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  1. Dr. I Learn a lot from watching your channel. I've got two questions if you don't mind, My cat is an indoor cat, and have had him since 2004, and is neutered, because of his age, I'm concerned if I should look out for signs or symptoms of any kind , and if at his age what do you recommend for fleas and ticks just in case. 2nd I Adopted 2 dogs That are my babies and stay outside, now my yard is mostly dirt, and that causes concern because I was told that there's a lot of fleas in the dirt, anyway they are boxer/ pit and are 5 months, what do you recommend me use on the yard, dirt and on them?

  2. Recently I purchased a product from VetSupply. Tell you what, the product was really good and my buddy recovered in no time. VetSupply is probably the best pet care site on this planet.

  3. So wrong about flea collars. Come on. Been using soresto flea collars for years. Good for 8 months! I only use them for 5 months and in that time period I have not had any fleas or ticks on 3 cats. My vet recommended and she was right. They are expensive but effective. The breakaway color is also great although I've had to replace one or two. Gives me piece of mind. On the other hand go research these ingestible and drops he strongly suggests over collars here. Numerous deaths, sickness, allergies etc. Particularly "Harts". I'd rather be safe than sorry with my cat. He didnt bring up any of those risks or research data. Not a accurate account on collars benefits or effectiveness for cats (particularly soresto)

  4. Why do the spot on treatments cost so much? If you have more than one pet, it's a lot of money just for fleas and I don't have it.

  5. After one and half year my two shih tzu dogs got flea suddenly. I tried vinegar, not working. Then I tried Sentry Oatmeal Flea and Tick Hawaiian Ginger Shampoo, it showed reducing but still some after like one month. ********** So here is how not just killed but totally eliminated the flea in two months. **************The first month, I shampooed my dogs every 7-10 days. Since only seeing only reducing flea so I bought Vet's Best Pet Natural Flea and Tick Spray. ******* during the 2nd month, I did the same with shampoo but used spray on the dogs after the bath total three times during the 2nd month period. Another thing, I clean the floor and sofa, then spray the Vet's Best before the dog done with shower and washed things could have egg, larva, pupa. Hope this will help as I was as hopeless and panic as many of you. I don't know which one worked but I know how it worked on my dogs. ( used total 1/3 of the shampoo and like half of the spray during the two months). So you may start using both products at least they are working for me and no flea for almost three months. I only used the shampoo like once a month now. Never used the spray as it smells.

  6. how bout something that last 6 months or more there is a chew able that does but i forgot the name we got it from the vet but it's so crazy exspinsive we got bunch of dogs and cats so spending any more then 10.00 on a 6 month is out of our budget

  7. I used to use that white milky liquid flea dip and it was cheap concentrate . you used one capful of the white concentrate in a litre of water and washed the dog down drip dry . you could then use 3 cap fulls in 2 litres of water in spray bottle and spray the whole house inside with it and no more fleas. I've forgotten the name of the product I jus know its milky white.  and has a lousey smell. anyone know the product let us know I haven't used it for years?.

  8. Ticks adlnd fleas should all die! My poor dog had lots of ticks all of a sudden. This information is very helpful.

  9. Paid to sell this stuff.
    Coconut oil or D. Earth. Just be careful of the dust, alittle goes along way.
    I watch the Veternain secrets Dr. Jones is really good.

  10. So, Comfortis isn't going to kill ALL fleas? What can I do if the Comfortis doesn't get them all? I cannot live with fleas, I just can't…

  11. I have a cockapoo and cut beef heart and kidney into small bite size pcs use freshly pressed garlic and a tbls of turmeric let sit over night. Than pkg into snack bags and freeze. I give him these treats everyday and he has not had a single flea…(garlic is safe for dogs according to the link I have posted…

  12. if you have several smaller cats and dogs, can you buy the flea treatment for large dogs and just divide D/HxQ?

  13. I was pressured our rather talked into something called Bravecto and I let them give that to my baby. it seems to not work. she is a yorkie an now I don't know what to do cause I don't want to over medicate her.
    what to do

  14. Would you recommend nexguard for a dog that has very mild seizures. About once every Six months or so. He is 6.8 pounds and 16 Year’s old

  15. Well known Flea and tick collars last up to 8 months and it absorbs into the oils throughout the whole body of the dog… they work great

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