1. All the food they mention, I can't stand. I don't eat any of these, and I have no health problems. What's the purpose of living if you have to eat all these gross foods?

  2. You guys are awesome! I have been dealing with gut issues for so long now and it’s really impacted my life. I have been trying everything to find the root cause with no luck but luckily i found ur video. You are lifesavers! I started chewing instead of eating and immediately felt a 180 degree change. It’s almost unbelievable that something so simple could make such a huge change but it did, immediately. I appreciate you guys so much – thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  3. Hey doc, what about the DIZZINESS that some people get with bone broth? Until it happened personally, it was hard to believe it could happen at all.

  4. Kombucha was like acid in my bladder. Bladder "bled", took 5 months to recover. Had drank less than 1 bottle over a few days. Urologist thought it might have been the bacteria that attacked the bladder, but unsure …maybe strong carbonation. Never drank again.

  5. There are so many crooks out there, with all the hype on bone broth and its powers, do we have a way of controlling the quality of bones that are being used to produce this broth since the explosion of interest and marketing of this product. Is this product being imported from third world countries, where can I find the information on quality control practices as proposed by the Food and Drug Administration??? of the USA.

  6. Great video, most of these items are not affordable to average wage earners. Not even available in my town. Thanks anyway.

  7. 11:00 fermented food ideas. Thanks.
    What plant based and soil based probiotics that don’t require refrigeration would you recommend?

  8. Thank you! So much for info. This to me is something I can do.I don't know how to do bone broth? What meat? Is best? I do take meds for mental illness which causes constipation what can I eat to help?

  9. I'm highly allergic to fermented foods. I throw up and I get so dizzy, its so crazy and I can't have dairy. SMH

  10. Thanks for this! One thing that I would add to the list is also "rest & digest". So having a moment to pause after eating without rushing to work/exercise etc. Gentle walking is a different story of course and might help (Shatapawali, 100 steps after dinner).

  11. Ayurveda says digestive system is important for health 1000s of years ago now Western people has started to follow that, I think Americans should stop overeating and start eating consciously

  12. I have crohn's and i'm suffering from pain bloating and constipation most of the time ..and wn i have diarrhea not more than 3 time per day as max. Level .. i need to get rid of the food and gases in my gut

  13. Thanks,very informative.Please ,some advices for those who suffer from histamine intolerance and cannot have bone broth ( high in histamine) ,fermented foods and neither lemon for detox ( citrus are also high in histamine).Thanks again.

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