Harmonic Healing, Dr. Linda Lancaster of the Global Foundation of Integrative Medicines

I'm Deepak Chopra you're watching new realities I'm Richard Paul netsky here with an incredible healer Linda Lancaster who has spent decades to say the least learning distilling and creating healing across many spectrums she runs an incredible conference which he does every year here in New York City brings together a wide spectrum of integrative medical doctors and other healers just a great great healer really grateful to have the opportunity to talk to her Linda thanks so much for being here today thanks so much Linda from your decades of experience if you had just a minute to speak to someone maybe someone you ran into in an airport or an elevator in a restaurant and they asked you Linda what could I do to live a longer and healthier life what would you tell them well I'm gonna tell you what dr. Parcells has said about that statement and she said well I don't know if it's gonna be longer but it won't feel so long so what we wanted to is live as healthy as we can for her as long as we're here there are many reasons and I I'm one that believes in our destiny is our destiny and when it's time it's time but while we're here let's do the best that we can to feel good and have energy and do why do what we're supposed to do while we're here so I would say look at our environment and make sure that we can neutralize some of those ants that some of the onslaught of pollution that we are all experiencing so of course I recommend the bats I recommend organic food I recommend breathing techniques I recommend meditation I recommend movement I recommend drinking water properly not just lugging along a big plastic jug through the streets of Manhattan how do you drink water prop oh oh I thought you never asked well it's not so much properly its how its what our purpose is of water so when we wake up after sleeping all night we want to drink a couple of glasses of water right room-temperature this is the best even hot water is good for some systems then we can drink water before our meals during our meals but not after our meals for at least two to three hours why is that because our stomach is the pot cooking on the stove so we pour the water in we put the food in a little bit mortar more water and then you put the lid on and let it cook and that's digestion yeah and understand that water is very very prominent in our vegetables so if you read my book I recommend 80% plant food so it's we we're getting water in our food we're adding more water but we don't drink water all day I ask my patients are you drinking water yes how are you drinking oh I drink water all day I go oh don't do that we need a rest from the water so we don't have to lug that bottle well long with us I've never I've never done that till you seen it's very fashionable for people to carry their own Oh what about it I was right then I hope that if they are doing that that they wash it regularly with little Clorox because or some type of disinfectant so question so give a typical schedule you mentioned people get up in the morning drink some more that drink before meals is that really the only times people should be drinking war their first thing yeah well during meals before and during meals after two hours maybe we're doing a workout and then you can drink water I mean it's more than we we need enough time to digest sure so that's and it needs to put that lid on and what the been the summer when it's hot and you sweat sure but if you drink enough water during your meals you shouldn't be thirsty until a couple of hours later and if you're taking nutritional supplements as many of the people listening here do when would you take them during the meals or before the meals because you're not drinking or during or after you could drink and stop okay let it digest I see I mean that is it's not my idea of drinking water I mean I didn't create it but 6,000 years ago Ayurveda did right and so after the meal how long would you wait before drinking again about two hours two hours to have all digestion process compliant you know after two hours you couldn't say hmmm I'm thirsty I can have some water you don't have to until it's ready for you to have your next meal right because if you do two in the morning or maybe one during the meal and that then then you're gonna wind up with eight to ten glasses of water right and is there a particular type of water that you recommend whether in oh I don't like water in plastic bottles okay I think we're where there's a lot of the apparatus is out there that can clear there are good New York water from from our reservoirs I like there's now a lot of structured water apparatuses which are very good carbon filters I mean I can't imagine plastic water bottles that are sitting on a truck and heat on them right is gonna not have plastic in it right so basically taking your tap and filtering that with the best or having a good filter in your house it's so it's hard and bless it yeah you know blessing blessing of food blessing of water we don't realize the power that we actually have you know and it's time to acknowledge the forces that are greater than us what did Leonard Cohen say if we don't pray for the angels angels they won't pray for us beautiful well that's a great segue to my next question for you which is so you you've mastered a bunch of modalities in terms of alternative and integrative medicine in terms of the energetic or let's say spiritual portions of healing