1. "👌👌🐐🐐🐐10 years riding out make sure he has some held that shot down now look what we can do"

  2. Ride de Ville or the Maybach, depend on my mood
    More bookings and payments that shit done got huge
    Hop in the spaceship, take it to the moon
    Chrome Hearts on my face just to help me look cool
    Her pussy stay wet, we don't gotta use lube
    Good head on her shoulders like she still in school
    Pour fours in my soda, I won't catch a flu
    Loyalty mandatory, you part of this crew
    Spending addiction, ten thousand on shoes
    Spend with no limit, a hundred on jewels
    Too many bitches, they coming in twos
    I took a perc, I been itching since noon
    Why the brokest the loudest in the room
    Why all the sudden niggas want to be cool
    Ain't giving second chances, I'm no fool
    I'm out my depression, life been going smooth 🧨

  3. I vibe with this. Any other recommendations like this? A vibe like location (playboi) and grab the wheel (uzi)?

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