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(upbeat music) Hello, I’m Melissa Morgan
from Blake Medical Center and this is Healthy Living,
a show that brings you the information you need to
live a healthier, happier life. Today’s episode, we will be talking about the H2U program affiliated
with Blake Medical Center, and I’m very honored to have
two special guests today. Shauna Francis, H2U Business
Development Coordinator, and Ana Guillermo, H2U Program Manager. Thank you both for taking
time to talk to us today. – [Guests] Thank you. Let’s start off with what is H2U? Well Melissa, H2U is, H2U is Health To You. It’s a nationally known health
and wellness organization. There are chapters all across the country, and here in Manatee County,
our H2U, Health To You chapter is sponsored by Blake Medical Center. So what are the goals of the program? The goals and the purpose
of the program is to bring health education, opportunities, and social and interactions to the community. Historically, the program was for individuals who were age 50 and better, but we have gone ahead and
opened the program to adults, so we have mostly, we’re developing new programs for baby boomers in the community, and our idea is to go ahead and give them a way to go ahead and enhance, lead a productive, healthier lifestyle. Fantastic, so how long has
the H2U program been around? Nationally, it’s been around
since approximately ’92, ’94, around that era, and here in Manatee County,
it was established in 1995, under the name of a
different organization, and through the years, it developed, so the community began to know the health and wellness
program as H2U around 2004, so really, as of 2015 we will have been
in town for about 20 years. That’s impressive, very nice. Twenty year anniversary. We’ll have to throw a party. Absolutely.
I think so. (laughing) So you had mentioned that it originally started under a different name, it originally started as more
of a 50 and better program. How else has it really, H2U, changed as it’s evolved over the years? Initially we became a social group. It’s very much a program that
is shaped by its members. So initially the programs
that we had were card games and different interactive activities, sort of like a club house. Because of the fact that we’re
sponsored by the hospital, we have this wonderful opportunity
to go ahead and enhance the program by adding additional benefits, The health and wellness benefits, such as when an individual should happen to go into the hospital as an inpatient, they have certain benefits
as far as being upgraded to a private room if a
private room is available where they have to be registered at. They get a free local
newspaper for every day that they are in the
hospital as an inpatient. And their spouse or
their caregiver receives a free complimentary meal
coupon that they can use in the cafeteria for each day
that they are in the hospital. And this is the TLC stuff. For those individuals
who are Medicare covered and have traditional
Medicare, Parts A and B, their Part A is their hospitalization, and Medicare has a deductible. And what we have been
fortunate enough to have Blake go ahead and offer the
H2U members a waiver of the Medicare Part A deductible if they have that
out-of-pocket responsibility. And this is one of really the main reasons a lot of people join. People join H2U for different reasons. They join for the social aspects or they join for the VIP membership perks that come along with it,
and it’s very important. People join for different reasons, and it could be for some
of the other exercise, social activities, we take trips, but the VIP benefits are
a major reason why people love the H2U program so
much in this community. Ana mentioned that we originally started as more of a senior and older population. We are gaining much younger members, especially with our Ellenton Center. It’s a very young, active
community out there, and they want more
diversity in their programs. They don’t necessarily want to play cards, and at the Ellenton Center
they want more exercise, they’re very active with the
trips and the social aspects, so it’s very interesting
to see that dynamic change. But we’re also very fortunate
with Blake Medical Center that we have three off-site centers. Most of the H2U programs across Florida, they just may have a dedicated
room in the hospital, or not even have an off-site center, but we have three to help reach out to our large number of members. We have the largest number of members of all the H2U programs nationally. So it’s just a fantastic opportunity to be able to reach out. But to see the dynamic
of the different ages that are actually coming in
and utilizing the centers, it’s fantastic. That’s great. So you talked about both
local and national benefits. Tell us just a little bit more about what that means for our members. Well because of the H2U membership, there is a membership
that the individuals pay to go ahead and join the H2U program, and this makes them a national member. And their national benefits, in addition to becoming
a member of the H2U Health To You Program, they receive at the national level discounts such as a
prescription discount card that the members there’s
no additional cost to, it’s eligible to use
whenever they need it. As long as they are paying out of pocket, there is no prescription
insurance card in play, they are able to utilize their
prescription discount card. And this is available
to each and every member when they need it, and