you'd mentioned blessings blessings of food before you eat and having a conscious intention what types of things have you found from a either prayer spiritual or energetic capacity has had the most profound levels of healing for your patients and perhaps even for yourself I think first it's acknowledgement when you acknowledge that there's greater force than yourself then that big ego becomes one with everything so whatever that means to a person whether it's God the universe the Angels yeah whatever that is it doesn't matter because we're saying we're more than physical it's connecting with the etheric force field which is connected to the cosmos and the primordial sound ether is in all of space so ether is in us and creates life what do you mean by ether whether it's your definition of ether mmm ether ether ether ether ether is one of the five elements it's the primordial element really that gives life to the other elements so we have ether right we have ether we have air ether is in the air then we have fire air is in the fire then we have water and then we have earth we have five elements on the iron data side of things and so ether is we have any fear ik force field why do we have an etheric force field because each one of ourselves which our little batteries are are rotating and creating a field and that field becomes vibrant if the cells are in balance you know we can we're not gonna get more energy than when we had when we started when we first were given this vital force when we took our first breath hmm we took in ether and became alive we no longer was living on our mother hmm now we have a vital force so what's going to interfere with that vital force any kind of disruption chemically or electromagnetically so and it the vital force knows what it's doing it's it's it has all the information it's our innate ability to heal and we have this innate ability to heal because of our vital force are easier and homeopathy is based on that on test three you know Hahnemann talked about the vital force lots of times I integrate it you know I integrated the vital force it's the etheric field it's electromagnetic energy its energy its G it's prana it doesn't matter but to acknowledge it now we're bringing awareness and when we have awareness we have this opportunity to know ourselves at a deeper level or a broader level of where we are on the planet we're all here on planet Earth right we're all here we're one within the planet we just you know it's the the seers say if you move grand grain of sand the whole earth will feel the grain of sand being moved so we are part of the whole and I'm just trying to find peace in them and give tools to people to stay healthy so they can realize who they are you know that's was equipment at some point to everybody else that question why are we here right so it's a very beautiful purpose that that you're living and I see the universe supports that at a higher level when you really do find and live that purpose so how how can we maximize that life force that Chi that prana that we've been given how can we maximize cultivate and optimize that so we can live a healthier and more vital life neutralized pollution how the bats whether the baths the therapeutic baths that we have sea salt in baking soda for radiation we have died very dilute Clorox baths for neutralizing heavy metals we have apple cider vinegar for fossil fuel and chemicals so we take a bath we've alternate those baths so paths have an ability to really detoxify the body yes yes it's an old nature Pathak tool and so we do therapeutic baths we food that's imbibed with electromagnetic energy from good soil electro met from good soil organic food biodynamic food vegetables greens vegetables especially because they're high in minerals right and that's where we are feeding our electromagnetic energy from the electromagnetic energy of food we're nature we heal with nature right you know that that little comment is not everybody does not believe in that but I do I've seen it for 40 years I've seen my patients get well right and what else can we do something about the food we have the food regularly clean your liver this book is it gives you a six week liver cleanse what's all of your book harmonic healing harmonic Ely yeah so let's show you how to do a little plan a liver cleansing like a six-week giving foods that are stress free to the liver right I don't use a lot of supplements I'm just not that way I really believe that if we can get our our body working and give it the good food we're going to get well what about herbs commonly used in our feta and chinese i use it i do use herbs cleansing herbs and that's in the book however not any particular brand or anything you know it's just certain herbs are really good for cleaning the liver then what's most important like we drink water we move movement one kind of movement do you have a preferred form of movement no I have I say move even if you're at your desk get up and walk around the desk right you know I have my little morning routine that I did use I mean I start I did you know I've been doing yoga since I'm 20 so I do still some yoga postures and movement and that that's in the book and then I meditate and meditate every day I bless my food I I honor I honor the forces that are regularly and what are those forces hahaha cosmic forces the force whatever you want to call it the higher knowledge you know I'm just source of all yes the source of all there you even Einstein recognized that there was you