Hater Comment Therapy ft King Bach

( music playing ) Welcome back. Being a public
figure on the internet isn’t all roses and sugar bear
hair vitamin partnerships. It also requires putting
yourself out there for the public to criticize
everything you do. Hmm, but there’s no
time like the present to confront
your fears, people. When life gives you haters,
make hater-ade. It’s time for
“Hater Comment Therapy.” Welcome to
“Hater Comment Therapy.” We are joined
by King Bach, How are you,
King Bach? I’m not doing too well. It’s the haters,
isn’t it? There’s so many out there. Well, this is
a safe space for you, and we’re going
to work through some of your hater
comments today, okay? Ahh, okay. Yeah, just breathe. Now I want you to know
that these are real… – Okay.
– …hater comments. – But we can get through this.
– You promise? – Yes, are you ready?
– Is this pro bono, – or am I gonna have to pay?
– You’re gonna have to pay. You can see the secretary
on the way out. – All right.
– All right. On August 15th, 2017, you posted
this gym boomerang. Bach: Oh, it was
my first day back, my first day in the gym. Rhett:
Mm-hmm. Well, user michaeljrwatson
commented, “Man, cut yo hair, big buttery
biscuit-looking (bleep).” Do you feel like your head looks like
a big buttery biscuit? In fact, it is
a big buttery biscuit. I just came from Popeye’s, and they say you
are what you eat, and I just had
a big buttery biscuit. So how does this
make your soul feel? It makes me feel like maybe I should
change my diet. What’s the best
option for a head? Maybe a human head,
I don’t know. Maybe I should join
Hannibal’s tribe. I don’t think I can
endorse this logic, – uh, or this practice.
– Bach: Okay. But I do have something
to say to michaeljrwatson. Michaeljrwatson, if you
think his head full of hair looks like
a big buttery biscuit, the real problem is
something is wrong with the biscuits
you are eating. ( laughs ) Stop eating them now
before you get sick. ( laughing ) Link: We have another one
for you. On May 18th, 2017, you posted
this Instagram photo, with the caption
“purple devil emoji.” – Bach: Ooh.
– And user alexxbarraban commented, “Yo head look like
a lightbulb for real.” ( laughs )
For real? – For real.
– I take that as a compliment. Have you been
eating light bulbs? No, but he saying I’m shining bright
like a diamond. – That’s a good perspective.
– Bach: Mm-hmm. Let me give alexxbarraban
some perspective. Alexxbarraban, do you know
how many haters it takes to change a light bulb? None, because they’ve
never done anything – helpful in their lives.
– ( Bach laughs ) You’re not doing anything helpful in your life. ( laughs loudly ) On April 28th, 2017, you posted this Instagram
photo with the caption, “forced smile,” and then
a few crying laughing emojis. User _shizii commented, “Ur flex was also forced”. That’s the only way
to flex. Oh, so your flex was,
in fact, forced? I wish. I been working
on doing a natural flex, but it’s impossible. – Can we see that?
– Let me try. Nah, you gotta force it,
or it doesn’t move. Flexing by
definition is force, – is that what you’re saying?
– Yeah. Okay, let me handle this. _shizii, if you
don’t stop making fun of Bach’s forced flexing, I’ll be forced
to track you down and force you to apologize. Yeah, that’s a good
use of the force. – Yeah.
– Oh, wow. – You don’t want that.
– Bach: No. On September 20th,
2017, Bach, you posted
this Instagram photo with the caption
“Fun Fact: I was born
in Toronto, Canada.” – Well, that is fun.
– That is fun. Then you said,
“Where were you born?” and talia yay commented,
“At your mom’s house.” Did you know that
talia yay was your sibling? – I did.
– You did? She was a bad kid,
so we just– we say,
“You gotta be gone.” ( laughs ) Hey, sister.
I hope all is well. I’m famous now. ( laughter ) That’s good. I don’t need
to add anything to that. No, you don’t.
You handled that
one on your own. – ( laughs )
– I’m glad you guys made amends after all that
you’ve been through. On March 29th, 2017,
you posted this photo with no caption, and user x_jodo_x
commented, “boy yo ass look
like a mf sticky note. you ain’t never gotta worry
about getting a hall pass”. What?
What does that mean? You don’t
understand it, either? I can’t even, like,
translate that. I didn’t know if it
was something from Vine. I don’t think
that’s a Vine joke. That took longer than
six seconds just to read it. – Okay.
– ( laughs ) Well, I can
clear this up. x_jodo_x, I wanna write
your name on a sticky note, put you on my yogurt at work
and then forget about you. ( laughs loudly ) Bringing it. Only for you, Bach. Yes, I like it.
I appreciate it. Do we go this hard. I’m not even crying anymore.
It’s tears of joy. You know what?
On this same post, luwissammy commented, “why does your face always
look like a chicken nugget?” So, we just need
a final answer. Is your face
a chicken nugget, a big buttery biscuit,
or a light bulb? It can’t be
all three, can it? – It is all three.
– Wow. Because, like, Popeye’s,
they had a special deal. They had a biscuit
and nugget meal with a light bulb
as the toy? Well, they had it
under the heating lamp. – Oh, okay.
– Nice. – So…
– Got it. Don’t eat that. – Got it.
– ( Bach laughs ) Luwissammy, here’s a nugget
of information for you: – log off.
– ( laughs ) Thank you, Bach,
for spending this time with us. Hopefully you feel
better now. Be sure to check out
King Bach in the film “Where’s the Money?”
on iTunes. You know
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    Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! You make me laugh a lot King!

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  7. why are you guys so sensitive to โ€œassโ€ heโ€™s a grown adult and you guys donโ€™t need to freak out????

  8. Comment; why dose your face always look like a chicken nugget.
    So whar there saying is he is delicious and crispy ok that person is wierd
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    I love these. Rhett & Link need to do their own- if they get any hate.
    I love them, but I donโ€™t trust their tasting abilities after all Iโ€™ve seen them eat ๐Ÿ˜‚

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