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oh love to me like is lipstick my Tita I know it's been a hot minute um I will explain all that during the Q&A portion of this video today I'm me talking to you guys about this unit that I'm wearing all the information regarding this hair is down below if you'd like to see how I achieved this look and how I was able to style this hair keep on watching the video and I will see you at the end all right party people so let's get started this is take two I'm gonna Flatiron the sleepout to go with the wig so a little bit of background on better length I've actually used this company in the past before I use their clippings which I love so much and I still use till this day if you would like to see how I was able to style clippings on natural hair I forgot that this was love you go ahead and click the link that will be somewhere here on the screen better length specializes in textured extensions a lot of what they have is meant to serve the african-american woman in finding extensions that are more like that are closer to their natural texture so this is the kinky course blowout texture and as you can see right here I straightened the hair just so that it can have better rhythm and flow you know what I mean um so anyway let's go ahead and apply this mug my yeah okay look how that flow you know what since this is a Q&A video I'm gonna start with the Q&A since some of the questions are regarding hair and actually just remembered one question was regarding heat so I might as well address that right now so the first question I'm gonna answer is how often do I Flatiron my hair previous to this the last six months let's say that previous to the last six months I would only fire my hair maybe like once a year and that would be mostly for like a life check or just to see how I'm doing but more recently up in more liberal with using heat on my hair and I think another question was how often can you blow-dry your hair prior to the last six months I would say once a quarter like once every three months I would blow dry my hair but nowadays I blow dry this mug if it's not a protective style it's probably in a blown off state again I'm being more liberal with the heat on my hair because I just cannot I I can't handle it you see how that ones where wig we're good deep conditioner good leave-in conditioner just making sure your hair is very very well moisturized I think is a great way to prevent heat damage because it makes your hair more elastic you don't necessarily need to put so much heat to get it to be straight so yeah um flat iron used to be once a year now it's more frequently but I do that's another thing I do know that I have heat damaged and the reason I'm ok with that is because of the fact that pretty soon I plan on cutting my hair um so I'm not as attached to my hair as I used to be gonna make sure the tracks ain't showing all right so I'm gonna comb it forward like this and then take this bit and tuck it behind my ears like so like asshole oh by the way so I ship you the next hair question I have is how to move how to maintain straight hair how to maintain moisture when your hair is straightened and that's a really good question that is kind of tough to answer just because using this foundation here it is a fave nothing beats this as you all know when you straighten your hair you want to avoid putting any sort of moisture on your hair however you don't want to just be breaking into you know get unhealthy just because you want it to where straight hair so the best way to go about that is to make sure you take care of making it as healthy a moist as possible prior to straining your hair deep conditioning I use Shea Moisture deep conditioners I alternate between different online one that I really liked is the manuka honey moisturizing deepen I also really like their Jamaican black castor oil deep conditioning mask those are two that I can recall off the top of my head that are really good for deep conditioning so okay you've deep conditioned next thing you want to do is you want to use a really good leave-in conditioner one that will really give your hair that elasticity needs to straighten without you having to go through it so many times and it's also hold that moisture throughout you know the week or two weeks however long you plan to keep your hair straight leave-in conditioners I've used are kinky curly knot today leave-in conditioner and a good heat protectant there's so many different key protectants out there honestly I wouldn't say I straighten my hair enough so I have like a favorite that's like the best but there's Chi there's shea moisture there is Tresemme those are the ones that I've tried that I'm listing off the top of my head just you know make sure you do all that stuff to protect your hair and also keep it well moisturized and then once you finally straightened it use very light serums and very light oils to lock in that moisture to also keep your hair keep your hair from getting too dry while it's in its straightened state the next question asked how is school residency and when will I be able to continue to make hair videos so residency has been tough not gonna lie hence the lack of videos I've kind of shifted myself to Instagram to at least still have that creative outlet but as far as hair videos for YouTube that really had to take a backseat but my really good friend Beverley she did this video where she talked about the story of Noah and how he had to he had to go through the season of building a bull that God asked him to