Have You Ever Been Called out for Being Fake on Social Media?

Everyone likes to exaggerate a little on social media. That’s a given, right? But if you’ve ever stretched the truth a bit too far, have you ever been called out by your own family? So this is Florida high schooler Casey who recently posted this exercise pic on Instagram, tagged herself on the trails and said “nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems #naturelovers”. Great picture right? Yeah, good message. Meanwhile, Carly, Casey’s younger sister, saw that hiking Instagram post and posted this. “My sister said she was going hiking… this is our backyard!” (laughing) I love that her sister is literally taking a picture of her sister getting a picture taken. This is brilliant! And then of course this one goes viral. I love it. Okay, this one goes viral. She ended up getting 300,000 likes on this tweet. 40 thousand retweets. It’s unreal.

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