HD Graphic Armpit Abscess Drainage Step by Step (Medical Education and Training)

mm so we got the surgical setup over here you got your scalpel and scissors forceps antibiotic cream I'm also got some betadine also crystal if you can get us like some packing some betadine around the edges do some lidocaine with epinephrine to stop the bleeding just in case there's any kind of little poke okay smallpox you okay after you've numbed it you can tell that per nephron stop the blood flow do you feel this do you feel it mmm just feel like a session so we put an incision on it now just all that puzzle is that far now you okay him so he had maybe like 10 15 cc's of just pure pus come on actually it's about bringing you okay thank you okay completely gone you wanna go in there make sure there's no more pockets left in there that you gotta break up no Mike relations stays a little bit right there Chris doesn't give me some packing so you see we took out most of the purlins drainage then when you get about four or five inches of packing gauze what I recommend is you pack the wound really good the patient will go home they'll take out half an inch a day every single day until the whole thing comes out again you don't need to put them on antibiotics but definitely give him some good pain control to go home with and they should be all set

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