Hannah Shewan – Physician Associate NHS Grampian

Once you’ve sat and passed the national exam
you can basically work in any medical or any surgical department that’s interested in having
us as well as general practice and I work in accident and emergency So basically the day in the life of a PA for
me looks like meeting assessing patients as they present to A and E both in out majors
and in our minors unit Ordering investigations and supporting the
medical team in the diagnosis and management of that patient and we also are involved
in supporting the medical team through in out resus unit as well The course really helped prepare me for working
in A and E It provided a really good foundation of medical
knowledge as well as clinical skills that I’ve been able to build on since working in
A and E I really hope in the future to be able to
build on my medical knowledge to build on my skills to be able to better support the
medical team and I would also really like to be involved in teaching future PAs as well

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