build and although other people mocked him people couldn't really understand the purpose of what he was doing he just did what he had to do and fill his bowl and put on that boat the things that weren't necessary to sustain mankind and it's not the end of the video she asks like you know what is on it your vote okay what are you trusting God for that a lot of people can't really understand but you know that in the end will be all worth it and I thought that's that's the season I'm in right now like presidency has been very tough but once I get through this season and everything God has planned for me starts to come to life and come to life then I will hopefully be able to share my testimony with you all but in the meantime I just need to get through a residency a discrim flip flip I don't know nobody has the stolen this this is a bronzer by Becca called Maui nights it just warms up my face look at it you see this is like boring and then this is like Maui nights so the question was how do you improve your GPA post-grad if you are interested in going into the health care field there's several ways you can improve your GPA or at least try to maintain it if you know you're at that point where you're like oh yikes cuz trust me I've been there before I would say the number one way I was able to do so was by having friends that were in the same program that I was in because sometimes your teacher is there to teach you and like give you the information you need to be able to be successful in a program better like sometimes your friends have a better way of explaining it they understand it and they're able to explain it to you they might bring it to a level where you're also able to grasp it so that was one of the biggest way like I had a group of friends in pharmacy school that we had this group chat that were it was constantly constantly going off like we're always the time it was not related to school but during the exam night yeah and we're able to explain things to each other in a way that we would better understand it another thing you can do is take advantage of office hours because again if you don't have a lot of friends in your program then you gotta utilize your professors outside of the classroom and it also depends on what kind of school year end I don't know very small University like 3,000 students in the village okay so office hours was like no big deal like walking in most of the time and it wasn't going to be a problem so in your case if you go to a large institution then definitely schedule time to meet with your professors so you can have that one-on-one time to have them explain things to you in a way that you can better grasp it and get your and then that also helps because if they see you face to face more they're able to make that connection with you and when they're grading your tests and exams and they see that you know if she just needs a little a little to get her that grade that she really needs and both do you that favor without you even knowing half the time you don't even know what goes on in the background and they will fit while you she's listening to fit for you amen takes also join organizations that can get you connected to other people also interested in your career field because that's where you will get to to network number one but also like feel that that's passion refuel that like desire and like be reminded why you were interested in that field in the first place so I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna be doing so I don't have to explain it throughout the whole video I'm gonna be using this pink in my crease and then using this purple to deepen the crease and then on my lid I'm going to use this beautiful like oh my gosh this beautiful like aqua what's a call safe Chinese I don't know what that is this aqua color here and then we're gonna like mix a little bit of this British color called cease that so the next question asks where have you been after pharmacy school you have the option of doing a residency now different from medicine where like you need a residency to practice medicine now pharmacy is optional you don't have to do it is by choice people will make sure to do a residency primarily if they want to have a clinical role in the pharmacy field um because it's getting harder and harder to obtain positions the heck ACEF it's getting harder and harder to obtain clinical positions so more and more people are doing residency is not what not now nowadays I think another reason a lot of people just do the residency is because they're trying to avoid having to do retail which I don't think is a smart idea I think if you're gonna do residency you should do it because you really really like the or rather than seek now there are also residences out there that are not really clinical and that's kind of what I'm doing so I chose to do an administrative residency Administration or residency because I'm interested in administration so there are a lot of projects that you know you are responsible for there's a lot of studying that you need to do to stay on top of your game so essentially that's the long-winded answer to where I have been someone asked how do you find time to look so full outlets Thank You Kayla girl I know that's your girl but you listen I do not look flawless as often as you might think I do I look flawless when I'm posted on the gram okay the next couple questions I feel like I can lump into one so tips are incoming P for wanting the residency I want to preface by saying residency especially the match process the match