it’s local pharmacies or there is a mail-order program for in case there is a
maintenance prescription that they need to go ahead and utilize. That’s one of the most important. There are other discounts
as far as medical services, maybe Medic Alert button, medical emergency flight services. There are also common use book clubs, sources where they can buy books, flowers, additional services such as that, and that’s all available
through the national window, so all of the H2U members
across the country have that availability. When a member signs up and
they initiate their membership, they do get a pamphlet
as far as the discounts that are available to them, and our members are able
to go ahead at anytime, sign online and look at the updates, anything new, any additional enhancements, and they do get a magazine every quarter from the national H2U Program
that will go ahead and advise them if there have been
any additional discounts that have been afforded to them. As far as locally, we try to go and reach out to our
community as far as merchants and goods and services, and we may have additional
competitive Medic Alert buttons for individuals who are
not necessarily traveling across the country and may
need a goods or service just for a 30-day period. So the guidelines are a little bit less. Maybe they are looking for
an enhanced workout place. They want a situation where
they can utilize the machines. They may have the opportunity
or want the opportunity to go to a local restaurant
and maybe get a little cocktail for the benefit of their membership at a particular restaurant, or an overall percentage discount, which would equate maybe to 10% tip. Sounds good. Well, we’re going to take a quick break, but please stay with us, we’ll be right back with more from H2U. Don’t go away. It started out like a totally normal day. (alarm clock)
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centers patient navigator to see if you are eligible and to set up an appointment today. Welcome back to Healthy Living. I’m Melissa Morgan, and joining me now is Shauna Francis, H2U Business
Development Coordinator, and Ana Guillermo, H2U Program Manager. Thank you both for coming back. Let’s talk a little bit more
about the educational seminars that you mentioned that are
going on at the H2U centers. We offer a wide variety
of educational seminars throughout each month. We have seminars, at least one a week, at all of our H2U centers, and we have them also
at Blake Medical Center on a wide variety of topics. It gives an opportunity for
anybody in the community, you don’t actually have
to be an H2U member to come to any of these seminars. They are open to the public and they are advertised
in a monthly insert into the newspaper or you
can find the information online on our website
about the different topics, and it offers an opportunity
for members of the community to come in and learn about
different health conditions or services that the hospital may offer that they might not normally
get the information for, and it gives them the
opportunity to ask questions in a non-clinical setting. Topics may range from heart murmurs, so they can learn more
about the TAVR program with Blake Medical Center. We do a lot of lectures
for our Joint Care Center and the Spine Care Center, so you can learn about knee replacements and hip replacements and shoulder pain and arthritis in our joints, osteoporosis, women’s health, the top five
health concerns for men. So a wide variety of topics that rotate throughout each month
and throughout each year. So it’s just a great
opportunity for the community to come in and learn
more and ask questions. Fabulous, and I know as a program you also partner with
several of the different other organizations within the community. Can you tell me a little
bit more about that? We bring in different services
through the community, and one of the big events
that we have each year that Ana is very familiar
with is Victory Over Stroke, if you’d like to share
some more about that. The Victory Over Stroke
is an annual event. We partner up with doctors as well as the Florida Stroke Association, and we provide education, prevention, treatment, and as far as all aspects of how to
go ahead and respond. We have it usually it’s
about in the month of March, and a series of medical,
practical, dieticians, and services that are
available in the community. That’s an example. We try to go ahead and provide, at this particular event,
additional free health screenings that are preventative and related to the possibility of stroke. They do the carotid artery
screening and blood pressure. What is the other one? The heart smart. The heart smart. But it’s also great because
this year we actually had one of the largest turn
outs that we’ve ever had for the Victory Over Stroke. And it’s also an opportunity
for other vendors outside the nurse to come
and share their information on their services that might be related to stroke prevention as well. Physicians come in and speak. It’s a great event that we do every year. And you two know that one’s actually one of the ones that’s
near and dear to my heart. My son is a stroke survivor. Absolutely. And I had the great honor
of speaking at the last one, and I encourage everyone to come to the Victory Over Stroke event. It truly is fantastic. You guys do a great job. That was a very educational moment because it was perfect. Your testimonial as far as that stroke is not an age specific It was an eye opener.
