Guided Sleep Meditation, Lower Blood Pressure, Sleep Meditation for Stress & Anxiety Reduction

hello my name is Jason Stephenson and welcome to this guided meditation designed to help you ease into a deep and peaceful sleep while lowering your blood pressure naturally and effectively through mindfulness conscious breathing and deep body visualizations this meditation will create an inner experience of relaxation as well as guide the heart towards a healthy smooth and steady rhythm over the next short while allow my voice to guide you into this deep state of relaxation knowing that the hearts flow will follow suit as you sing further into stillness before we begin ensure that all end of day matters are taken care of any required alarms should be set and nothing else should remain on today's to-do list take some time now to settle into a comfortable lying down position using any blankets and cushions to support your body where needed if possible on the spine and neck should be in line to help open the flow of energy through the entire body tune in to your entire body now as you make any final adjustments that will support your progression into a deeply relaxed and peaceful state I invite you now to simply bring your attention to your breath without trying to shift it in any way just gently open your awareness to it observing its natural flow rhythm and depth notice the way the breath comes and goes on its own accord guided by innate wisdom that does not require any effort on your part it simply comes and goes just as the ocean eps and flows as you draw awareness to the breath notice if it naturally shifts in any way again there is no need to intervene or manipulate its rhythm but you may find that as you tune into the breath it might naturally deepen slow down or adjust itself in some other way just notice if this is true for you and also notice if it is not there is no right or wrong way to notice the breath simply observe it however it comes and follow it wherever it flows throughout this meditation the mind may entangle itself in thoughts of the past or in visions of what might come to be if for when it does simply acknowledge this tendency as a movement away from this present moment before drawing your attention back to the breath if thoughts arise simply witness them for a moment with compassion and non judgment before returning to your unchangeable Center no matter how frequently they crop up no that is entirely normal for thoughts to rise and entirely possible to gently let them go use the breath as your anchor at any point during this meditation to reground yourself in the physical place that you rest draw your awareness now to the stomach noticing its natural rise and for as breath moves through you in our busy day to day activities we often breathe primarily from the chest restricting our breaths range of movement this shallow breathing engages our stress response and releases a surge of hormones that temporarily increase our blood pressure as we naturally expand the breaths movement moving it effortlessly into the stomach we activate the relaxation response this deeper breathing pauses out of an inner state of stress and helps us to sink effortlessly into stillness and soon into a state of deep sleep continue to focus your attention on the stomach noticing just how far the breath can go take a moment now to acknowledge this physical place you are in without engaging the Mayans and our living capacity is it possible to simply witness the space you occupy to witness the physical world you are intimately connected to notice the service that supports you and notice any soft textures around you draw your awareness to this very simple moment knowing that there is nowhere else you need to be you are nowhere else but right here right now and all that is asked of you is that you open your heart and awareness to this beautiful moment before you fall into a deep and restorative sleep as you notice your physical surrounds you may also become more deeply aware of your physical body maintain awareness of the breath flowing through you as you begin to scan the body gently starting up the toes and traveling up to the crown of your head there is nothing you need to look for in this process he was simply called to witness whatever exists within you if any tension or discomfort appears in your awareness simply embrace it with your loving awareness and open your breath up to this area that is calling for your tender love and care if there are no strong sensations to notice simply grant your entire body with your compassionate attention and let it melt further into stillness feel entirely free to also make any physical adjustments to your positioning that will help to provide you with more comfort if you adjust yourself at any point during this meditation simply do so mindfully and slowly to help foster this growing sense of peace and serenity inhale as you make any movements and exhale deeply as you settle in to any new positioning hold your physical body in your awareness now as you begin to envision it's sinking deeper and deeper into the surface beneath you or tension is invited to melt away and all muscles are invited to relax completely with each inhalation you are infused with the greatest sense of relaxation and with each exhalation you release any lingering knots of tension or stress just take a few deep breaths here envisioning this process that is moving through you inhale relaxation and exhale any remaining tension in the body or mind I invite you now to draw your awareness to the heart space and to invite your breath into it breathe slowly and steadily here filling the heart completely on each inhalation and softening it on each exhalation come to notice the steadiness of the heart space it's slow flow and its openness as you breathe you bring the heart into greater harmony and equilibrium to slow down even more and to further this process of relaxation begin to add counts of four to your breath on your next inhalation breathe in to a slow counter for pause for a brief moment at the top and then exhale for a full count of four take three full breath cycles here following this guidance if it feels comfortable to you envision the heart slowing its pace and vision it relaxing completely into this moment it is beating naturally and effortlessly without you needing to intervene in any way simply by slowing the breath the heart follows suit simply by engaging in mindful breathing mind body and heart all come closer to complete relaxation as you settle into a sense of the heart beating slowly and steadily start to expand your field of awareness by imagining the pathways that flow into and away from the heart envision the life force that travels through your heart pumping smoothly and effortlessly this life force your blood nourishes your cells as it flows steadily through your body know that without any effort without any force or manipulation the body is nourishing itself in this very moment open your heart a little bit further with each full breath knowing that you are being supported by the body's innate wisdom right now continue to expand the breath envisioning and traveling throughout the entire body where attention goes energy flows as you expand your awareness to encompass the entire physical body life force in all its forms follow in that direction watching the breath flow steadily know that your blood is traveling in the same manner effortlessly extensively and wholeheartedly as you sink further into stillness trusting the body's wisdom the heart continues to beat slowly and steadily without any effort required on your part there is nothing you need to do and nothing you need to fix in this very moment your body is in harmonious flow begin to gently release everything held in the mind any visions thoughts or any mental chatter that may have crept up release it all on your next exhalation as you let go gently imagine the mind dropping down to the heart space slowly unfastening itself from the headspace passing through the space between your brows down the nose through mouth and throat and landing softly in the heart without creating any visions thoughts or feelings of what this looks like simply hold your awareness in the heart and explore what it feels like to be in this space continue to breathe deeply through the heart in a moment we will enter into a few moments of silence you may choose to retain your breath as your anchor and focus for these moments or if it suits you you may introduce the following information on each inhalation as we sink into silence you may quietly repeat to yourself I am flowing and on each exhalation you may repeat I am releasing I am flowing I am releasing I am flowing I am releasing invite this affirmation into your heart now or simply continue to breathe from the heart with your awareness focused on your breath now gently release the affirmation if it is currently passing through you with each breath and come back to the steady rhythm of your heart exactly as it is let go of all effort or focus and any visions that may still be moving through you as you come quietly into pure beingness as you slowly drift into sleep there is nothing you need to carry with you so begin to shed any remaining thoughts now simply practice for a few more moments this art of pure being let each part of the body soften as you allow this physical space to support your journey into sleep allow the gentle flow of music to rock you into a deep slumber until you finally come to sleep for the night continue to breathe deeply and slowly allowing your breath to guide your hearts flow and guide you into a state of tranquillity know that the body's wisdom will continue to support and nourish you throughout the night and that you were deeply supported by the energy flow that makes this life possible


