Having Anxiety Be Like…

any of y'all ever get anxiety I think anxiety and panic attacks is your spidey sense is going off or like internal smoke detectors something's wrong I smell it something's wrong for me mostly it's girls pretty much every girl I've dated has given me anxiety and a lot of times it's when they have that guy friend who blatantly shows they like my girl but she want to act Bolivia's about it and like hang out with the dude all the time stay at his house till like 3 o'clock in the morning yo not for nuttin but I think your boy Christian low frequency likes you what are you talking about you don't think it's kind of suspicious that he bought you a 200 dollar gift card for Victoria's Secret relax it's my birthday present he said your birthday's not for another five months done are you being ridiculous anyways let me call you back I'm at the spa with Christian we're about to get couples massages you know what makes me real paranoid when I have a girlfriend these rap songs for whatever reason these dudes love saying yo I smashed your girl so any future girlfriends if I ever call you and leave you a voicemail like where you at why do I pick up the phone it's Gucci man over there meet up is he over there but he better not be over there you know what else planes planes give me anxiety too I don't even have a phobia of flying it says every time I go to board a plane my brain always goes hey you know what we haven't thought about in a long time final destination or lost the first episode with the plane crash and rips into or castaway well done anyways I'm sure I'm sure we'll be fine though do not let there be turbulence hit one bump boom that's it we're all dead it's all over lord jesus take the wheel and my life I'm coming Jesus you know what else weed that's part of the reason I don't smoke it you know I tried it a few times back when all the hip hoppers we're always putting it in their song so they don't do it so much anymore right let me try it I stopped that junk would make me so paranoid and give me anxiety up until this year it was illegal in Orlando so I'll be sitting in my friend's house be passing the weed around and I'd be like you guys nobody freaked out there's a DirecTV ban outside Jonathan and did you call for satellite repairs a cop it's undercover cop who snitched oh my god I'm going to jail I can't breathe which one y'all snitched Harry was it you don't try to act like y'all know what snitches get plus I have a bunch of friends who like to do this thing where they don't think their thoughts through to conclusions see all my female friends love puppies I'm just dogs in general me and all my friends will be in the car right everybody in the car doesn't smoke weed except for the person in the passenger seat who is a known weed smoker and always has weed on them but my lady friends will be in the car we'll be at a gas station they'll look over see a police car and the word canine on the side and they'll be like Oh run over to the police car oh my god officer officer roll in the window officer I saw canine written on your door is there a dog in here you wanna you want to pet him yes please oh my god please oh my god I just cry whenever I see a dog cause I don't know what else to do bring the dog back to the car this is a drug-sniffing dog don't be looking at us like I know yeah my life is one big ball of anxiety waiting to happen


  1. my best friend is a girl and her boyfriend is always tryna split us up and he gets mad when she hugs me first on very few occasions,,, like dude calm down i’m not gonna fall for my best friend 💀

  2. me: wow its a nice day out

    my brain: get ready to fight

    me: what no wait why?

    my brain: just get ready dude

    me: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

    anxiety in a nutshell^^^

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