hi guys it's mommy Bowden here and I really wanted to make this video because I posed a lot positive things on the girls Instagram you know they learn to walk they're learning to crawl they're learning you know to do a lot of different things and I love to post it all because I love sharing all these exciting things with you guys I know a lot of you have been following for very long time since they've been learning how to crawl so it's just amazing to share with you guys you know them learning how to also walk so as part of being a parent and as part of being a child it's not always roses and flowers we also go through sickness and illnesses behind the cameras behind the scenes and I didn't share it on their Instagram but I feel like I should share it you know I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing of what hand foot and mouth is and I'm still trying to grasp it all you know so I just wanted to share with you guys you know what we've been going through and what this thing is and yes it's real and yes it's happened it's happening to us and it doesn't just happen to a certain ethnicity it doesn't just happen to a certain group of people it happens to us all as much as I've never thought in a million years that this would be something that my girls would have it is happening and we're dealing with it um that being said I'm going to start from the very very beginning where we started to see you know it beginnings to a cure or eight beginning the beginning stages rather so like the beginning of April I think it was like the beginning of April I started to notice I noticed a bump on Brielle face it was pretty much like right here pretty close to her mouth and you know it kind of you know when you have a pimple and it's kind of white and you know it's ready to pop so you pop it it wasn't white it was just like a red bump like you also got those bumps where you see it and it's you can't pop it because it hurts you know it's just like a red bump so it was on her face on her bike close to her mouth and I just associated it with like it's just baby at me even though I'm pretty sure she's passed that stage but I was I just associated it with it being you know kids have bumps every now and again it's okay it's only one then the next day I saw two bumps on her butt and I'm like huh now she's getting a rash so I started to put rash cream on her butt you know trying to nip it in the bud with nip it in the bud before it gets any worse so I put the rash cream and that was that the next day I saw more bumps on her foot on her feet the bottom of her feet had red bumps all over the top of her feet had bumps all over it cook on her toes and on the skin and also on her legs they were bumps various bumps around so I'm like hmm okay I think she's allergic to something and I started to think about what I gave them to eat that was new or what I did that was different that I haven't done for so I came to the conclusion um of two things I gave them peanut butter within that week so I said okay maybe she's allergic to peanut butter and I also remembered I washed their clothes with a new laundry detergent so I said it could it be one of the two peanut butter allergic reaction or laundry detergent allergic reaction so I said okay it's one of the two I'm still gonna watch it I'm still gonna monitor and see how where it goes so the next day they'd aware now on her on her arms they would know in her arms and I saw one on her tongue on the tip of her tongue when she opened her mouth they were between one to two bumps in her mouth right away I said okay this is not laundry detergent it's now in her mouth so I'm gonna say it's the peanut butter she's allergic to the peanut butter okay I'm still gonna watch it and see if it gets any worse if it gets any worse that's it I'm gonna bring her in to see the doctor and see what's going on so the next day I was at work and hubby he FaceTime me and he said you know they the bumps are getting worse the bumps on her legs are getting worse the bumps and her arms are getting worse and he showed me and I said um yeah let me call the doctor so I called her pediatrician and was kind of like panicking Brielle's breaking out I don't know what she's allergic to I want to bring her in the doctor said she's closing earlier today it was her early day so she said when you got home I want you to take some pictures of her legs her arms her face and send them to me also I want you to take her to Urgent Care when you get home so I said okay great so I rushed home when I got home I took the pictures I got her dressed and we all went to Urgent Care so as we're sitting in urgent care I sent the pictures over to her pediatrician and within minutes she texted me back and she said oh that looks like hand-foot mouth disease and I read it I think I read it like three times hand foot mouth disease I'm like girly crazy like my kid do not have no disease my kid does not have no handfull mouth disease like where would she get it like no sorry so I'm like David I told tilt David what she said David is heavy so he's looking it up and he is showing me pictures of what it looks like and I'm like okay it does look like what she has the bumps all over her arms her legs and her mouth area so my it does look like it but where the hell would she get it from and what disease so my mind is just like racing in a million directions so they called us in and we're meeting with the doctor and she's looking at me all examining her legs her arms and as she's looking at real Bobby said you know we just spoke with her pediatrician and her pediatrician said it looks like hand foot and mouth disease so right away the doctor turned and looked at him and said you are correct that is exactly what it is she has hand foot and mouth disease and I was just like how how do how did she get it how does it come about like how like I just kept saying how how how how so right then when we were talking when we were speaking about it David so prior to Brielle breaking out we went to someone's house where there were other kids there so the person's house that we went to David was texting them so David said at that very moment that was my first time finding out too he said oh by the way I'm texting this person and they said one of the children there had hand foot and mouth a week ago and I'm just like I cannot believe this like like what my child has this and this is where they caught it like what and she's like yeah that's exactly how she caught it you know kids play and there's always saliva involved my girls put everything in their mouth and that's how she caught it that's how the she caught it so I'm like okay so I'm just they're thinking we know what it is now tell me what you're gonna prescribe for her so we could Vick and get rid of this thing so I asked her what are we going to prescribe like what what medications and she take oh there's no there's no cure for it there's no medication the only thing we can prescribe is Tylenol just in case the bumps in her mouth starts to bother her and she doesn't want to eat or she doesn't want to drink so I'm sitting there like okay my child has bumps all over her legs on the bottom of her feet all over her arms on her palm in her mouth around her mouth and you're telling me there's no medication there's no medication that you could prescribe that's just great so she said well before you guys leave I just want to show you guys this video there's pretty much shows you how words it can get and what to expect so the video well it wasn't a videos pictures she she showed us pictures of the bottom of a child's feet and how it was peeling so she said once it starts to heal the bottom of Rio's feet is going to start to peel like