Hair & Makeup for NURSES!!!

hi guys welcome back to empower and my name is Carolyn porter thomas thank you so much for watching my youtube channel and power in so ever since i have my youtube channel i've received a lot of requests to have a hair and make tutorial for nurses so in this tutorial i'm going to show you everything that i do all of the products that I use and how I put them on so without any further ado let's get started and let's look pretty for work so the first thing that I do is I put my eyelashes you can use any eyelash curler that you have whichever one next thing I do is I use a little bit foundation this is naked skin by Urban Decay and you can get whatever color you need I got my color matched at Sephora I also mix out with a little bit of my moisturizer I use collagen intensive I know it's supposed to be more effective skin treatment but as well and moisturizing effects so I mix back together with this foundation because the foundation I find is just a little thick okay now that we have our foundation on next thing I do is I use my mascara which I can't add the drugstore this is Gloria love all unis original and this is my favorite mascara this is in the color black is black I love these mascaras they're really cheap you can get them at any drugstore and I've been using it for years I love this one next thing I do is this is just for me but I use a little bit of powder foundation and if it on my nose because for some reason if my nose gets a little red next thing I do is I do my brows I just found this at a drug store is called profits by Milani and it's really cool because it has three different shades all to help your eyes look just amazing and so I just kind of thicken the eyebrows color them in make sure that they are nice and colored in it so that they can kind of frame the face really nicely I do actually like the eye shadow that comes with it it's like a it's like a highlighter so it works for my eye color cuz my eyes thank you change color but a lot of times they're very green so I think it's nice with them and I do add mascara multiple times during phoenix' process I not sure if anybody else is up but I liked next thing that I do is I use this bronzer this one is by Marc Jacobs I got it from Sephora and it's called perfection powder and so I just smooth that over kind of around the forehead and the cheeks just to give a little bit of color I also put it on my chest and my neck just make sure everything kind of flows nicely this is one of my favorite things this is called mineral glow pearls this particular shade is beige pearl and this I got at a drugstore this is Physicians Formula a lot of people tell me in my videos and my skin looks really like glowing and always looks perfect and I think that this powder is the reason and of course again more mascara I also like to use some eyeliner I water liner the only one that I've really been able to use is this one by Mac because it doesn't irritate my eyes next thing I do is I use this other little bronzer but this is more like a highlighting bronzer this is also from Physicians Formula which I get out of drugstore this one's called the Vegas strip light bronzer so just kind of add a little bit of color and then for blush I use this by mare's it's called the color is called deep throat I'm not sure why they decided to call it deep throat but anyways up is the name upper color for lips I like to go pretty simple I think if you have more eye makeup then you should focus less on the lips or vice versa so I never really like lipstick on me so I used to just focus on my eyes but if you choose to wear the lip color you might want to go later on ice it's up to you so now for hairstylist so I'll take a flat iron you can use any flat I'm hugg I just kind of make sure that the front hair right there is a little bit straighter then a lot of times I just take our rubber bands and I pull my hair back up into and double bottom I like to wear my hair up for work because it just makes it easier and if I'm really cold or if I feel like if we have nice little data I might pull it down a little bit but this just helps me not think about it and I think it's really sweet look for work if I happen to have some extra time or I just feel like looking extra pretty that day I might put some curls in my hair it does definitely add a lot of volume to the hair and obviously dimension and you know overall just needs your hair a little much better for work I'll usually just put maybe four or five rollers my whole hair just to give it some kind of body which is super easy I can put this on and it usually just takes a few minutes I will put the link to the rollers that I use below I really like these rollers actually upload links to everything below and then again you can take your points out holder and also put it up into a bond but it will look different because you have some program obviously right here down move on with that last thing I like to do that I like to use a banana clip now I do admit these are a little bit hard to find but if you can find them they are super fun so put your hair up it's kind of heart beat have to look kind of Pat all of your hair up at the same point and then just roll it just slightly and then just wiggle the banana clip in there and it usually stays sometimes it falls out a little bit but usually it stays well only if your hair is curly and there we have it I think that's really sweet before work what do you think thumbs up if you like it and a lot of you guys have been asking how my legs are so tan I don't I know I live in Florida but obviously I don't have times in lay out that much but this has been a lifesaver this is the Jergens and natural glow you get at any drugstore that I know or after using it for like one or two days I already wants difference no the last thing you do fine videos as I use this this is called tantalizer it's by Laura it's basically it makeup for your legs makes your lips look absolutely amazing but it doesn't give you washed off after a few hours so you can finish up your look with some cute stud earrings and there you house you are ready for work