process specifically is a bit of a gamble so what you need to get to focus on is just getting into the match process and then the rest of it you just have to leave up to God he's the author of your life and he will get you where you need to be how to get to the match will require a very strong CV but love to us that's not what I'm looking for a robust there we go over bust CV a very good letter of intent and good letters of recommendation um as far as your CV especially in your P for a year make sure you are getting your hands on as many projects as possible that you can speak on during interviews the reason I say that is residency is basically a year of p4 rotations all over again just in more depth and then longitudinal projects that you are required to finish by specific deadlines so if you can speak to yeah I did an mue when I had this rotation at this site or yeah I helped this other resident when I was at p4 there was a resident at the site I was at and I helped her do some data collection for her research project and you can speak on that that will really give you a 5 stars okay and then lastly you letter of intent not your leavens has already talked about that your letters of recommendations any preceptors throughout the year pre four-year that you've worked with make sure before going into the rotation that you have this mindset that I want to do the I can do that this person can speak to my strengths and be able to be able to speak on my strengths to these residency program directors when it comes time to apply um so those are the three major points that I have because that will get you to the interview by God's grace and then once you get to that interview you just practice practice practice have your friends interview you have your parents interview your school should have a career development program or something they should be able to help interview you just practice practice practice and then after that point the rest is up to God okay next question asked how did you know that you wanted to be a pharmacist and stuff like that I'm sure a lot of you able to relate to the fact that growing up in a Nigerian household you have a limited list of options as far as what your career options are you know the standard you can you know you have the option to be a lawyer or a doctor so I knew personally that those three options we're not gonna work for me definitely law as engineering was not for me but medicine ax ax Brock with the only thing was I didn't want to be in school forever and I wanted to have a good a very good work-life balance so I'll buy Oh what else can I do I had two ons that were in pharmacy and one of my aunts allowed me to shadow her and so that was when the idea of going into pharmacy was born it was in the sciences that I had a skill for like I my parents really prepared me for a life in science so I was like why put that to waste I was very good at math I was a math whiz up until calculus calculus is what destroyed everything but before then I was a math whiz the more fun questions someone asked Texas or Ohio and girl that is such an easy one I'm sorry to all my Ohio people but yeah Texas for sure I just Texas has a lot of young professionals that you're able to mix with and mingle with there's so many networking or you know just events where you get to meet other people that are like-minded like you maybe when I'm like 40 with three kids almost an empty nester then Ohio will be more suitable but at this point in my life Texas is it you guys think it looks so natural and I know I'm a fool and all these Caucasian people not kidding but the idea that you part wig is very new to me and I don't know how I'm gonna maintain this I'm just gonna have to wrap my hair very well at night to hold this style for a week so that's another thing I can't really wear this style for longer than a leap without having to wash my hair without it getting too frizzy that's the only downside the texture of the hair the quality of the hair is what is this you know thumbs up thank you Baraka with me thank you for still hanging around even though I don't post as frequently as I used to but yes take care guys and I hope to see you soon in my next video


  1. Omgsh, this hayurrrr and makeup! Gorgeous!!! Missed you Ruth! I will definitely have to check out Beverly Ninaโ€™s video. It looks so encouraging. Iโ€™m enjoying her challenge this month already so Iโ€™m sure it will be very helpful right about now. Also, one of these days I will settle down in Texas. I know exactly why you love it! Thanks for the video girl!

  2. Was so excited to see this video notification, couldnโ€™t wait for my lunch break to watch it! Your videos are so refreshing to watch! I loveeee this hair on you! It looks so natural! And your natural hair! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Goallsss. You are my hair inspiration for real! Iโ€™m so glad the โ€œwhatโ€™s in your boatโ€ video was encouraging to you! I love you so much Ruth! and yasss to liking Texas better! Haha! I thought you were gonna say sorry to all your Texas friends I was about to be sadddd. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I cant wait for your next video! Girl we miss you! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜ญ

  3. So excited to see a new upload ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ..!!!missed you roothieโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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    I miss you, Naija sister

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