Guided Meditation: Meditation for Overcoming FEAR ANXIETY and WORRY

and as you close your eyes I want you to fully consider what it would mean to be free of inappropriate fear overwhelm anxieties or worries what would it allow you to achieve what allow you to succeed in and whatever you think ever be the one specific thing or maybe it's a few things just fully consider what would it be like to be completely free of this issue completely free of or fair and as you consider that just relax just allow your breathing to become more comfortable and more and more at ease because as you wonder thoughts sensations and the gradual alteration of awareness as we just go into a learning States this lights learning trance and as you take this trance to achieve the goals you desire allow each part of your neurology to really realize how important it is to achieve this inner freedom to take the necessary steps the necessary decisions to be courageous to realize you are powerful beyond all measure because as you relax I am gonna count down from ten to zero now of each number you're going to become more completely relaxed more completely at ease as you just deepen that comfort just notice as we go down from ten down to nine where their comfort begins where is that comfort maybe it's in a part of your body just focus on that comforts as you relax down from nine down to eights just relax more deeply more effortlessly go inside that comfort go inside that relaxation notice however you feel it maybe imagine if it had a color that color of comforts and deep deep relaxation as you just relax deeper and deeper all the way down down to seven relax deeper and deeper allow that comfort to just grow with each moment with each breath out that comforts just grows effortlessly and easily just relax all by itself you can be comfortable and enjoy many new learnings as you go deeper down from seven in this lights learning trance to be open and to fully consider those things I say as that comfort grows around your body soothing each muscle bathing in that comforts you just relax more and more easier and easier deeply enjoying this moment for yourself just relax down from sex down to five as rats you're doing perfect enjoy this moment giving your unconscious mind this moments of creativity to attain new insights new resources feelings of power qu s freedom drive new ways of acting and reacting because I know as you just relax deeper and deeper all the way down down from five down to four just more relaxed more at ease trusting in your unconscious because you have your conscious minds and you the conscious minds you'll like the goal setter a new the unconscious mind of the back of the minds is the goal Gaza and all we have to do as you sleep and relax and trance is allow your unconscious mind to take on my suggestions to keep you safe and to choose a new way of being you a way of being courageous because as you relax deeper and deeper more and more at ease just relax deeper and deeper more and more all the way down to four and three learn deeply now be comfortable as that comfort begins to transcend in that deep deep relaxation all the way down down to three down to two just relax down to one all the way through Zahra because speaking to you the unconscious mind I want you to realize how important it is for the conscious man's the conscious minds to be confident and free of anxiety especially when talking to people I want you the unconscious mind to realize for the conscious mind is investing time and money in wishing to be free of this fare anxiety when talking to others I'd also like you the unconscious mind to realize but this anxiety and fear these inappropriate feelings are actually damaging the body it causes a body to feel anxious the heart to speed up this does not protect the body and you the unconscious mind you run the integrity the safety the fight and flight response the healing of the body I can see exactly why you may have these fairs and anxious thoughts and feelings and the physical response in these situations when talking to people but it is damaging it's not protecting you this fear is in fact damaging you stressing and straining the organs emotionally and physically I want new the unconscious mind to come up with a new way of acting and reacting a new way that allows you to feel good strong confidence and healthy our new the unconscious mind to come up with learnings because I know anxieties here to try to protect you as well as fear the fear of what people are thinking the fear of other people's reactions even the fear of how we may act and reacts but this present fare is overwhelming the body so I want you the unconscious minds to find the root cause of this issue even without the conscious mind knowing and I want you the unconscious mind to preserve the learnings instead to land LAN and LAN because once you've got the learnings those learnings will keep you safe and safety is where you need to be to feel safe was failing confidence so release the fare release the anxiety now and have the learnings instead completely and advil ously have the linings instead you the unconscious mind can preserve and preserve the linings so those learnings will protect you what is to be learned the one slant will allow all the fare to disappear because I want you the unconscious mind to continue getting those learnings and completely let go of the anxiety and fear imagine a box in your mind and imagine putting all the anxiety all the fear of speaking to people meeting new people inside that box putting each in every single part of the issue inside that box in your mind's all the fair or the worry the anxiety any feelings that no longer serve you which do not keep you safe put all the limiting thoughts a negative self-talk all the what-ifs all those anxious thoughts and fearful south talk but all those limiting beliefs in there the limiting belief that you can talk to people in a confident way even put those inappropriate experiences or behaviors completely and effortlessly inside that box for all you'll need to experience these symptoms again will disappear or you'll need to punish yourself with these feelings and thoughts will now disappear no longer exist no longer be a part of you because you the unconscious mind can learn and learn instead in fact I want you the unconscious mind to now come up with a new set of beliefs the you were absolutely run instead for the conscious man will believe in everyday through your own unconscious and conscious creativity you the unconscious minds can create construct these new empowering wonderful beliefs the belief may be the first one can be you no longer fear rejection you are free of that limiting thought and belief of rejection in fact you no longer care about it because you are worthy and you are good enough you are strong worthy and good enough everything you say will be received in a most wonderful way you are confidence or your need to have that fear of being rejected will now go you are completely free vents you are always fully accepted you know in your mind that you are confident all your need to have the fear of looking foolish will now disappear too instead of having that fear of looking foolish you now believe that you handle yourself in the most confident way you know everything will be fun you speak with people with ears you speak to them in the most confidence congruence way without fear without fear of rejection or fear of looking silly because you are confident and strong you are completely confidence each and every day you have the ability to say what you want with presence in your voice with confidence the people you know you sell low to them you feel very comfortable no longer failing is if you're coming across as rude or ignoring them you just feel very calm very strong and absolutely confidence you can speak to all your friends and family with ears you speak to people you don't even know with confidence because you are free of all fear of rejection fear of what people think because you are confidence you're able to be able to make the connections or people your voice is strong your body is calm your stomach is so relaxed you feel centered confidence competent and amazing from now on you are excited their inner thoughts in your mind create that excitement to want to speak to people you put yourself in situations to speak to people because you enjoy it you can speak to anyone at any time these new beliefs and mindsets or absolutely happen right now you are completely in control of you no longer being held back you feel whole and content free of all anxiety and fear you are confident you handle every situation when talking to people with ears those old thoughts of what people think those illusions those doubts will now disappear instead you have the great self belief in yourself the you are worthy good enough strong and confidence you are free of all shyness all social anxiety and you get better and better each and every day in a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5 and 5 you'll be wide awake ready to come out of trance and completely confident in being able to speak to anyone at any time with each and every day so one every muscle gets less and less relaxed – every fiber and every nerve gets more and more alert in every way at 3 have a nice bit of fresh air through your nose oxygenating your whole mind body and soul and at 4 have a nice cool cold shower in your mind refreshing your hair your head your eyes the back of the eyes really refreshing yourself as you become more and more alert and afire be wide awake completely out trance knowing your unconscious mind will completely and easily get better and better every day being that confident speaker to anyone at any moment you


  1. May also hear "Bhagvad – Gita: Treatise of Self-help" in rhythmic verses sans inane interpolations and theological spins

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