  1. Jason, I’ve been following your journey for a few years now.

    This meditation is my favourite, it totally works for me. Thank you so much for making this happen.

    Hoping that you’ll keep this forever on here.

  2. I want to thank you from the deep of my heart for this wonderful gift , I love all your meditation but this one is really the top !!! You’re a special soul and thanks for all you do for us🙏🏻

  3. So relaxing, I listen to this almost every night and sometimes in the morning. Love love love it. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!

  4. Idk if this is a weird question, but I have trouble sleeping and was wondering when you guys actually get tired do you then get up for a quick second and turn this off or do you keep it playing??

  5. There's no need for the "lower blood pressure" speculation in the title. Don't lower your standards with such made up claims.

  6. Thank you! My anxiety before bed makes it very hard to sleep, but thanks to these guided meditations I feel a lot better! 👍🏻

  7. oh my god the second he said "ensure all end of day matters are taken care of" my heart just exploded out of my chest

  8. Hi Jason ,i have been listening to your guided meditation for quiet some time now,if I ever hear of someone that is suffering from stress or depression I send them your link
    you have been there right beside when I needed help,may the universe give you a blessing from me.I think I would drop dead if I got a response,
    NAMASTE,,,Olivia from Ireland

  9. I have high blood pressure and noticed a difference in my breathing and pulse. Very relaxing, bless you for this medication ☺️

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