  1. I just love nurses because they look so presentable, look ready to take on the day, have focused attitude, intelligent and want to help people. I wish I was one of them. xD

  2. That will melt off your face in 3 hours. Can't do dewey at work as a nurse lol. Also that's not an eyeshadow, it's a brow highlighter.

  3. This was awesome! It's harder find good fashion advice for us scrub gals! I'm actually a DA , is there a channel you recommend for us dental gals?

  4. I actually work in dialysis department.but thanks for replying.your reply made me laugh.thats exactly wat am going to tell them wat u just said.thank alot xoxox

  5. Please make video on short hair for nurses.are nurses allowed to cut their hairt i cut my hair really short to my neck and the next day i was told to wear cap on my workplace as the manager told me that i cant keep them that my short hairs are a source of ifection to my patients…

  6. I do an am shift 4 times a week. I wake up at 3:30am to make it to work by 5:45 for rounds… Ain't nobody got time for this much make up… maybe on my pm day though.

  7. Can you show a detail explanation on the first and second hairstyle? I just can't catch the method. Thanks

  8. Thank you for this!!! I've been going in without makeup, and sometimes I wish I had worn makeup, but didn't know how to make everything stay in place throughout the day. I'll be trying this routine 😊

  9. You do your hair and makeup so similarly to me just for day to day wear. I am actually going to be taking an entrance exam and applying to a nursing school in Florida near me for this fall… I stumbled upon your videos while searching how to prepare for nursing school, and I must admit, I've been binge watching your videos ever since! You have me so excited to apply for (and hopefully get into) nursing school! Thank you so much for your motivation and inspiring words 🙂

  10. I like how your way of putting on makeup is similar to mine! There have been times where I've seen nurses put on makeup with tons of different blushes and use a bunch of different products. I guess i much more of a simple girl, lol.

  11. Nice make up and hair style, but never for a nurse.Can you imagine in an emargency room, like that? Noooooooo. 12 hours working hard? nooooooo

  12. these nurses are amazing and this patient is so inspiring!!!

  13. I'm happy to see this video, I'm applying to clinicals in the fall and I know the nursing students can't wear makeup to clinicals.  I work in a hospital and I've noticed most nurses don't wear makeup or look very put together or polished.  I'm all about looking good even in scrubs, glad to see that some nurses still like to look good and hopefully I won't be the only one 🙂

  14. Love your channel and this makeup tutorial! I'm a second year nursing student and glad I found you. You just got yourself a subscription, keep up the good work!

  15. thank you so much for all of your great videos. they are all so informative and its refreshing to get all this info from such a smart beautiful woman. I am a RN nursing student and these videos are really helping me out in this tough time. you are a great role model!

  16. I worked as a part-time Firefighter/EMT for 2 years and then as a part-time Firefighter/Paramedic for a year as I was going to Nursing school. I have an RN now. I'm almost 25 years old and I'm a male. I chose to go to nursing school as my sister did it before me and loved it and I always considered it to be a great career that I would enjoy. Plus, I live in Northeast, Ohio and if it's one good thing we have in Cleveland it's great hospitals.

    My question to you female nurses or even patients- Is it normal and accepted for a male nurse to work in a NICU or part of a women's health team? Is it accepted by now or would this be an unachievable attempt for me?

    Working in a NICU would be a dream job for me.. And I'm not some weirdo, I'm just really interested in women's health issues in general.

    Really would appreciate honest advice. Thank you.

  17. I love the tanning stuff ! my legs are so winter white right now so I need some stuff but burn when I go out in the sun! These products sounds great!

  18. that's a nice look for you because i couldn't tell you had on makeup if i didn't see you put it on so in other words it looks natural looks like you don't have on any makeup.

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