a snake shedding its skin on the palm of her hands is also going to start to peel so you just wanted us to be aware so when it starts to happen we're not alarmed so I'm like okay great so she said okay so Bailey is most likely going to get it you guys probably will get it and just know that when adults get it they get it way worst and that's pretty much it so um we just got we let me went home you know we went home so when we got home it was pretty much close to bedtime so I was getting real undressed to put on some new clothes wipe her up you know get her ready for bed and as I'm getting her dressed I'm just looking at her skin and I'm just like starting to feel so guilty guilty because I took her out of her house I took her out of her bubble I took her out of her comfort zone and I brought her to this new place and this is what she came home with I came home perfectly fine and she came home with this and I just felt so guilty and I just felt so bad and I said to myself like I keep you guys out of daycare for specific reasons like this for specific reasons like this you guys are not in daycare and for you to come home with something like this it makes absolutely no sense at that very moment I learned you know I kind of told myself you know you could protect your child from all these things all these illnesses all these you know from everything that you want I'm from but once you bring them around other children that's it like you're pretty much exposing vamps every single thing that you're trying to protect them from and I that's what I pretty much told myself you know I'm sorry so literally two days later Bailey started to break out Bailey had the bumps on her legs that started on her legs her feet and her arms nothing on her face and I don't think I saw anything in her mouth but it wasn't as bad as Brielle's it was not as bad as reals but so I pretty much did what the doctor said she told me to keep it keep their skin moisturize and to get them a lot of cold things to eat just in case the bumps in their mouth decide to bother them and they don't want to eat anymore just give them a lot of cold cold stuff so I did that and they they came they stayed for a few days so the thing is they start out as a red bump they get a scab on them then they stay for a little while and then they leave and you'll just see the mark that it was there and during this whole product during this whole thing like it did not show any signs of being in pain they did not show any signs of being this come any discomfort it bothered us more pretty much than it bothered them because we had to see it every time we change them and they just acted so normal like it wasn't even happening so I can say that it was not painful to them however their skin just looked terrible so the bumps went away after a few days the bumps would away and there the bottom of their feet started to peel which we knew were cut with coming because the doctor warned us so I'm thinking okay the bumps are gone they're good I guess this is the last thing there but the bottom of their feet art is just going to peel that's it like they're better so they had a play date with another child and a few days later I learned the child caught it and I'm just like what the hell I'm I was very confused because we're the girls caught it from that child there were seven other children there there were seven other kids there ranging from ages two to probably twelve or fourteen I'm not sure but there are seven other children there and to my knowledge none of those seven kids got it I asked and they said no those seven kids did not get it so I associated it with me and the girls went there they caught it because they're premature that's how I looked at it because the seven other kids didn't get it so when we had a playdate when the alders everything was going off their body the only thing happening was the bottom of their feet were spilling I didn't think I thought it was that like that's it like that's just the last of it that's it it's gone so we had a playdate and then a few days later I learned the the child caught it and I'm just like how like how if this thing is so contagious that this child caught it after having a playdate with us for about an hour to two hours how is it these seven kids did not get it but that initially told me the girls are contagious and I actually hear them right now I don't know if you do but that just told me the girls aren't contagious they cannot be around any child because we will not be passing this on any further it stops here I'm so sad and I'm so like like I wish we never had that pay date I really thought that was it like the girls were good so I'm so we're still pretty much dealing with it like the girl the girls are still contagious I don't know how long I'm actually going to call her pediatrician when they do open um I should probably be try to call her now hold on let's try to call her now because I'm very curious to know how long does this thing stay in their bodies like how long do I have to keep them away from other kids like we will not be giving this to another child like no one will be pointing the fingers at my kids in saying they gave us hand foot-in-mouth the virus disease like that's not happening it was passed on to this one child I'm freakin so upset cuz I know how I felt when I found out the girls had it and how they got it I was so upset so knowing that the song has it I'm just like I'm not they're not going around any other child like that's not happening if there's no more lesions okay alright great thank you okay YouTube okay if there's no more lesions meaning there's no more bumps then they should be good I don't know if I like that answer because they had no more bumps when they had that playdate the only thing that was happening is their feet was peeling unless their feet has to be completely done peeling for them to be cured then that's the case I don't know but you know you hear stories about all these man-made sicknesses and man-made illnesses and I can't help but think like is this one of them like who in fact who how how does this thing come about and I wonder how the child that we caught it from how did they get it like are they in daycare where maybe they got it in a daycare like how like how did they get it like how does something like this come about that's so contagious that spreads like that that spreads very easily with the slightest contact short amount of time and there's no cure for it but yeah that's what we're pretty much going through right now the girls are highly contagious I cannot bring them around any other child I'm guessing until their feet is no longer peeling which I'm not sure how long that's gonna be but I want you guys to be aware to know that yes this is a thing yes we are dealing with this yes it is real hand foot and mouth disease I completely and utterly hate the name I feel like the word disease is just too harsh they could probably change it to virus but the word disease just completely throws me out of the ballpark but thank you guys for watching if you ever see these things happening with your child just random bumps popping up on their own knee on their arms their legs around their mouth and in their mouth go see the doctor yes there's nothing they could do but they could give you a diagnosis like yes this is what your child has it's pretty frustrating pretty annoying but it's part of being a child of smart of having a child as part of going out and taking your child to mingle with other kids let me go with other people and just know that this thing exists it is real and it's out there and it spreads very easily okay thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in our next video peace