event, yes. So yeah, most definitely. And that’s what the purpose
of the educational seminar is. The health educational
seminars are to go ahead and provide this additional information because individuals may
find that they may have come into a lecture maybe at a time when they didn’t necessarily need these services, but they now have gone
through the lecture, somewhere down the road
they receive a diagnosis and something clicks on and say oh, I remember hearing that in a seminar. Maybe I should go back and
get some more information. Or it may help prompt them to go ahead and ask their physicians
specific questions and be able to elaborate
better on their concerns or their health concerns for themselves or the people that they
are taking care of. Right, or it may relate
to somebody they know, a loved one, a parent,
or an aunt and uncle, or a friend or somebody
in their community. We have large retirement
communities around here. They may see a friend and say, you know what, I was in this lecture and I learned something
that might relate to you. So it can really be
spread around very nicely. I’ve heard that you guys
also do some work with memory and Alzheimer’s and other things. Tell me more about that. We do. We offer memory screenings
throughout the year at all of our different centers. We also work with the Community
Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and they
do screenings as well. We have a caregiver
support group that meets for anybody that’s going
through the challenges that caregivers do with
an Alzheimer relative or anybody that’s going through dementia or suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We have a caregiver support group for that that meets once a month
that is really helpful for those that are going
through that situation, and they can actually
meet with other people that are going through a similar situation to get that information. We also bring safe driving courses throughout the year to our members. So they can come to that
and get their discounts for attending the two-day
safe driving courses, and they’re always very
popular, very full. Just being able to bring a lot of the outside community
resources to the centers, it’s just neat that they
can just come to the center and everything’s there
throughout the year. They just have to look at their calendars and go through their newsletters, and they can map out when and where they want to attend different items. They don’t have to go seek
it out in the community. We bring it to them, to our H2U centers. And as far accessibility
for individuals who wanted to go ahead and see what we had to offer, all they had to do was go ahead and visit the Blake Medical Center website
at blakemedicalcenter.com and under visitors it has the H2U, and under the H2U calendar it goes ahead and anything that we
have already scheduled, which usually is three months in advance, we will go ahead and
have on that calendar. So as far as partnering up with
other agencies and services for individuals in the
community, as Shauna said, as far as the safe driver, as
far as the memory screening with the Alzheimer’s Association, as far as the Center for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing, and another strong one
for our seniors is SHINE, which is serving health
insurance needs of elders. And they come out of the
department Area Agency on Aging, the Department of Elder Affairs, and they help individuals one-on-one, as far as choices for their insurance and their Medicare options or if they have little discrepancies. So once again, it enhances our program because it gives
individuals an opportunity to utilize these services while they are utilizing
the center as well. They learn about a lot of these services just by coming to the centers. You’ve gotta remember, a
lot of our members (mumbles) they’re not from here. They’re moving here and
they’re retiring here. So being able to come into our centers and to get this information
about their community and get help they need and
get physician information. It’s so important. We have so many people
that come in all the time. They’re like, what is this about. And all they have to do
is start looking around, there’s so much going on that they immediately become members. So there are really a lot of opportunities just to learn more about the community. The seminars are wonderful. All the different
activities that we offer, the social aspects and the trips, just make it a very well-rounded program and a very beneficial program. Great. Well, we’re gonna take
one last quick break, but please stay with us
and we’ll be right back with more from the H2U team. Don’t go away. Every minute counted. We’re always ready for
whatever may come in there to help and save lives. I’ve died out once in the ambulance. It’s almost like my
world had just stopped. If you get injured in this
county, Sarasota County, you have help minutes away. You might not even think
about a trauma center until you need it. We’re passionate about giving great care. We’re dedicated to being
the best that we can be, making a difference and saving lives. It started like a totally normal day. (alarm clock)
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(child laughing) I love you. I mean, I guess I was a little sweaty and I was definitely sore. I thought I had gas. Turns out, I was having a heart attack. (dishes breaking) Heart disease is the number
one killer of American women. So now I take care of my heart and I tell the women in
my life to do the same. Sounds great by the way. That’s nice sweetie, but
that’s not my heart, that is. Find out more from the
American Heart Association at GoRedForWomen.org. Welcome back to Healthy Living. I’m Melissa Morgan, and joining me now is Shauna Francis, H2U Business
Development Coordinator, and Ana Guillermo, H2U Program Manager. Thank you for coming back
with me one last time. Let’s dig into some of
the nitty gritty here. How much does it cost to be an H2U member? That is the greatest thing
about the H2U membership is the affordability. It is only $20 a year per person. Wow. Or $35 per couple. And if a single person wanted
to get a two-year membership then it’s $35 a year as well,
so if you think about that, with everything that you get, the exercise programs,
the educational seminars, the trips, the social activities, I mean, it’s nothing, so that’s the greatest thing that we have about our program is the cost. Yeah, you would almost anticipate that being a monthly fee. But do that annually. Absolutely.
