, vegetable peels, shredded
newspaper and you can see how rich this is it it’s
amazing how much nutrients compost can hold And for ginger the main thing you need to know is to have a nice loose kind of soil Compost works really well. So as
you can see the ginger has already started forming around the container So what we’re gonna do is
just keep harvesting a little bit and then let the rest of it grow.
So let’s try to pull this out Found a nice one here…well that’s a nice big
chunk of ginger; fresh as it is you can
take what you want and let the rest grow Just take a trowel just see if are there anymore that you need to get or just cover it with the soil.
So that’s a nice big chunk of ginger right there And as I said nothing like fresh ginger
you can break this up and even grow some of these pieces as separate plants, if you wish to you can find out you know some of them
would be really small like this one that I’m just
gonna rip off right here that can grow into to a separate ginger plant
so you can save it for later Now all you do is just chop off the tops Remember you can even use the tops – they
still have that ginger taste in them what I usually do
is just chop off above the greens and then put them in the compost pile so they get to work again right away.. So there we go That’s our first harvest. So after harvests,
wash them nicely and I’m sure you’ll love the fresh
ginger from your garden Sometimes you might even see a ginger
flower growing they look very pretty. I just had one
growing in my container and I think I didn’t wait for it to bloom So let’s start harvesting some more as
usual just clear the soil a little bit from around the ginger and you can use a trowel to harvest it;
just makes it a little easier you might find it a little bit difficult
to pull the ginger or just like that so if you feel like it’s really hard you
know just try to avoid breaking the whole plant – just use a trowel just to support you and don’t pull the entire plant out if you just snap it at one place, the ginger should come out fairly easily; there we go that was a small part that was preventing this big piece from coming out so just use the shovel a little bit and pull it out there we go..that’s… Another big piece harvested!


  1. Does fresh ginger need to be peeled? (I prefer to peel the store bought ginger with the brown outer peeling because it tends to add an earthy taste to our drinks).

  2. I know this is an older video… But I'm hoping for an answer anyway 🙂 Do you have to "cure" this ginger? Like when you grow sweet potatoes.. The ginger in the store has that brown looking skin on it.. Will fresh ginger get that skin if left out in the open? Can you use this right away? Thank you!

  3. your ginger looks different from the typical store bought kind. yours looks like the kind they use for Japanese pickled ginger….

  4. Where did you find your ginger root to start this plant? Did you start it from seed? What variety (If you know). I would love to start my own plant 🙂

  5. the stem of my ginger are red, whys that? and the stems are also more loose than yours. hope u can help me 🙂 thanks

  6. Where did you buy the organic ginger to grow cause its hard to find good organic distributors for ginger and tumeric and since there are so many different types of ginger and tumeric and I really want the best kind for being able to grow and harvest organically for myself I didn't know which kind to buy and where?

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  8. I read you need to wait until the leaves dry up and bend. You however, harvested yours while the leaves were green. Please tell me how long does it take to harvest ginger? I have five plants in small plastic containers and each have a minimum of 2 new shoots. Again, how long before I can harvest them (been growing for 4 months.

    Thank you for your video.

  9. Thanks!!! I have ginger which grows by itself on the kitchen bench!!! So now, I feel it's time to plant it so thanks again!!

  10. Dude… I'm going to repot my ginger starter that was salvaged from a chunk on the counter that decided to push a shoot up.

    I'd have to move this indoors for winter, but I have a window it can live on.
    Thanks for the video!

  11. Great harvesting tips. I am definitely letting my plants grow to large in my pots. I have been waiting for them to die back and they are getting really tall. Some plants are almost 2 feet tall. I didn't realize until I saw your video that I could have harvested some while the rest kept growing. Thank you.

  12. I found a piece of ginger in my kitchen with leaves growing on it, i thought of planting it instead of dumping it in the garbage. but i don't know how to plant it OR i mean , on how to grow it, so, i get my phone try to search here in you tube and gotta!! i found your channel sir, i watch it and found helpful. So, now at this very moment i started to cultivate my pot of soil getting ready for my ginger plant. thanks for this useful video sir. kudos!!!

  13. How do you take care of the tubers over winter? Do you chop off the stems? Keep it in dirt? Brush dirt off and put it in the basement in a paper bag? Lots of guesses…

  14. That Ginger was absolutely beautiful! I am guessing that this is what will come after you grow the first little piece and then Harvest it. So beautiful! I'm still not sure about making compost. I have never had a garden and as I have said on your first Ginger planting video I have my plants growing indoors. Do you have a video about compost? Thank you so much.

  15. What type of weather and temperatures is suitable to grow in pots or in house plant ? Please give us your guidance. Thanks.

  16. My wife is from India also. I'm from , San Diego California are you south of California or middle? Love your blogs. Thanks love to see your garden some time

  17. Hello, bro, have a question, i planted methi seeds in pot at balcoy, but its just came around 1 inch good, but now look like dying do you know why?? pls advise

  18. You are not showing how and what part of the ginger to plant and those look young do you just leave it to dry

  19. Hi, thanks for this video. I am growing ginger for the first time – green shoots came out from the ground and are around 2 inches now but the leaves are starting to turn yellow. I am not sure if i am overwatering or is it deficient in some nutrient. Can u help to advise?
    thank u!

  20. sir, i had a general question. how do you deal with aphids? do you have that problem in your garden? im aware of the soap water treatment but is there a way to deter them in the first place?

  21. I did not plant these, I live in SW Florida. How do I get rid of them with out killing my palm trees and bushes.

  22. Hi, I just harvested my ginger . So some questions for you. my ginger was more greenish in color…why ?
    also once scrubbed its more yellow not white . Is it still edible ? or should I peel it before using. It was grown in deep compost and very moist all of the time. The leaves were not as tall as yours but I harvested it because its Nov.

  23. How absolutely amazing, my mouth waters, i wish i could have had the green stalks for my masala chai. G9nna try growing it tomorrow

  24. Unfortunately I broke the newly developing bud on the ginger while digging, will it regenerate again or should I plant a new one.

  25. Help I have really a bunch of/ALL flowers in my ginger_container!!! what to do… let them sit or do I have to harvest them?

  26. does the chance of it going bad increase if you just leave it in the soil? Or should harvest it all at once just to make sure you get it all at a good quality?

  27. Greetings, i had grown ginger plants in april this year after watching your videos about growing Ginger, it has grown but the growth is too slow despite of all cares and watering properly and regularly.. after threr months the heights of my plants are not as good as your.. It's not satisfactory.. Please guide me what should i do? Besides that i have grown this in a big flour bag (atay ka thala). It's a well drained bag.. I took all possible measures but the height is not increasing.. I need your guidance.. Thanksalot..
    Looking forward 4 a faster reply…

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