HarmarVillage Care Center – Learn How Our Nursing Centers Are Different

Admission into a nursing home is often a stressful
time. When a patient is admitted into a nursing home, they may wait up to 12 hours for their
first dose of medication, with nearly three of those doses being withheld. Not having
immediate access to medications upon admission can complicate the admission process and can
even lead to readmission to the hospital. Here at the HarmarVillage Care Center we’ve
eliminated that problem to ensure the comfort and safety of our residents by accessing the
InSTAT Rx™ Electronic Medication Cabinet. Now our nurses have immediate access to resident
medications upon their arrival. Residents and families can relax and settle into their
new environment, confident that medications are available immediately from our vast on-site
medication inventory minutes after the physicians’ order is received, and that each dose is pharmacist-reviewed
to detect harmful allergic reactions prior to administration. Immediate medication available
results can improve outcomes, reduce unnecessary returns to the hospital, and provide the best
opportunity for residents to return home. This is just another way that the HarmarVillage
Care Center puts our residents first.

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