Hater Comment Therapy ft. Pete Holmes

( music playing ) Welcome to Hater Comment
Therapy, Pete Holmes. Oh.
I’m on camera? – Yes.
– This is being filmed, but it is still
a therapy session. Okay.
I thought this– For quality assurance purposes. I’m excited to cleanse
some of the clinging I have to my– to people
that don’t like me. – Yes.
– Yes. Now along with the success
of an HBO television show, a stand-up career,
and a podcast chock full
of high-profile guests, you’re bound to accumulate
some haters. It’s how you deal
with the haters that
makes all the difference. That’s right.
Are you ready to be drenched in some haterade? Like I’m the coach
of my own football team? We’re gonna help you
through this, Pete. – All right.
– Let’s get to the first one. On February 26, 2014,
you posted this YouTube video of you talking
to UFC champ Ronda Rousey and Connor Jones
commented… Two questions, Pete,
’cause this is a safe space. – Yeah.
– How does that make you feel? And are you in fact
made out of Play-Doh? ( laughs ) Are you Connor? Connor, I’m not made
of Play-Doh, but it actually makes me happy
that I have that appearance, that people wanna mold me,
spend some time with me
on the carpet, and possibly eat me. – Hmm.
– So, suck it. – ( laughter )
– Hmm. Doesn’t seem like
you need our help at all. Oh, I’m sorry.
It makes me sad. ( laughter ) That’s right. No, you got a really
healthy outlook, and allow me
to address Connor directly. Connor Jones, you wish you were
made out of Play-Doh so that someone would
finally touch you. Oh, ( bleep )! – Oh, the healing has begun!
– Rhett and Link: Yes. All right, Pete,
on January 22nd, The New York Post
Page Six tweeted this photo
of Scarlett Johansson and then thekat0711
tweeted in response… – ( chuckles )
– Now, on the one hand, this seems like
a pretty good burn, but at the same time,
you are being compared
to Scarlett Johansson. So tell me about
your conflicted feelings. Yeah, I am in a whirlwind
of confusion. First of all, Kat–
her name is Kat is on it, yeah, girl, you’re on it. I look like
Scarlett Johansson if you gave me
Hilary Clinton’s hair. That’s incredible.
I kind of– I’m just honored to be such
a beautiful, sensual woman. – That’s a great outlook, Pete.
– ( laughs loudly ) But I do have a message
for thekat0711. We’ve seen your Twitter photo
and you are a dead ringer for Kevin Jonas. Suck it. On March 16, 2016, you posted this
YouTube video named “New Material Seinfeld –
Episode 2,” and emptychannel
commented… This question is mainly focused
about changing careers. Pete, have you given this
serious consideration? I don’t know.
What is his name? – Empty–
– Emptychannel. Emptychannel, if you’re trying
to hurt me on the Internet, ask yourself,
what’s making you so empty? Rhett and Link:
Hmm. And I will add to that.
Emptychannel, your name says it all. You are as empty
as the pasty white space – between Pete’s man boobs.
– ( Pete laughs loudly ) We call it The Thunderdome. ( laughter ) On February 19th,
Mike Santoria tweeted this: Now, let’s explore this. What do you think
makes a face stupid? I mean, he’s not wrong. Well, you know what,
Mike Santoria? You can be famous
for having a stupid face, – but you’re not.
– ( Pete laughs ) So I guess that leaves you with
nothing but your stupid face. Ooh! Look at my stupid face. It is a big face. I look like the mascot for a
carnival you don’t wanna go to. On September 9, 2016,
user karatepiper tweeted… Dude, that was me. ( laughter ) I’m sorry it didn’t work. – I wish you had called.
– ( laughter ) Karatepiper, please send me a
photo of this Pete Holmes girl. Asking for a friend. It’s just Scarlett Johansson. On May 12, 2014,
user hellaennui tweeted this… Now, if you were a piece
of furniture from the ’90s what furniture
would you be? Oh, my god. A mattress on fire
so I can heave myself at you. ( laughter ) Well, hellaennui, if you were a piece
of furniture you’d be that old smelly recliner
my estranged uncle died in. His ghost still shows up
when you kick out the legs. ( laughter ) Now, Pete,
I hope this helped. – That’s all of our time.
– Oh! I wanna get
to the real mean ones. Well, you’ll have to pay the
bill for this session first. Oh. That’s pretty mean. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time–
Oh, you’re supposed to say it. Say, “You know
what time it is.” You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Sonja.
– And I’m Rida. And we’re in front
of the Buckingham Palace and– Both: It’s time to spin
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  1. I've just realised that, since Link's hair has been going up, his hair doesn't go down like a waterfall..

  2. Pete Holmes is an international treasure. I weirdly self-aware homely hilarious treasure.

  3. So, Pete watches the show, yet they Still need to remind him to say “You know what time it is!”? Either Pete just said that for comic relief, or Rhett & Link tell them not to say it til they tell them.

  4. This is the first therapy episode I’ve seen so far & I love it! Btw I heard of y’all through “Men try” on YouTube because y’all are their inspiration & they’re just as hilarious as you two!

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  6. Rhett is good at this. He already has a superiority complex, so he is just naturally talented for being rude.

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  8. I'd like to think that after filming this episode, they all went out for a beer. Or just the idea that they hanged out. These three are awesome

  9. You can be famous for having a stupid face, but only if you have good content and not stupid in the head

  10. I am probably completely out of touch and being a mom I have no time for TV other than fortnight and You Tube for a 9 yr old…. but who is Pete Holmes?

  11. Pete Holmes brings me so much joy how any one can a bad thing about him is beyond me. He is just so full of light and love and joy.

  12. Mike Santoria you can be famous for have a stupid face but you're not so I guess that leaves you nothing but you're stupid face


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