Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Christopher H. Rassekh

I had several physicians in my family, so I had some influences
early on in my life. I think it’s the most noble profession and we really do a lot of good. We work hard, but we have fun. I’m Christopher Rassekh. I’m a Professor of Clinical
Otorhinolaryngology at Penn Medicine ENT. There’s a minimally-invasive
technology called sialendoscopy or salivary duct endoscopy which I started the program for here. I also do robotic surgery and neck surgery and all the other things
that are mainstream to head and neck. And within our head and neck division, I have talented, educated,
super smart people both older than me and younger
than me in my department, so it makes it a very
rich learning environment and we do some great
research so it’s just, I can’t say enough good
things about it, really. I love taking care of patients. My role in particular has been
largely related to team work. Sometimes, we’ll have three or four of us on one particular patient. One person will be doing
the cancer operation, I may be doing the salivary
duct reconstruction, and somebody else will be
doing a flap reconstruction. It’s a very, very deep team that we have. I do spend a lot of time
talking to patients. I’m gonna spend as much
time with them as I need to to get to their problem. What makes me tick as an academic surgeon is I just love teaching trainees. I really pride myself on the idea that the residents and fellows that I teach are gonna eventually be better than I am. What makes me tick is the knowledge that I’m passing that on to the
next generation of surgeons, and there’s no better place
that I could do that than here. (gentle instrumentals)

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