Há-vita- Medicinal and Endemic plants

You know, Madeira island has astonishing things! You arrive at certain places…and there you discover something rich with amazing values that people use for a thousand reasons. My mother used to make herbal infusions with madre-de-louro (fungi), herb-of-grace, wormwood, and macela. She added honey, a bit of water and rum. Then the tea was given to women after giving birth. Here we have a specie, which is not a unique endemism from Madeira, but also from Canary and Madeira Islands. Cedronella canariensis, known as Balm of Gilead, from the Mint family. We use it here to prepare an infusion after lunch. It is excellent for aiding digestion. Moreover, there are a lot of reports of healing liver problems when one has these herbal infusion, frequently. It is important to research and take a deeper look at this subject. The laurel oil, mixed with honey bee, are two antibiotics, with the highest value, for the human body. What is curious is, whenever we drank these teas our pain went away. Everything was alright, there was no need to go to the doctor in a rush.

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