1. My anxiety just reared it’s ugly head again but these videos have helped me tremendously! There are times where I feel like I’m stuck but it helps me escape and relax. Thank you so much.

  2. You guys are life savers and I think you should know this. I struggle with SEVERE anxiety and Emetophobia which leave me in a constant state of panic. Whenever I listen to your videos, my panic attacks almost IMMEDIATELY stop and I become so relaxed / in a trance state very quickly. These have helped me manage my anxiety and rewire my thoughts, something I thought I’d never be able to do since I struggle 24/7 and nothing has ever worked for me. Each time I’m anxious, I come to these videos and I’m never disappointed. I’m so thankful for this channel, bless you.

  3. This is an amazing meditation! Thank you so much for all the selfless work you guys do. This meditation (among many others of yours) has gotten me through some deeply stressful times in the past 5 years. Am I right in remembering there is a newer version with a different video? I can't wait so see what you put out next! Thank you 🙂

  4. This is lovely. I tried this for the first time this morning and I felt able to face my day calmly. I will be back. Thank you.

  5. I can't count how many times you guys stopped me from committing suicide. I owe you my life, I really hope karma rewards you for the good you've done.

  6. This was the second meditation I’ve ever really followed, and it really helped me down from my anxiety high. It even made me start to tear up at one point, but it just felt relieving. Thank you so much for putting this out here. I will definitely come back

  7. I've never felt anxiety before until few days ago and it was really stressing and my bp and heart rate are always high, I couldn't relax at all and kept overthinking. But after listening to this, it helps me calm down bit by bit so thank you so much!

  8. So helpful. 🙂 Fiction writing is a passionate hobby of mine, but one that causes me a lot of anxiety. I procrastinate a lot and unless I meditate I can never get any writing done. I really depend on meditation in order for me to overcome writer's block.

  9. This is amazing. I find it hard to switch off completely and visualise but I can do it with this practice. Thank you 😊

  10. I need to say this: I feel a strong fear of the land behind me, with obscure forests and mountains.
    If someone has fear of something described I want you to know it's normal, and there's nothing wrong because the fact that you put yourself this video means that you are helping yourself and that is a lot. I say it tp myself too. Stay strong fam

  11. Very relaxing. Sorry, didn't see this before. You explained the whole inspiration and expiration process 🙂
    This is really helping me start my day right. Thanks for all your work.

  12. I suffer from really severe panic attacks and daily anxiety. It’s gotten so bad I’ve missed worked and sometimes I just can’t leave my house. These videos are probably the only thing that has ever gotten me back to reality and able to be calm. I have moments where I just can’t breathe right and it causes me to feel light headed because my anxiety gets me so worried. I even have my wife listening to these videos and they help get us to sleep. This is definitely my favorite video by the honest guys.

  13. This helps me SO MUCH!! 🕊️I’ve been carrying stones for no reason, and I don’t know how to lay them down. BUT I’m so grateful I found this guided meditation from the honest guys and enter the beautiful world with no worries or anxiety but only divine scenery.🙏I can’t believe I burst into tears but I know it’s out of happiness and farewell of all my anxiety and self-doubt. You guys have empowered me so much and helped me step out to find my true inner piece. ❤️ Can’t express enough thankfulness to you! And I wish whoever read this a wonderful life full of joy, happiness and peace.☀️

  14. After this third meditation with you guys, it's safe to say I'm a big fan 🙂 Your visualizations feel cathartic, alchemical, Jungian, archetypal.

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