know that everything in the universe is energy and we are energy we that etheric body then a teeth Eric fields are threads of light that goes through our physical body to give us life beautiful beautiful what are your thoughts on the power of prayer not only in healing but in every area of our lives a very important you know a prayer is really a mantra it's a blessing and if it's if you're saying that prayer with fervor and intention it will get to where it's going you know I I for me my prayer is every day I do the Gayatri mantra and I do and I do the our Father every day so and I say it out loud you just I say it lots of times in the shower you say it out loud yeah why do you say it out loud because that because our voice is electromagnetic and it goes out into the field so we I I do the our Father and I do the Gayatri mantra out loud and I've done it for 50 years so yeah it's just it's I try every time to do it with a full heart full focus concentration nothing else in the way yeah that's beautiful and I meditate I meditate every day what form of meditation do you practice I sometimes I do breathing but I like when when I like a simple meditation that father Thomas Keating taught me you sit down on your pillow on the ground it's important to get down on the ground and why is that it's a ground with the earth yeah to be to be down on the ground you know and and I close my eyes get it calm rhythmic breathing after I do my mantra don't Borba vasa Gayatri mantra and then I imagine I'm on the bank of a river and so what will ultimately happen is the thought will come in and you look at the thought and then you have a little boat there on the side of the river you have a little boat and take that thought thought go into that boat goodbye back to the river back to peace back to the flow and does the boat stay there another one comes back and so there's another boat sitting there empty and you can drop the thought in there that thought in there goes away it goes away and then your mind is clear again and there you just focusing on the river at that point yeah you just focus on one pointedness so for this case that's the river if I want to just and it helps me to get back into nature in that way so I do that I do breathing I do one point did no thought it's depends but that I like to teach that one because it's so easy and it there's no religious connotation with it even though it was from father Thomas who's who his father Thomas father Thomas Keating he passed away last year and he was my patient and he passed at 96 and he is contemplative prayer he taught constantly it was a Trappist monk and taught contemplative prayer that's beautiful we could talk for hours but the the hour is growing long but I just wanted to ask you this as perhaps a final question when do you feel closest to that divine source that we've been talking about that source of all when I'm cooking food when I'm chopping vegetables when I'm in peace after a long day I put in 10 or 12 hour days and then you know what do we do order takeout or no let's watch some vegetables let's cut up some vegetables and and connect with nature I my my best time is connecting with the nature one of my hobbies is to hike I've hiked most of the southwest all through Utah New Mexico and Colorado that's wonderful lucky yeah very beautiful and you do that regularly oh yeah yeah that's fantastic yes I do one last thing before we go we're talking a little bit about Chi whether your thoughts in the power of Qi Gong oh very powerful they have a method of pulling in their the energy and you and using it in a very good way you know I mean the Chinese really mastered the cultivation of energy we all have in different ways I mean it just so happens that the Qi Gong is just this wonderful technique right but at the end of the technique it's a technique right and so but what's in your heart you know why are you getting this powerful energy what are you gonna do with it I think that's really important so it's in our and 10 of creating peace hmm and sharing energy and not being up there and saying I have all this gee you know rather bring everybody up to the same platform you've been at my conferences everybody comes up to the same platform there's no lower there's no higher I don't care for have ten degrees right to me the guy who's sweeping the floor is as valuable and little do we know they're probably more self-realized than all of us quite possibly and you your brother I think a very key and important point which is that particularly in something like Chia cog you know a lot of people who don't really know much about or just see it on the surface level say oh what those basic simple movements what the heck could those be doing for somebody but they don't see the conscious intention the internal mechanisms the powerful internal movement that's going on and that's cultivating and moving that chief it's about becoming one with yourself and others and all that is we are so grateful to be here at this time on the planet and yet so difficult right you know so I hope that harmonic healing will give some tools to those people who want to move forward in their awareness of life well thank you so much thank you so much for coming here and for sharing your wisdom and harmonic healing Linda Lancaster harmonic healing fantastic book check it out take a look and you very well might transform your life thank you so much Linda such a pleasure that have you hearings

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