Hamsa Subramanian, MD – Physician Profile

Hi, I’m Dr. Hamsa Subramanian. I’m a board certified allergist in Signature Medical Group. I love being an allergist my patients are great; it’s always exciting to see new cases there’s always some challenge St. Louis is very unique because we are situated between the Missouri and the Mississippi there’s a lot of mold, there’s a lot of humidity and we have good, clear four seasons which brings in our four, good seasonal allergies as well There are excellent medications: safe preventive medications that you can take and still be a wonderful outdoor person so you can enjoy your walks, your hikes your running outside and all your activities without having to stop them One of the key aspects of treating a patient is education There are medications, we can always write a prescription, you can always take them but remember: education is as important as taking a medication Understanding what you have getting a good feel for what you have from a person who is trained is a part of your treatment and I think focusing on education equally as I focus on medication is very important in my approach to a patient

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