Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Devraj Basu

– My goal in becoming a doctor was to help cancer patients
face their daunting challenges and to use the growing understanding that we have about the
biology of how cancers work to help that knowledge
come to clinical fruition in patient care. My name is Dev Basu. I’m an associate professor
here at Penn ENT. First and foremost, I work as part of a team
of cancer specialists to provide the most
modern and up-to-date care for the most aggressive
forms of head neck cancer. The second thing is I take prevention of treatment side effects seriously. In other words, I want to
provide enough treatment but not too much for tumors
that are easily curable. Third thing is that I
focus on the individual needs and concerns of every patient before recommending any treatment plan. It’s very gratifying to see the knowledge that we’ve worked so hard
to create around cancer care make a difference in peoples’ lives. We have much greater understanding now at a molecular level
into what makes one tumor different from another, even within the same cancer type. I’m excited about how that knowledge will produce more cures for our patients and minimize the toxicity and long-term life effects of treatment. The part of my job that I enjoy most is helping people through
difficult, life-changing problems, and watching them emerge on the other side and being able to enjoy their lives again. It’s incredibly gratifying to see people pick up their lives where they left off and enjoy doing the
things they used to enjoy before this life-altering experience. (gentle music)

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