Harjyot’s story about Mental Health First Aid

so I grew up in cattle which is a small rural community up in Far North Queensland and I’ve loved growing up in this community although we’ve had a couple of challenges over the years I mean we’ve had a couple of cyclones as well and I remember this one time when a big cyclone came through it impacted all of our family and I know my dad he wasn’t coping that well without a cycle in either I personally always have wanted to help people and seeing my community struggle with the impacts of natural disasters I felt hopeless that I couldn’t do anything and that’s why I decided to pursue medicine and complete the mental health first aid course in this way I felt that I could not only help them physically but also help them mentally so over the Mental Health First Aid course I learned not only about recognizing the various signs and symptoms of mental health conditions but I also learned how important it is to listen and communicate to people when they’re so vulnerable and in these situations I think the one biggest thing I learned was to how to encourage them to seek help as much as I loved studying medicine like any other university degree it does have its challenges and with the mental health first aid course I’ve got the skill set to now recognize when I’m feeling stressed so even if my friends are in any sort of stress I’m really looking forward to the day that I can come home as the doctor with the knowledge and skills in medicine and also mental health so I can better support my community my family and friends and people like my dad I’m hi Joe I’m a medical student and I am a mental health first aider I am one I am one I am one I won we won too [Music]

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