yeah let's put this on your foot right here so let me raise you up how long has it been now Romberg yeah and having any problems at all have you told nails I've ever felt like this before long time with Lori yeah so we can see there's that little chip on the side that's the day we did the procedure so that's still moving on out that looks completely normal but the width of the nail looks pretty good doesn't it yeah it's not you know super super skinny but you still have you know the sides have closed up nicely and no pain whatsoever no pain here we can still see the new nails still growing up from the day we did the pre did you trim down the side here not at all no you'd have to cut anything down aside nope you just cut straight across yeah so again let me get this little here off so that's where we've trimmed off all the skin and then the nail was poking through you heal pretty nice day innit yeah I still can't believe you had a nail going right through your toes and you were walking around with that that's unbelievable but the sides of the nail look really good is it easier to cut your toenails now yeah how do you do them how do you cut your toenails now just I'm just because he was so much in pain so so wrong he play and just you know from time to time look at his toes just to check whether they are cake and coffee stall yes it's like and how easy that's a couple now yeah music absolutely no pain and no pain yeah big smile on your face no pain yeah how was that whole experience to be filmed and to be on TV nothing nothing crazy nothing great nothing crazy we were just in the same room except people are watching us right yeah those are all yours it's not weird for someone to want the ingrown toenails it's almost like a to remember what they overcame there you go it looks really good are you happy you did it yeah so at this stage the reason why I got you guys to come back is really just to have an extra look just to make sure it's still looking good and this has been almost six months later six months later and everything still looking good so at this stage use enough to trim straight across you don't have to worry about the ingrowns again okay and now I still kind of want to look at historic of wow I can't believe you're taller than me now I'm you really grapple six ones oh my cups awesome let's click those putos together take a quick look we'll just take a nice look so I can see both of them and no more swelling no infection no nothing huh yeah yeah they're almost tore machine that was squirrely yes and the toes look a lot better too I've not so bulky in so that's good nice all done


  1. His toe looked like mine. I wish that they would stop getting ingrown.

    For a while my left big toe was good now the inside is getting ingrown again.

    My right big toe on the inside no matter how many times it was cut back and put the stuff to kill the nail bed it would become ingrown. I even had the whole nail taken off last time and after 3 1/2 years it had finally grew back but the inside still gets ingrown this has been on going for close to 10 years now😢

  2. Yo I have a ingrown toenail and I want to get it fixed at the doctor but I’m scared of the pain of that surgery it looks so painful

  3. I was very happy to see you get your own show for television and WAS a huge fan. But when you demeaned and humiliated this young man's mother for trimming his toenails I was done. As a mother who had seen her sons toenail in such a mess before, I can see exactly why she'd keep an eye on them and trim them! Shame on you for doing that! It is evident that you don't have children or you would understand this. This child evidently isn't yet capable of taking care of his nails or knowing when a problem begins or that it's not normal. How do we know this? Because he let them get to the state they were in before coming to see you! I find it quite hypocritical of you to goad "mom" about her clipping the toenails FOR him when you have patient after patient PAYING YOU to fix, cut, trip, and repair their toenails for various reasons ! Some people have NO ONE to care for them and some are NOT ABLE to care for themselves. So, I ask you to consider your words and to keep your opinions regarding when or if a mom or dad or ANYONE should or should NOT care for another person that they love and care about. THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT ON KINDNESS AND COMPASSION. And that includes CLIPPING TOENAILS FOR THE YOUNG AND THE OLD!!

  4. Watching all your videos made the trip with my wife to see a podiatrist for ingrown toenails a lot of fun. We were talk during the resection procedures like a couple of professionals comparing notes. He now knows about the Toe Bro in Canada!

  5. Jonathan do you watch other videos that are meant to be doing your job. I cant bare watching them but I always tell them to watch you to see how it's done perfectly. You truly have a gift x

  6. thats identical to how my toes (both toes on both sides) were, hole in the side and everything. i had mine for 3 years, infected, before my doctor would write a referral to a podiatrist (who ended up stabbing the needle completely through my toe and was very stingy with the numbing). 4 trips to the e.r., no foot specialist in town would accept my healthcare, i just got shoved anti-inflammatory medication. i wouldve loved to have someone like you around who actually knows what theyre doing!!! keep up the good work Jonathan!!!

  7. Omg i remember watching his toes were terrible !! I’m glad he’s alright and feeling better. Great job doctor

  8. Man I remember that episode his poor toes looked like they got smashed with a hammer. They look completely normal now!

  9. Jonathan, it seems that a lot of elderly people need help with their feet. Is there a routine you could recommend for laypeople to help others so their toes and feet tissue don’t get so damaged? I’m not talking pedicures, I’m talking basic health and care. Thank you.

  10. Toe Bro fan from Georgia. I am 63 years old with healthy feet that I pay more attention to now thanks to you. I'm in love with your hands and voice. And love the little old lady videos and the way you are with them. Very funny! Keep them coming!

  11. We might be kin…….he and my feet look a lot alike. Joking around, but love watching you work the toe bro!!

  12. Wow those healed up nice. I saw that episode and those suckers were really bad! Loved that you posted a fallow up from the show.

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