  1. Hand foot and mouth is the worst 😕 I hope the girls feel better soon! ❤️ My daughter (now 8) had it at an early age also.

  2. Hi, so I’ve been following your insta channel for a bit now and I’m really sorry to hear that the girls have contracted this disease. Your guilt is totally understandable but these things do happen especially when parents don’t let others know about these things in social gatherings such as a play date, it’s sad but to my knowledge I think they don’t fess up due to the embarrassment that their child had it….. sounds silly but it does happen. Don’t feel like you’ve failed them because you haven’t, you’re a good mom, keep doing what you’re doing they’ll be fine. With regards to the illness, it is actually a virus….. saying disease is somewhat misleading tbh. I’m not sure why your pediatrician told you that as long as the rash is gone they’re cured because that’s misinformation. The virus can remain in the body, especially the stool, for weeks after the signs have gone away, that should explain how the other child caught it. Don’t feel too bad you obviously had no clue. As the parents, you spend a lot of time taking care of them while they go through this as such, you may be infected, key word may, if it is that you do, you won’t ever show signs or symptoms but can be contagious. Advice, wash those limbs that touches everything very often with soap and warm water, especially after a diaper change.Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, also clean and disinfect surfaces frequently. Due to them catching this virus now, they’ve built up an immunity to it so it won’t come back.
    We go through things like this to make us stronger where our kids are concerned, they get sick, and they fall, it’s part of growing up, we can take all the precautions but somehow it happens. We cannot blame ourselves for it all. What’s most important is being there in the end to wipe those snotty noses, clean up the cuts and bruises and tell them it’s gonna be ok. You’re doing a great job momma, keep the faith they’re gonna be just fine. xoxo

  3. Awwww those babies. It’s actually very common for kids to get this especially when their around other kids . It’s very contagious. I feel sorry for kids who have it . It looks very painful. Just make sure you sanitize their toys/things once they clear up .

  4. My daughter had that it was so bad she had it inside of her mouth blisters. It made her mouth smelled rotten. There was nothing that the doctors could have prescribed.So I used my mom's jamaican remedies.

  5. I never heard of this disease and momma it’s not your fault. I am subscribed to your instagram in you are the best example of a mom. This was a very informative and educational video.

  6. I'm so sorry your children are going through this but know that none of this is your fault. Its sounds like there's not enough information about this going around amongst parents. I hope Brielle and Bailey feel better really soon and I hope that even the doctors can give more insight to their patients that just a diagnosis

  7. Don't feel bad mom! My daughter who just turned 2 was a 28 weeker and I started to work from home when she was 11 months old to keep her away from anything because she was so ill with RSV from 6 to 10 months. Then a month ago we had a play date and 3 days after she came down with a fever and full blown cold for a week and a half. I was pissed and felt bad because she has been healthy since 11 months and the one time I agree to hang at someone's home with her, she gets sick! We do the best we can and you are doing an awesome job! 💖

  8. I love you guys, but WHY would you take her anywhere knowing she had this? Should've called the doctor before you took her out…but I know, your a first time mom and this won't be the last thing they catch😍🤗

  9. I had this nonsense last summer. Sameish situation. Went to a kids party (for support I don't even have children) and the birthday girl had hands foot and was recovering and her mother didn't tell people. And I've watched this little girl.grow up so I gave her a hug and kiss and that was the end for me. Worst shit ever. I'm sorry your girls are going through that. It's not your fault! This awful disease passes because ppl are lazy with the education of it and sanitation after symptoms disappear to.

  10. The dr. should have told you that Brielle would be contagious. The person at the party should have made it known that their child had the disease and to pursue with caution by sanitizing. I am feeling your anxiety and pain and I don't even have kids. It's going to be alright. Just be careful even with the dog in the video..LOL.

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