That’s amazing. And when you think about the VIP benefits for the hospital alone, if
you were in the hospital for three to four days, that $20 more than pays for the free meal your family member’s going to get. I mean to be able to be
bumped up to a private room. It’s an amazing, amazing
cost with the benefit. Absolutely. My parents actually are members, and my mom takes full
advantage of her lunch when my dad’s in and she goes and gets it and eats up in the room with him. And it really is, you know,
just that stress relief that you don’t have to worry about it. Because you’re in a stressful situation. So to take that off your mind, it really is a big benefit. Absolutely. Now you both mentioned centers. Where are these centers located? We have three centers in Manatee County. Our H2U Cortez Center is
located at 6670 Cortez Rd. West. Our Bayshore Center is located within the vicinity of the college, and it’s located at 6049 26th
Street West in Bradenton. And then our last center,
which is Ellenton, which is our fast growing center, is 7042 US Highway 301 North in Ellenton. That’s nice. It covers such a wide spread. Absolutely. So no matter where you
are in Manatee County there’s one pretty close to you. We are extremely fortunate to be able, like Shauna had mentioned earlier, some chapters of H2U across the country don’t even have a center. They’re still at the grass root section of just a location or a
little office in the hospital. And here we are, because
we have over 5,000 members here in Manatee County,
have three centers. That’s fantastic. Now what if someone wanted to try it out. You mentioned you could come to a seminar. Or what if someone is a member and they want to bring their family along. How does that work? Well, any of our seminars, again, they’re open to anybody in the community. You do not have to be an H2U member to attend any of the seminars. For a lot of our social events, though, our activities, we do require people to be a member of H2U. Our members want to see
that their membership is valued as well, so we
don’t let a lot of people come in and attend events
that are not members. And that’s for the benefit of our members who have been members from
the get-go for 20 years. We will allow for certain events somebody to come and to look around to see how the classes go, but we do encourage them
to join at that point. And you had both mentioned
national benefits. So, if someone happens to be out of state, how could they utilize
their H2U membership? If we have one of our
members who is an H2U member and they are traveling across the country, and if they happen upon an H2U chapter, they can go in and as an H2U guest, because they are a member, possibly, according to
that particular chapter’s rules and regulations, maybe participate in
some of their activities. If, by chance, they happen to be traveling across the country and happen
to end up in a hospital, which is an H2U HCA sponsored hospital, they are able to go ahead and activate that particular H2U local’s
chapter’s hospital benefits. Because each of the H2U
chapters across the country are sponsored by an HCA hospital. The hospital benefits may vary from hospital to hospital though. It sounds like ours are
pretty great though. We have great ones, absolutely. All right, and then finally,
how does someone join? The simplest way if
someone would like to come into any one of our
centers during the week, if they would like they can
just call our H2U Cortez Center at 941-792-0211 and ask for a new member packet be sent to them, and they’ll get an informative packet with some samplings of
literature and a brochure with an application, and if they call and state that there is more than one person in the household that would like to become a member, we’ll make sure that there
are sufficient applications in that envelope for them to fill out. Great. Well that’s all the
time we have for today, but if you would like more information on H2U at Blake Medical Center, we have information on the website. Or if you would like
information about our guests or anything else at the hospital, visit blakemedicalcenter.com and click on the Healthy Living Talk Show. While you’re there you can
also send me your comments or suggest topic for one
of our upcoming shows. I would love to hear from you. I’m Melissa Morgan wishing
you a healthy living.

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