Happy Mother’s Day from Penn State Children’s Hospital

Before I knew it, people were telling me
I had to deliver at 34 weeks and as a NICU nurse, I understood the reasons for
that but as a mom, I was very very scared. I was released a little while ago but
we’ve been here pretty much day and night helping to care for Zachary and
hoping that he’ll come home soon. I just never knew that I could love someone so
much that I never even really knew before and I feel like being a mother,
you can’t really know that kind of love until you have it. And so, you have it you know you’re a
mother when you’re carrying the child but now that he’s actually here and
early, it feels so much more real to celebrate Mother’s Day and to really
feel like that’s a special accomplishment. It just shows me how much
my mom went through you know and my husband’s mom to raise us. And now that
we’re on the other end, it makes Mother’s Day so much more special to know that
you know mother. Being a mother is really about sacrifice and putting your
children first.

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